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Credit Unions With The Lowest Loan Rates In The USA
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1 Priority One Credit Union Credit Union7.99%1.00%5.74%5.63%4.00%
2 Library Of Congress Federal Credit Union9.75%1.35%1.35%3.00%4.25%
3 Santa Maria Associated Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A1.40%1.75%N/AN/A
3 Suny Fredonia Federal Credit UnionN/A1.40%2.40%N/A8.90%
4 Uncle Credit Union13.99%1.44%1.84%4.25%4.08%
5 California Credit Union10.24%1.47%1.99%2.87%5.25%
6 Logix Federal Credit Union8.74%1.49%1.49%3.13%4.74%
6 Caribe Federal Credit Union8.99%1.49%1.89%4.02%N/A
6 Air Force Federal Credit Union8.25%1.49%2.55%3.63%5.50%
6 East County Schools Federal Credit Union11.50%1.49%1.49%3.88%4.75%
6 First Peoples Community Federal Credit Union9.33%1.49%1.99%3.25%4.00%
6 Lehigh County Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A1.49%1.99%3.49%3.99%
6 Montgomery County Employees Federal Credit Union8.99%1.49%1.49%3.25%4.00%

6 Fedex Employees Credit Association Federal Credit Union8.90%1.49%2.99%4.38%4.00%
6 University Credit Union13.20%1.49%2.49%4.00%4.00%
6 Pinnacle Credit Union11.75%1.49%1.49%4.74%5.93%
7 Ure Federal Credit Union11.00%1.50%4.00%N/A5.25%
7 Hampton Va Federal Credit Union13.90%1.50%3.25%3.00%4.00%
7 Niagara Regional Federal Credit Union7.46%1.50%5.74%4.08%5.00%
7 P. A. C. E. Kenner Federal Credit UnionN/A1.50%4.00%4.75%N/A
7 Pee Dee Federal Credit Union7.99%1.50%18.00%3.50%4.50%
7 Ethicon Suture Credit Union14.80%1.50%8.11%N/AN/A
7 Butler Armco Employees Credit Union11.75%1.50%2.75%3.50%3.75%
8 Freedom Of Maryland Federal Credit Union8.99%1.54%4.99%5.85%4.48%
9 Southern Gas Federal Credit UnionN/A1.59%2.75%N/AN/A
9 Fort Mcclellan Credit Union9.90%1.59%1.59%2.99%3.75%
9 American 1 Credit Union10.00%1.59%1.59%5.00%5.00%
10 New York Times Employees Federal Credit Union9.00%1.60%1.60%4.00%4.00%
10 Brotherhood Credit UnionN/A1.60%1.60%3.88%4.00%
11 Long Island Realtors Federal Credit UnionN/A1.64%1.89%4.00%N/A
12 Ukrainian Selfreliance Michigan Federal Credit Union9.50%1.65%1.90%5.25%4.25%
12 Ibew 76 Federal Credit Union9.00%1.65%2.65%3.25%5.50%
13 University Of Michigan Credit Union8.99%1.68%1.68%3.75%4.25%
14 Telcoe Federal Credit Union6.99%1.69%2.50%3.50%4.00%
14 First Entertainment Credit Union9.74%1.69%1.69%3.25%5.00%
15 Teachers Federal Credit Union9.36%1.70%2.24%3.00%2.74%
15 Irs Buffalo Federal Credit UnionN/A1.70%1.95%4.00%5.25%
15 Valley Hills Federal Credit UnionN/A1.70%1.70%N/AN/A
16 Orange County's Credit Union11.74%1.71%3.32%3.75%5.35%
17 Suffolk Federal Credit Union8.24%1.72%2.08%2.49%2.49%
18 Waterbury Connecticut Teacher Federal Credit Union8.50%1.74%1.74%4.18%3.75%
18 Pasadena Service Federal Credit UnionN/A1.74%1.74%4.00%3.99%
18 Houston Police Federal Credit Union7.99%1.74%1.74%3.50%3.50%
18 Andrews Federal Credit Union Federal Credit Union10.59%1.74%1.74%4.00%4.00%
18 Geico Federal Credit Union11.88%1.74%1.99%3.88%4.50%
18 Truliant Federal Credit Union8.90%1.74%2.39%4.00%3.75%
18 Marriott Employees Federal Credit Union13.80%1.74%1.74%3.38%3.50%
18 Police Federal Credit Union10.74%1.74%1.74%2.88%3.49%
18 Ocean Financial Federal Credit Union8.99%1.74%1.99%4.13%3.88%
18 Cvph Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A1.74%2.74%N/AN/A
18 American Airlines Federal Credit Union8.49%1.74%1.74%4.13%4.99%
18 Nebraska Energy Federal Credit Union9.90%1.74%1.99%3.00%4.50%
18 Rio Grande Credit Union12.74%1.74%2.74%3.49%5.49%
18 Anheuser-busch Employees Credit Union7.65%1.74%2.39%4.13%5.25%
18 Andigo Credit Union10.65%1.74%1.74%3.25%3.25%
18 Keypoint Credit Union7.74%1.74%2.24%3.75%3.99%
18 Westerra Credit Union9.90%1.74%1.74%3.63%4.00%
18 Point Breeze Credit Union13.95%1.74%1.99%4.25%1.00%
18 Insight Credit Union10.99%1.74%2.54%4.63%4.25%
18 Baxter Credit Union11.50%1.74%2.74%2.75%3.75%
19 Sperry Associates Federal Credit Union11.99%1.75%1.95%3.88%2.75%
19 Penlanco Federal Credit UnionN/A1.75%2.67%3.33%4.78%
19 Southern Security Federal Credit Union12.90%1.75%3.50%3.75%4.00%
19 Excel Federal Credit Union9.00%1.75%2.49%4.13%3.75%
19 Maryvale Schools Federal Credit UnionN/A1.75%1.75%5.00%4.25%
19 Suma Yonkers Federal Credit Union9.00%1.75%3.25%3.95%4.25%
19 Irco Community Federal Credit Union10.90%1.75%2.25%4.00%4.00%
19 Molex Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A1.75%2.25%N/AN/A
19 Education First Federal Credit Union8.45%1.75%1.75%4.63%3.00%
19 Timken Aerospace Federal Credit UnionN/A1.75%2.75%10.00%N/A
19 Fellowship Credit Union9.90%1.75%4.00%4.00%5.75%
19 Michigan Educational Credit Union11.90%1.75%1.75%4.50%4.50%
19 Acme Continental Credit Union9.90%1.75%1.75%6.25%3.00%
19 Ecusta Credit Union9.25%1.75%1.75%4.75%4.50%
19 Williamsport Teachers Credit UnionN/A1.75%2.99%3.79%3.39%
19 Wexford Community Credit Union11.90%1.75%6.50%3.77%5.50%
19 Holy Family Memorial Credit UnionN/A1.75%2.75%2.99%4.00%
19 Unison Credit Union9.99%1.75%1.75%2.99%4.00%
19 Genuine Parts Credit UnionN/A1.75%2.50%N/AN/A
19 Lifeway Credit Union11.40%1.75%3.50%3.50%4.00%
20 Puerto Rico Federal Credit Union13.75%1.79%2.99%3.88%7.95%
20 Actors Federal Credit Union8.90%1.79%1.39%2.99%4.25%
20 Stoneham Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union11.99%1.79%2.39%3.25%3.00%
20 Santa Ana Federal Credit Union15.90%1.79%1.79%4.50%4.25%
20 University & State Employees Credit Union12.90%1.79%1.79%4.38%4.00%
20 Community First Credit Union11.50%1.79%2.49%3.25%5.00%
20 Alliance Catholic Credit Union9.96%1.79%1.99%4.75%4.50%
20 Great Lakes Members Credit Union12.96%1.79%3.06%4.47%4.29%
20 Louisville Federal Credit UnionN/A1.79%1.89%2.79%3.29%
20 Educators Credit Union9.99%1.79%1.79%3.49%3.49%
20 Eastman Credit Union9.90%1.79%3.00%5.25%4.25%
20 United Heritage Credit UnionN/A1.79%1.79%3.95%5.76%
21 Prairieland Federal Credit Union10.90%1.80%2.80%3.00%4.00%
21 Jm Associates Federal Credit Union14.88%1.80%1.99%3.63%4.50%
21 Kone Employees Credit Union12.90%1.80%5.00%N/AN/A
22 Pontiac Dwight Prison Employs Credit UnionN/A1.83%2.06%N/AN/A
23 Texell Credit Union8.99%1.84%1.59%2.99%3.99%
24 Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union9.75%1.85%1.85%4.25%3.75%
24 Spojnia Credit UnionN/A1.85%2.53%4.04%3.38%
25 Morrisons Cove 1st Federal Credit Union9.67%1.85%3.12%5.85%4.06%
26 360 Federal Credit Union13.25%1.87%2.12%4.13%3.24%
27 Mills42 Federal Credit Union9.90%1.89%2.89%4.00%4.00%
27 Advantage Financial Federal Credit Union9.74%1.89%1.89%3.63%4.00%
27 Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union10.74%1.89%2.14%3.45%3.50%
27 Knoxville Teachers Federal Credit UnionN/A1.89%2.90%5.45%11.00%
27 Mayo Employees Federal Credit Union8.25%1.89%2.75%3.25%3.45%
27 Texas Bridge Credit Union9.90%1.89%4.75%5.03%4.95%
27 Bloomington Postal Employees Credit Union9.90%1.89%2.49%N/A6.75%
27 St. Vincent Hospital Credit UnionN/A1.89%2.40%N/A4.90%
28 Tenn-am Water Co. Federal Credit Union7.50%1.90%4.50%N/AN/A
28 Mt Lebanon Federal Credit Union8.90%1.90%2.90%N/A3.50%
28 Campbell Employees Federal Credit Union10.90%1.90%1.90%4.55%4.97%
28 Omaha Public Power Dist Emp Federal Credit Union3.90%1.90%2.90%N/AN/A
28 Shamrock Federal Credit Union13.40%1.90%2.90%N/AN/A
28 Malden Federal Credit Union9.90%1.90%4.00%3.88%3.50%
28 Austin Telco Federal Credit Union9.90%1.90%1.90%3.95%4.25%
28 Sesloc Federal Credit Union7.90%1.90%6.99%3.75%4.00%
28 Eastern Indiana Federal Credit Union9.90%1.90%1.90%3.87%5.00%
28 Becco Buffalo Federal Credit UnionN/A1.90%3.90%N/AN/A
28 Pba Federal Credit UnionN/A1.90%3.90%N/AN/A
28 Texoma Educators Federal Credit Union9.00%1.90%2.90%N/A8.00%
28 Lexington Ma Federal Credit Union11.90%1.90%3.90%3.25%3.25%
28 Chicago Faucet Federal Credit UnionN/A1.90%2.90%N/AN/A
28 West York Area School Dist Em Federal Credit UnionN/A1.90%3.30%3.80%3.40%
28 Trugrocer Federal Credit Union16.90%1.90%1.90%3.95%4.25%
28 Smmh Federal Credit Union8.90%1.90%2.99%N/AN/A
28 Alliance Niagara Federal Credit Union8.90%1.90%2.90%3.50%4.75%
28 Northern Chautauqua Federal Credit UnionN/A1.90%5.30%N/A4.50%
28 Northside Federal Credit UnionN/A1.90%2.90%N/AN/A
28 Valwood Park Federal Credit Union9.50%1.90%2.90%6.25%6.75%
28 Phila Gas Works Employees Federal Credit Union11.90%1.90%1.90%N/A5.00%
28 Connecticut Federal Credit Union13.80%1.90%4.90%N/AN/A
28 Forest Area Federal Credit Union8.90%1.90%2.90%5.00%5.25%
28 Blue Cross And Blue Shield Of Me Federal Credit UnionN/A1.90%2.90%N/A3.90%
28 Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union9.99%1.90%1.90%3.50%4.25%
28 None Suffer Lack Federal Credit UnionN/A1.90%2.90%6.25%N/A
28 University First Federal Credit Union9.24%1.90%2.99%5.50%3.74%
28 Union Baptist Church Federal Credit UnionN/A1.90%3.82%N/AN/A
28 Tangipahoa Parish Teachers Credit UnionN/A1.90%5.15%5.50%N/A
28 Kankakee Terminal Belt Credit Union13.44%1.90%3.50%N/AN/A
28 L. A. Electrical Workers Credit Un. Credit UnionN/A1.90%3.50%N/A4.75%
28 Jacl Credit UnionN/A1.90%2.25%N/AN/A
28 Montcalm Public Employees Credit UnionN/A1.90%1.99%N/AN/A
28 Employment Security Credit Union13.90%1.90%3.50%3.25%3.25%
28 Apco Employees Credit Union10.90%1.90%2.90%3.88%3.25%
28 2 Rivers Area Credit Union13.44%1.90%3.50%N/AN/A
28 Eaton Employees Credit UnionN/A1.90%2.40%N/A4.00%
28 Ward County Credit Union14.00%1.90%8.95%N/A6.00%
28 St. Louis Firefighters & Community Credit Union9.90%1.90%5.90%N/A5.49%
28 Smith & Nephew Employees Credit UnionN/A1.90%5.90%N/A7.90%
29 St. Michaels Federal Credit UnionN/A1.92%5.00%N/AN/A
30 Apex Community Federal Credit Union11.44%1.94%1.94%3.75%4.00%
30 Etma Federal Credit Union11.99%1.94%1.99%3.24%6.00%
31 Chattanooga Area Schools Federal Credit UnionN/A1.95%2.45%3.90%4.75%
31 Mckesson Federal Credit Union12.90%1.95%1.95%3.99%3.99%
31 Wayne-westland Federal Credit Union8.50%1.95%1.75%3.88%3.50%
31 Randolph-brooks Federal Credit Union8.45%1.95%1.95%5.75%3.75%
31 Walker County Federal Credit Union12.95%1.95%3.95%N/A6.95%
31 Limoneira Federal Credit UnionN/A1.95%1.95%N/AN/A
31 Austin Federal Credit Union9.90%1.95%1.95%4.84%3.84%
31 Reliant Community Federal Credit Union8.25%1.95%4.19%4.00%4.00%
31 Kent Hospital Federal Credit UnionN/A1.95%2.95%4.50%4.50%
31 Welcome Federal Credit Union8.99%1.95%2.25%4.61%6.00%
31 Peoria Fire Fighters Credit UnionN/A1.95%3.50%N/AN/A
31 U.p. Catholic Credit Union9.90%1.95%2.95%6.95%5.00%
31 Unity Credit UnionN/A1.95%2.95%6.50%6.25%
31 Electric Machinery Employees Credit Union12.75%1.95%2.95%3.99%3.99%
31 Novation Credit Union8.90%1.95%1.95%4.00%5.25%
31 Electrogas Credit UnionN/A1.95%3.40%N/AN/A
31 Northwestern Mutual Credit UnionN/A1.95%2.25%3.15%2.00%
31 Revere Firefighters Credit UnionN/A1.95%2.75%N/A3.00%
32 Sm Federal Credit UnionN/A1.96%2.53%2.95%3.01%
33 Sunkist Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A1.98%8.40%N/AN/A
33 Delta Community Credit Union10.50%1.98%2.24%4.00%4.25%
33 California Coast Credit Union2.88%1.98%1.98%3.50%3.98%
34 Fargo Public Schools Federal Credit Union10.95%1.99%2.99%3.25%4.25%
34 State Employees Federal Credit Union8.74%1.99%2.49%4.00%2.50%
34 First Atlantic Federal Credit Union8.95%1.99%2.24%4.75%2.99%
34 The Partnership Federal Credit Union9.00%1.99%2.49%3.38%4.00%
34 Fedchoice Federal Credit Union7.50%1.99%1.99%3.50%3.50%
34 Florida A & M University Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%8.50%6.00%5.50%
34 Whiting Refinery Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.99%3.75%N/A
34 Pentagon Federal Credit Union9.49%1.99%2.74%3.00%4.25%
34 Ep Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.49%4.00%4.00%
34 Fargo Va Federal Credit Union11.50%1.99%2.50%N/A6.00%
34 Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union10.75%1.99%2.99%3.75%5.00%
34 On The Grid Financial Federal Credit Union9.75%1.99%1.99%4.60%3.75%
34 The Atlantic Federal Credit Union8.65%1.99%2.24%4.00%4.00%
34 Nuvision Federal Credit Union10.90%1.99%1.99%4.13%4.50%
34 Pasadena Federal Credit Union10.54%1.99%1.99%3.79%4.43%
34 Rochester Area State Employees Federal Credit Union11.90%1.99%2.49%3.55%N/A
34 Sky Federal Credit Union10.90%1.99%18.00%5.50%5.95%
34 Affinity Federal Credit Union9.60%1.99%2.79%4.00%3.75%
34 Oteen V. A. Federal Credit Union12.70%1.99%3.50%5.00%N/A
34 Postal Family Federal Credit Union11.51%1.99%5.26%6.50%6.50%
34 Co-operative Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%1.99%N/A4.00%
34 Pittsburgh City Hall Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.49%N/A3.49%
34 State Farm Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%1.99%N/A3.22%
34 Hawaii State Federal Credit Union8.50%1.99%4.90%4.00%3.75%
34 Shell Federal Credit Union7.75%1.99%1.99%4.00%4.25%
34 Gsa Federal Credit Union11.88%1.99%1.99%5.00%5.25%
34 First New York Federal Credit Union10.90%1.99%3.73%3.24%4.24%
34 Internal Revenue Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.99%4.00%4.50%
34 Mckesson Employees Federal Credit Union10.00%1.99%2.99%4.00%5.00%
34 Securityplus Federal Credit Union11.00%1.99%2.24%4.00%4.25%
34 Parish Federal Credit Union13.50%1.99%2.99%5.00%3.50%
34 Empower Federal Credit Union9.24%1.99%2.49%3.50%3.00%
34 Vermont Va Federal Credit Union9.99%1.99%2.99%4.00%4.00%
34 N A R C Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%1.99%N/A6.15%
34 Colfax Power Plant Employees Federal Credit Union9.90%1.99%2.99%N/A4.50%
34 Emerald Coast Federal Credit Union9.90%1.99%9.00%5.50%2.00%
34 National Institutes Of Health Federal Credit Union10.50%1.99%2.49%3.85%4.00%
34 B E T Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%1.99%N/A3.25%
34 Generations Community Federal Credit Union8.75%1.99%5.55%6.75%7.50%
34 General Electric Employees Federal Credit Union10.74%1.99%2.24%3.63%4.25%
34 Greenville Heritage Federal Credit Union6.95%1.99%1.99%3.94%4.81%
34 New Hampshire Federal Credit Union12.90%1.99%2.99%4.00%4.35%
34 Parthenon Federal Credit Union7.99%1.99%2.99%3.99%5.00%
34 All Saints Federal Credit Union9.99%1.99%3.95%3.50%3.50%
34 Pacific N W Federal Credit Union9.49%1.99%1.99%4.13%4.00%
34 Commonwealth One Federal Credit Union10.99%1.99%2.49%3.38%2.99%
34 Cedar Point Federal Credit Union7.00%1.99%2.75%3.25%4.25%
34 Kellogg Midwest Federal Credit Union10.40%1.99%1.99%2.74%4.50%
34 Parkway Federal Credit Union18.00%1.99%1.99%6.00%4.75%
34 First Education Federal Credit Union9.25%1.99%3.00%4.50%4.00%
34 Navy Federal Credit Union Federal Credit Union18.00%1.99%3.99%3.50%4.00%
34 Encore Federal Credit Union9.90%1.99%2.09%N/A4.25%
34 Sears Spokane Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%8.00%4.25%N/A
34 Camden Police Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%4.99%N/AN/A
34 Kern Federal Credit Union9.75%1.99%2.24%3.50%8.25%
34 Lm Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.24%4.24%3.50%
34 Beacon Federal Credit Union14.55%1.99%1.99%3.95%6.00%
34 Prospectors Fcu Federal Credit Union12.90%1.99%3.79%3.80%4.52%
34 Front Royal Federal Credit Union9.99%1.99%1.99%4.25%4.25%
34 Daijo Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%3.99%N/AN/A
34 Walled Lake School Employees Federal Credit Union12.84%1.99%2.99%4.25%5.25%
34 Loc Federal Credit Union9.90%1.99%1.99%4.00%4.50%
34 Franklin Johnstown Federal Credit Union10.00%1.99%2.99%4.67%6.79%
34 South Texas Regional Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.99%N/AN/A
34 Sun Federal Credit Union14.90%1.99%2.24%4.00%4.50%
34 Self Reliance Ny Federal Credit Union9.95%1.99%4.75%3.70%3.75%
34 Greater Texas Federal Credit Union9.50%1.99%1.99%4.25%3.49%
34 Cbc Federal Credit Union9.25%1.99%2.15%3.39%4.50%
34 Bragg Mutual Federal Credit Union6.00%1.99%1.99%5.00%5.00%
34 Catholic Vantage Financial Federal Credit Union11.49%1.99%1.99%3.38%3.75%
34 My Pensacola Federal Credit Union13.90%1.99%2.99%3.99%6.95%
34 Cp Federal Credit Union7.99%1.99%1.99%4.25%3.75%
34 Wright Patman Congressional Federal Credit Union8.90%1.99%2.49%3.50%4.00%
34 Blair County Federal Credit Union9.90%1.99%2.99%2.99%2.99%
34 Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%17.99%5.31%4.99%
34 Triple C 16 Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.24%3.50%5.00%
34 Ou Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.49%N/A4.00%
34 Apl Federal Credit Union8.00%1.99%1.99%4.00%4.00%
34 Island Federal Credit Union8.95%1.99%1.99%2.88%3.45%
34 Truchoice Federal Credit Union9.90%1.99%1.99%4.00%4.00%
34 Altamaha Federal Credit Union4.99%1.99%1.99%4.13%4.13%
34 The Health & Education Federal Credit Union9.90%1.99%1.99%4.25%4.50%
34 Mwd Federal Credit Union8.90%1.99%1.99%6.50%4.25%
34 W T Community Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%5.99%N/AN/A
34 Servu Federal Credit Union11.99%1.99%1.99%4.99%4.74%
34 Arc Federal Credit Union9.99%1.99%1.99%3.99%5.24%
34 Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union10.90%1.99%1.99%3.00%3.12%
34 Clifty Creek Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%3.25%N/AN/A
34 Thiokol Elkton Federal Credit Union10.99%1.99%2.50%4.62%4.37%
34 Nesc Federal Credit Union12.50%1.99%3.99%3.00%3.00%
34 University Of Louisiana Federal Credit Union11.40%1.99%3.75%3.95%4.75%
34 Mcneese Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%5.50%N/AN/A
34 Franklin First Federal Credit Union11.00%1.99%1.99%3.49%4.00%
34 Pahranagat Valley Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%3.95%6.00%6.50%
34 Penn State Federal Credit Union12.90%1.99%1.99%4.38%4.00%
34 Sea West Coast Guard Federal Credit Union12.96%1.99%1.99%4.25%4.50%
34 Tct Federal Credit Union8.50%1.99%2.25%4.00%3.35%
34 Washington Area Teachers Federal Credit Union7.99%1.99%2.49%4.25%5.00%
34 Hulman Field Technicians Federal Credit Union13.90%1.99%2.99%N/A6.00%
34 Fedtrust Federal Credit Union11.25%1.99%1.99%4.00%4.00%
34 Stanford Federal Credit Union17.99%1.99%1.99%4.00%4.25%
34 West Springfield Federal Credit Union12.90%1.99%3.99%3.90%4.00%
34 Danvers Municipal Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%3.49%N/A7.00%
34 Fedone Federal Credit Union7.99%1.99%1.99%N/A4.75%
34 Cleveland-bradley Cty Teacher Federal Credit Union13.99%1.99%2.99%3.50%4.00%
34 Cal Poly Federal Credit Union9.99%1.99%1.99%N/A4.25%
34 Jay Bee Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%1.99%N/AN/A
34 Smw 104 Federal Credit Union7.90%1.99%1.99%N/A5.10%
34 Normal City Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%3.90%N/AN/A
34 Revere Municipal Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.80%N/A4.00%
34 Town Of Hempstead Employees Federal Credit Union15.90%1.99%2.49%3.80%3.50%
34 Belton Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%4.24%N/AN/A
34 Marin County Federal Credit Union11.15%1.99%2.74%N/A4.75%
34 I C S Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%3.99%N/AN/A
34 Premier Federal Credit Union6.65%1.99%2.95%4.25%5.00%
34 Waterfront Federal Credit Union9.90%1.99%2.99%3.88%4.25%
34 District 123 Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%3.50%N/AN/A
34 Bar-cons Federal Credit Union13.90%1.99%1.99%5.00%4.50%
34 Allied Federal Credit Union10.94%1.99%3.55%3.50%4.49%
34 I W U Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%4.00%N/AN/A
34 Woburn Municipal Federal Credit Union9.90%1.99%2.50%3.99%4.50%
34 Mt. Rainier Federal Credit Union11.24%1.99%1.99%N/AN/A
34 Chemco Federal Credit Union12.90%1.99%3.24%5.50%4.75%
34 Texas Lee Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%5.00%N/AN/A
34 Chula Vista City Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.75%N/AN/A
34 Duke University Federal Credit Union9.90%1.99%1.99%3.50%4.00%
34 Lanier Federal Credit Union9.99%1.99%1.99%4.38%4.00%
34 Eastern Panhandle Federal Credit Union8.90%1.99%2.49%5.50%5.50%
34 Sherchem Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%3.99%N/AN/A
34 Iec Federal Credit Union10.90%1.99%2.49%N/A4.50%
34 Proponent Federal Credit Union8.50%1.99%2.49%4.13%4.00%
34 Alcoa Municipal Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%1.99%7.50%N/A
34 Capital Area Realtors Federal Credit Union8.25%1.99%2.75%4.00%5.50%
34 Allegheny Health Services Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%3.99%N/A2.99%
34 Pocono Medical Center Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%4.50%N/AN/A
34 Strategic Federal Credit Union11.90%1.99%2.49%3.61%3.25%
34 My Healthcare Federal Credit Union9.90%1.99%2.99%4.00%5.99%
34 Auto Club Federal Credit Union12.90%1.99%1.99%4.00%3.50%
34 Central Virginia Federal Credit Union12.50%1.99%2.99%3.89%5.90%
34 Kue Federal Credit Union9.90%1.99%2.50%3.50%4.00%
34 Ardent Federal Credit Union11.88%1.99%2.49%3.50%3.75%
34 Marblehead Municipal Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%1.99%N/A5.50%
34 Spartan Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%4.25%4.25%5.00%
34 Digital Federal Credit Union10.25%1.99%1.99%3.25%4.00%
34 West Jefferson Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%6.50%N/A8.00%
34 Baker's Federal Credit Union11.90%1.99%2.99%N/A2.99%
34 O And R Utilities Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%N/A4.00%4.00%
34 Dow Jones Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.75%3.50%4.00%
34 San Diego Firefighters Federal Credit Union12.90%1.99%1.99%3.63%3.99%
34 Plumbers & Fitters Local 675 Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.99%N/AN/A
34 Firefly Federal Credit Union11.99%1.99%3.39%4.25%4.50%
34 Rtn Federal Credit Union10.99%1.99%1.99%3.75%3.88%
34 St. Paul Federal Credit Union8.90%1.99%1.99%4.00%4.25%
34 Government Employees Federal Credit Union9.00%1.99%2.19%4.00%3.90%
34 Coventry Teachers Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.25%N/AN/A
34 Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union13.99%1.99%1.99%4.00%4.75%
34 Massmutual Federal Credit Union9.75%1.99%1.99%4.25%4.25%
34 Texar Federal Credit Union8.00%1.99%1.99%4.57%5.98%
34 Topline Federal Credit Union13.15%1.99%2.39%4.25%2.49%
34 Cu Hawaii Federal Credit Union15.25%1.99%2.99%3.00%3.00%
34 Alliance Blackstone Valley Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.99%3.50%5.20%
34 City And County Employees Federal Credit Union12.50%1.99%1.99%N/A3.50%
34 Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union9.90%1.99%1.99%3.25%5.00%
34 Jetstream Federal Credit Union10.65%1.99%13.75%4.75%4.00%
34 Oak Cliff Christian Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%1.99%N/AN/A
34 Lutheran Federal Credit Union9.49%1.99%2.59%3.38%N/A
34 Elca Federal Credit Union7.99%1.99%2.49%N/AN/A
34 Worcester Police Department Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%3.09%4.25%4.00%
34 Firefighters First Federal Credit Union10.90%1.99%1.99%2.99%2.99%
34 Omni Community Credit Union8.99%1.99%5.99%4.00%4.50%
34 Moline Municipal Credit Union9.99%1.99%2.99%4.00%4.00%
34 Memphis City Employees Credit Union11.50%1.99%1.99%4.00%5.25%
34 Flint Area School Employees Credit Union8.90%1.99%1.99%4.25%3.75%
34 Alabama Central Credit Union7.90%1.99%2.99%3.75%7.00%
34 Champion Credit Union6.90%1.99%2.49%5.75%6.50%
34 Kimberly Clark Credit Union7.99%1.99%2.99%3.49%3.49%
34 S.f. Police Credit Union11.25%1.99%1.99%4.63%3.50%
34 Financial Plus Credit Union11.95%1.99%5.64%4.50%4.50%
34 Wes Credit Union9.90%1.99%1.99%N/AN/A
34 Mobile Educators Credit Union12.90%1.99%2.99%3.75%5.50%
34 Gulf Trust Credit UnionN/A1.99%1.99%2.77%4.50%
34 Chippewa County Credit Union8.95%1.99%5.99%8.00%3.00%
34 First Choice Credit Union7.99%1.99%1.99%3.50%3.50%
34 Safe 1 Credit Union10.49%1.99%2.49%4.00%6.00%
34 North Districts Credit Union9.90%1.99%4.25%N/A4.99%
34 Rural Cooperatives Credit Union12.90%1.99%3.49%4.00%4.00%
34 Best Financial Credit Union5.99%1.99%6.50%3.63%4.00%
34 Post Community Credit Union10.35%1.99%2.75%4.90%4.00%
34 Edison Credit Union11.90%1.99%5.99%N/A8.00%
34 Lexington Postal Credit Union8.75%1.99%2.49%3.75%6.75%
34 Zeal Credit Union9.90%1.99%1.99%4.13%3.75%
34 Credit Union Advantage Credit Union9.99%1.99%2.49%4.99%5.00%
34 Educational Community Credit Union9.40%1.99%1.99%4.00%4.40%
34 Michigan Legacy Credit Union9.90%1.99%1.99%3.38%4.00%
34 Oak Lawn Municipal Employees Credit UnionN/A1.99%3.99%N/AN/A
34 Sharepoint Credit Union10.90%1.99%1.99%3.75%5.99%
34 Selco Community Credit Union17.50%1.99%1.99%4.50%3.75%
34 Nw Priority Credit Union12.90%1.99%3.99%4.38%6.15%
34 Mutual Credit Union7.75%1.99%1.99%3.99%4.00%
34 Cport Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.99%4.00%5.00%
34 St. Mary's Bank Credit Union2.99%1.99%3.45%4.38%2.99%
34 Sikeston Public Schools Credit UnionN/A1.99%5.50%N/AN/A
34 University Credit Union Credit Union7.99%1.99%1.99%2.88%2.99%
34 Lennox Employees Credit Union9.90%1.99%1.99%4.75%2.75%
34 Electrical Workers Local 58 Credit Union10.90%1.99%2.99%N/AN/A
34 I.l.w.u. Credit Union9.95%1.99%2.24%4.00%3.75%
34 Pacific Postal Credit Union8.49%1.99%3.99%3.92%4.10%
34 Mawc Credit UnionN/A1.99%3.40%N/AN/A
34 Gold Credit Union10.90%1.99%1.99%4.50%4.50%
34 Linxus Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.99%N/A4.50%
34 Des Moines Police Officers Credit Union8.90%1.99%1.99%3.25%2.99%
34 Cincinnati Employees Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.99%5.00%3.99%
34 Northampton Area School Dist. Emps Credit UnionN/A1.99%1.99%4.00%4.00%
34 Service Plus Credit Union8.90%1.99%4.99%3.25%3.75%
34 Decatur Stanolind Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.29%N/AN/A
34 Mea Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.99%N/AN/A
34 Weyco Community Credit Union9.00%1.99%2.95%4.50%4.50%
34 Southbridge Credit UnionN/A1.99%1.99%4.00%3.50%
34 Kenosha Police And Firemen's Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.99%N/AN/A
34 Prime Financial Credit Union9.49%1.99%1.99%4.75%5.75%
34 Post Office Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.99%4.00%4.00%
34 Tri-county Credit Union9.99%1.99%2.50%3.97%6.25%
34 Athol Credit UnionN/A1.99%1.99%4.13%1.99%
34 Enterprise Credit Union9.90%1.99%1.99%5.99%4.99%
34 Jacksonville Postal & Professional Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.50%4.50%5.50%
34 Lee County Mosquito Control Credit UnionN/A1.99%1.99%N/AN/A
34 Miami Postal Service Credit Union15.50%1.99%2.25%5.75%5.75%
34 Fedstar Credit Union11.90%1.99%3.50%3.87%4.25%
34 Alliance Credit Union Of Florida Credit Union8.24%1.99%14.99%4.21%10.25%
34 Savannah Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.65%3.50%4.50%
34 Southern Mass Credit Union7.97%1.99%2.74%4.38%3.99%
34 Members Choice Credit UnionN/A1.99%1.99%3.50%3.50%
34 Allcom Credit Union10.90%1.99%1.99%4.00%4.00%
34 Gpce Credit Union9.90%1.99%1.99%5.00%5.00%
34 City Credit Union9.99%1.99%1.99%4.64%5.25%
34 Health Systems Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.89%3.00%N/A
34 Premier Source Credit Union11.99%1.99%3.29%4.50%3.49%
34 Boston Firefighters Credit Union9.90%1.99%1.99%3.50%4.00%
34 Waltham Municipal Employees Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.49%N/AN/A
34 Edison Credit UnionN/A1.99%7.75%4.25%4.25%
34 Naveo Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.49%4.50%3.25%
34 Tech Credit Union5.25%1.99%1.99%4.25%3.99%
34 Tremont Credit Union14.90%1.99%7.49%4.13%4.25%
34 United Community Credit Union9.90%1.99%1.99%3.55%4.55%
34 Technology Credit Union10.65%1.99%2.49%3.38%4.00%
34 Crow Wing Power Credit UnionN/A1.99%1.99%2.99%2.99%
34 Sikorsky Financial Credit Union10.50%1.99%1.99%3.50%4.00%
34 Flag Credit Union8.90%1.99%1.99%3.88%5.08%
34 Tropical Financial Credit Union9.99%1.99%2.74%4.13%4.00%
34 Mutual Security Credit Union10.65%1.99%2.49%3.88%4.00%
34 Matadors Community Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.49%4.13%4.74%
34 Intouch Credit Union8.75%1.99%1.99%4.75%4.75%
34 Community 1st Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.69%3.25%4.00%
34 First Community Credit Union13.00%1.99%2.99%3.75%4.00%
34 Premier One Credit Union9.90%1.99%1.99%2.75%2.49%
34 Georgia United Credit Union9.99%1.99%1.99%3.50%4.25%
34 Members Heritage Credit Union7.99%1.99%1.99%4.25%4.00%
34 Dupage Credit Union12.88%1.99%1.99%3.25%4.50%
35 Buffalo Conrail Federal Credit Union8.50%2.00%3.50%4.00%3.75%
35 Somerville Mass Firefighters Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%2.50%N/A5.00%
35 Utility Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%3.00%N/AN/A
35 Tolna Co Op Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%3.22%N/AN/A
35 Allegheny Valley Federal Credit Union9.90%2.00%3.50%N/A6.25%
35 Christo Rey Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%3.00%N/AN/A
35 City Federal Credit Union11.99%2.00%14.00%6.00%5.21%
35 U.s.b. Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%5.00%N/AN/A
35 Unified Communities Federal Credit Union14.50%2.00%2.75%4.75%3.25%
35 Port Washington Teachers Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%2.00%N/A4.50%
35 Linton Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%2.90%N/A5.60%
35 South Jersey Gas Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%2.00%N/AN/A
35 Fort Morgan Schools Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%2.50%4.50%N/A
35 Greater Pittsburgh Federal Credit Union9.90%2.00%2.50%N/A3.25%
35 Cornerstone Community Federal Credit Union9.90%2.00%2.00%3.38%3.25%
35 Kennaford Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%3.00%N/AN/A
35 Defense Logistics Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%12.00%N/AN/A
35 Wee Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%3.50%6.50%7.75%
35 H M S A Employees Federal Credit Union8.00%2.00%2.50%N/A3.75%
35 Mcintosh Chemical Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%3.25%4.25%N/A
35 Lee Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%2.00%3.75%N/A
35 Cheswick Atomic Division Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%2.75%N/A3.25%
35 Afgm Enterprises Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%3.00%4.00%4.00%
35 San Francisco Lee Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%N/A4.00%6.00%
35 Town Of Palm Beach Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%3.25%N/AN/A
35 Richmond Light Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%2.40%N/AN/A
35 First Pa Twp Emp Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%3.25%N/A5.75%
35 Ever $ Green Federal Credit Union8.99%2.00%2.00%6.00%4.25%
35 Louviers Federal Credit Union12.00%2.00%3.50%3.50%3.50%
35 Ohio County Public Schools Federal Credit Union12.99%2.00%6.00%N/AN/A
35 Xceed Financial Federal Credit Union9.74%2.00%3.19%4.00%5.50%
35 Kraftcor Federal Credit Union9.90%2.00%4.00%3.99%3.50%
35 Vidor Teachers Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%1.95%N/AN/A
35 Sangamo-oconee Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%4.50%N/AN/A
35 Parsons Federal Credit Union12.50%2.00%2.00%3.98%4.00%
35 Bard Employees Federal Credit Union15.90%2.00%2.50%4.50%5.00%
35 Bayonne Hospital Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%3.00%N/AN/A
35 Somerset Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%2.71%4.21%4.03%
35 Cm Members Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%4.00%N/AN/A
35 Maternity B.v.m. Credit UnionN/A2.00%2.75%N/AN/A
35 Northwest Community Credit Union12.00%2.00%2.49%3.38%5.00%
35 Reavis - Stickney Credit UnionN/A2.00%5.00%N/AN/A
35 Federal Life Employees Credit UnionN/A2.00%2.00%N/AN/A
35 Mobile Government Emp. Credit UnionN/A2.00%4.00%3.25%N/A
35 East Haven Municipal Employees Credit UnionN/A2.00%4.00%N/AN/A
35 H.p.c. Credit Union13.00%2.00%2.00%3.99%4.00%
35 Vibe Credit Union12.40%2.00%3.25%4.10%4.25%
35 Whitesville Community Credit Union7.99%2.00%2.50%4.50%4.50%
35 Fort Dodge Family Credit UnionN/A2.00%4.25%N/A5.00%
35 Trumbull County Postal Employees Credit UnionN/A2.00%N/AN/A4.75%
35 Healthcare First Credit Union Credit Union9.99%2.00%3.49%4.00%4.00%
35 Peoria Bell Credit UnionN/A2.00%2.10%N/AN/A
35 Baraboo Municipal Employees Credit UnionN/A2.00%3.00%N/AN/A
35 G. P. A. Credit UnionN/A2.00%2.00%N/AN/A
35 Texas Health Credit Union11.90%2.00%2.00%4.75%6.00%
35 Service 1st Credit Union6.00%2.00%4.00%4.25%N/A
35 Evergreen Credit UnionN/A2.00%3.24%4.63%4.00%
35 Horizons North Credit UnionN/A2.00%2.79%5.25%6.00%
36 Lynn Firemens Federal Credit Union9.90%2.01%3.48%3.59%4.14%
36 Christian Community Credit Union11.90%2.01%2.12%3.93%4.39%
37 Dowagiac Area Federal Credit Union8.25%2.06%2.10%3.95%4.56%
37 Consumer Healthcare Federal Credit Union9.99%2.06%4.37%4.10%3.84%
38 Sister's Hospital Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A2.07%3.64%N/AN/A
39 I. C. Federal Credit UnionN/A2.08%4.30%N/AN/A
39 Everett Credit Union11.90%2.08%3.10%3.62%4.16%
40 United Texas Federal Credit Union10.11%2.09%2.09%4.13%5.11%
40 Solano First Federal Credit Union5.49%2.09%3.09%4.50%3.75%
40 Chevron Federal Credit UnionN/A2.09%2.34%4.00%4.88%
40 Texas Dow Employees Credit Union11.50%2.09%2.24%4.54%5.71%
40 Rockford Bell Credit Union9.04%2.09%2.09%3.75%4.00%
40 Star One Credit Union7.75%2.09%2.09%3.13%4.25%
40 Deere Employees Credit Union9.90%2.09%3.29%2.88%4.24%
41 N C P D Federal Credit Union9.95%2.10%2.39%3.75%4.00%
41 Knoxville Firefighters Federal Credit Union12.00%2.10%3.25%3.88%5.58%
41 Malheur Federal Credit Union7.99%2.10%6.07%3.90%5.05%
41 M. C. T. Federal Credit Union9.90%2.10%2.20%3.88%3.45%
41 Synergy Federal Credit Union9.90%2.10%2.10%4.50%5.25%
41 Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Federal Credit UnionN/A2.10%3.90%6.75%N/A
41 Georgia's Own Credit Union10.74%2.10%2.35%3.00%4.00%
41 Workmen's Circle Incorporated Credit UnionN/A2.10%3.24%5.00%3.70%
42 Metropolitan District Employees Credit Union9.99%2.11%3.48%4.01%4.13%
43 Baton Rouge Fire Department Federal Credit UnionN/A2.12%2.12%3.99%5.25%
43 Northwest Municipal Federal Credit UnionN/A2.12%2.88%N/A4.00%
44 St. Paschal Baylons Federal Credit UnionN/A2.13%3.14%N/AN/A
44 Rig Employees Credit UnionN/A2.13%3.70%N/AN/A
45 Dertown School Federal Credit UnionN/A2.14%3.01%3.27%N/A
45 Signature Federal Credit Union8.90%2.14%2.14%4.13%6.50%
45 North Star Credit UnionN/A2.14%2.39%5.50%5.13%
46 Fedfinancial Federal Credit Union11.65%2.15%2.15%5.25%7.74%
46 University Federal Credit Union6.90%2.15%2.15%2.50%3.88%
46 Greater Chautauqua Federal Credit UnionN/A2.15%2.15%3.90%4.70%
46 Central One Federal Credit Union10.23%2.15%2.71%4.06%3.50%
46 Southwest Research Center Federal Credit Union13.40%2.15%2.15%4.50%4.50%
46 Cattaraugus County Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A2.15%2.50%3.97%4.25%
46 J.c.t. Federal Credit UnionN/A2.15%2.67%3.73%3.08%
46 Olean Area Federal Credit Union10.50%2.15%1.90%3.50%3.50%
46 Bp Federal Credit Union8.65%2.15%2.15%3.75%5.50%
46 Vibrant Credit Union9.90%2.15%5.00%3.50%4.16%
46 Med Park Credit Union8.90%2.15%2.50%N/A5.00%
46 Watertown Municipal Credit UnionN/A2.15%3.99%4.00%4.75%
46 Catholic United Financial Credit UnionN/A2.15%2.39%3.50%4.25%
46 United Equity Credit Union Credit Union12.85%2.15%2.00%2.85%4.00%
47 Westmoreland Water Federal Credit Union9.90%2.16%3.67%N/A4.27%
48 Webster Federal Credit Union9.99%2.17%2.39%3.25%4.25%
48 Sloan Public Schools Federal Credit UnionN/A2.17%4.28%N/AN/A
48 Xplore Federal Credit Union10.07%2.17%2.84%4.15%5.50%
49 Sri Federal Credit Union8.40%2.18%2.13%3.72%3.89%
49 Lake Shore Federal Credit Union8.99%2.18%8.89%5.00%5.00%
49 Benton County Schools Credit Union13.87%2.18%3.19%3.66%4.82%
50 Farmers Federal Credit Union10.00%2.19%2.99%5.00%N/A
50 B N A Federal Credit UnionN/A2.19%4.30%N/AN/A
50 Mountain Lakes Community Federal Credit Union10.90%2.19%2.49%3.75%5.50%
50 Riegel Federal Credit Union12.90%2.19%3.09%4.64%5.39%
50 York Educational Federal Credit Union9.90%2.19%2.69%3.44%4.25%
50 Tonawanda Valley Federal Credit Union13.80%2.19%2.19%3.13%3.14%
50 Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union10.99%2.19%2.49%3.63%4.25%
50 Allegacy Federal Credit Union10.90%2.19%3.20%3.44%4.00%
50 Charlotte Metro Federal Credit Union8.70%2.19%2.44%3.38%3.75%
50 Corry Jamestown Credit Union9.99%2.19%2.94%3.38%3.00%
50 Onpoint Community Credit Union3.99%2.19%2.39%4.00%4.00%
50 First Alliance Credit Union9.17%2.19%3.19%4.37%6.17%
50 United Labor Credit Union13.70%2.19%2.19%N/AN/A
50 Community First Credit Union Of Flo Credit Union10.65%2.19%2.39%3.13%4.50%
50 First Service Credit Union10.99%2.19%3.19%4.53%5.65%
50 Coosa Valley Credit Union9.90%2.19%2.99%7.00%5.00%
These are the Top 10 Credit Unions with the lowest (new car) loan rates, See how all the other Credit Unions Ranked here.

Please Note: The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) requires all Credit Unions Insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF)to file quarterly (5300) data reports. The information above comes from those reports. The deposit and loan rates shown are not the current rates for the Credit Unions shown. Some of these rates change on a daily basis and you must visit each Credit Unions website to get their current rates. The sole purpose of showing this data is to show the relative relationship of each Credit Unions rates versus the average rates of all Credit Unions at both the state and national levels at a specific point in time, quarter end. The data below is from quarter end 6/30/2017.