Lowest Loan Rates For All Texas Credit Unions

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Credit Unions With The Lowest Loan Rates In texas
Unsecured Credit Card
New Car
Used Car
1st Mortgage
Other Real Estate
1 Air Force Federal Credit Union8.25%1.49%2.55%3.63%5.50%
2 Houston Police Federal Credit Union7.99%1.74%1.74%3.50%3.50%
2 American Airlines Federal Credit Union8.49%1.74%1.74%4.13%4.99%
3 Education First Federal Credit Union8.45%1.75%1.75%4.63%3.00%
3 Fellowship Credit Union9.90%1.75%4.00%4.00%5.75%
4 Educators Credit Union9.99%1.79%1.79%3.49%3.49%
4 United Heritage Credit UnionN/A1.79%1.79%3.95%5.76%
5 Texell Credit Union8.99%1.84%1.59%2.99%3.99%
6 Texas Bridge Credit Union9.90%1.89%4.75%5.03%4.95%
7 Shamrock Federal Credit Union13.40%1.90%2.90%N/AN/A
7 Austin Telco Federal Credit Union9.90%1.90%1.90%3.95%4.25%
7 Texoma Educators Federal Credit Union9.00%1.90%2.90%N/A8.00%
7 Valwood Park Federal Credit Union9.50%1.90%2.90%6.25%6.75%

7 Ward County Credit Union14.00%1.90%8.95%N/A6.00%
8 Randolph-brooks Federal Credit Union8.45%1.95%1.95%5.75%3.75%
8 Walker County Federal Credit Union12.95%1.95%3.95%N/A6.95%
8 Austin Federal Credit Union9.90%1.95%1.95%4.84%3.84%
9 Shell Federal Credit Union7.75%1.99%1.99%4.00%4.25%
9 Generations Community Federal Credit Union8.75%1.99%5.55%6.75%7.50%
9 Beacon Federal Credit Union14.55%1.99%1.99%3.95%6.00%
9 South Texas Regional Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.99%N/AN/A
9 Greater Texas Federal Credit Union9.50%1.99%1.99%4.25%3.49%
9 Belton Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%4.24%N/AN/A
9 Allied Federal Credit Union10.94%1.99%3.55%3.50%4.49%
9 Texas Lee Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%5.00%N/AN/A
9 Government Employees Federal Credit Union9.00%1.99%2.19%4.00%3.90%
9 Texar Federal Credit Union8.00%1.99%1.99%4.57%5.98%
9 Oak Cliff Christian Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%1.99%N/AN/A
9 Fedstar Credit Union11.90%1.99%3.50%3.87%4.25%
9 Members Choice Credit UnionN/A1.99%1.99%3.50%3.50%
9 City Credit Union9.99%1.99%1.99%4.64%5.25%
9 United Community Credit Union9.90%1.99%1.99%3.55%4.55%
9 Intouch Credit Union8.75%1.99%1.99%4.75%4.75%
10 City Federal Credit Union11.99%2.00%14.00%6.00%5.21%
10 Vidor Teachers Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%1.95%N/AN/A
10 Texas Health Credit Union11.90%2.00%2.00%4.75%6.00%
10 Service 1st Credit Union6.00%2.00%4.00%4.25%N/A
11 United Texas Federal Credit Union10.11%2.09%2.09%4.13%5.11%
11 Texas Dow Employees Credit Union11.50%2.09%2.24%4.54%5.71%
12 Synergy Federal Credit Union9.90%2.10%2.10%4.50%5.25%
13 University Federal Credit Union6.90%2.15%2.15%2.50%3.88%
13 Southwest Research Center Federal Credit Union13.40%2.15%2.15%4.50%4.50%
13 J.c.t. Federal Credit UnionN/A2.15%2.67%3.73%3.08%
13 Bp Federal Credit Union8.65%2.15%2.15%3.75%5.50%
14 First Service Credit Union10.99%2.19%3.19%4.53%5.65%
15 Houston Federal Credit Union14.99%2.20%2.20%3.95%6.95%
16 Nizari Progressive Federal Credit Union9.99%2.21%3.42%4.14%N/A
17 Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union8.24%2.23%2.39%5.50%6.10%
18 Go Federal Credit Union9.99%2.24%2.24%4.50%5.99%
19 Concho Educators Federal Credit Union9.90%2.25%2.25%6.00%4.00%
19 Northeast Panhandle Teachers Federal Credit UnionN/A2.25%2.25%N/AN/A
19 Ibew Community Federal Credit Union7.50%2.25%2.25%5.00%5.00%
19 Bayou City Federal Credit Union12.00%2.25%7.50%N/AN/A
19 Highway District 2 Credit UnionN/A2.25%7.00%N/AN/A
19 Midwestern State University Credit Union13.00%2.25%2.25%4.50%6.00%
20 Cal-com Federal Credit Union12.50%2.29%10.50%N/AN/A
21 Jackson County Federal Credit UnionN/A2.34%2.99%3.45%N/A
21 Jsc Federal Credit Union13.75%2.34%2.34%3.75%3.75%
22 Acu Credit UnionN/A2.35%2.68%N/AN/A
23 Thd District 17 Credit UnionN/A2.39%5.59%N/AN/A
24 Marathon Republic Federal Credit Union12.90%2.45%2.45%N/AN/A
25 1st University Credit UnionN/A2.48%3.75%4.50%5.50%
26 Amoco Federal Credit Union10.90%2.49%2.49%3.50%5.50%
26 Chemcel Federal Credit Union11.75%2.49%2.49%4.13%6.75%
26 1st Community Federal Credit Union8.95%2.49%2.74%6.00%7.50%
26 Las Colinas Federal Credit Union9.90%2.49%2.49%3.85%3.99%
26 Texas Tech Federal Credit Union11.99%2.49%3.24%4.14%6.19%
26 Metro Medical Credit Union9.90%2.49%3.25%3.94%5.75%
27 Natural Resources Conservation Serv Federal Credit Union9.55%2.50%3.25%N/AN/A
27 Transtar Federal Credit Union7.90%2.50%2.75%5.00%5.00%
27 Kbr Heritage Federal Credit Union9.90%2.50%2.50%4.25%4.75%
27 Rocket Federal Credit Union10.50%2.50%2.99%3.00%N/A
27 Musicians Federal Credit UnionN/A2.50%3.50%N/AN/A
27 Southwest Heritage Credit Union13.00%2.50%2.50%5.25%7.00%
27 Witco Houston Employees Credit UnionN/A2.50%5.50%N/AN/A
27 Everman Parkway Credit Union9.90%2.50%2.50%N/AN/A
27 First United Credit Union11.90%2.50%2.75%N/AN/A
27 Capitol Credit Union9.99%2.50%2.50%3.69%4.79%
28 Naft Federal Credit Union11.18%2.56%2.92%N/A8.40%
29 Communities Of Abilene Federal Credit Union8.90%2.59%3.24%4.25%4.90%
30 Texas Trust Credit Union11.43%2.62%3.35%4.10%5.93%
31 Swemp Federal Credit UnionN/A2.64%2.64%N/AN/A
31 U. S. Employees Credit Union9.90%2.64%3.14%4.00%4.01%
32 Mesquite Credit UnionN/A2.65%3.45%4.15%6.46%
32 Lcra Credit Union9.90%2.65%2.65%3.75%N/A
33 Qualtrust Credit UnionN/A2.69%2.89%4.24%6.11%
34 Highway District 21 Federal Credit UnionN/A2.70%3.04%N/A8.90%
34 A+ Federal Credit UnionN/A2.70%2.70%3.88%3.65%
34 Temple-inland Federal Credit UnionN/A2.70%2.70%N/AN/A
35 Baylor Health Care System Credit Union12.90%2.73%2.73%3.77%N/A
36 Community Service Credit Union8.90%2.74%2.74%4.75%8.35%
37 Alliance Credit Union9.18%2.74%4.62%5.28%6.22%
38 El Paso Area Teachers Federal Credit Union7.50%2.75%3.35%4.00%4.50%
38 One Source Federal Credit UnionN/A2.75%2.75%4.28%4.98%
38 Angelina Federal Employees Credit Union10.90%2.75%2.75%6.50%6.50%
38 First Class American Credit Union8.50%2.75%2.90%5.75%5.99%
39 Fannin Federal Credit Union9.90%2.76%8.20%N/AN/A
39 Travis County Credit Union12.84%2.76%2.99%4.11%4.13%
40 Sacred Heart Parish Hallettsville Federal Credit Union7.25%2.77%4.52%3.70%4.26%
41 Letourneau Federal Credit UnionN/A2.79%6.25%5.00%N/A
41 Public Employees Credit Union7.99%2.79%2.99%3.59%3.79%
41 Employees Credit Union11.78%2.79%3.97%4.02%7.90%
42 Mobility Credit Union Credit Union9.00%2.80%2.79%4.00%5.50%
43 Santa Fe Federal Credit UnionN/A2.84%2.84%6.88%4.00%
44 Txdot Credit UnionN/A2.88%3.16%N/AN/A
45 Texas Dps Credit Union11.90%2.89%4.20%3.59%6.13%
45 Membersource Credit Union8.99%2.89%2.89%4.42%4.50%
46 River City Federal Credit Union11.15%2.90%3.95%4.25%5.50%
46 Members Trust Of The Southwest Federal Credit Union8.84%2.90%4.15%5.00%5.00%
46 South Texas Federal Credit Union9.59%2.90%2.90%3.55%N/A
46 Pasadena Municipal Federal Credit UnionN/A2.90%4.50%N/AN/A
46 Yantis Federal Credit UnionN/A2.90%4.50%4.00%N/A
46 S. W. E. Federal Credit UnionN/A2.90%4.50%N/AN/A
46 Texstar Federal Credit Union8.90%2.90%2.90%4.00%N/A
46 Covenant Savings Federal Credit UnionN/A2.90%4.90%N/AN/A
46 Paris District Credit UnionN/A2.90%11.00%N/AN/A
46 E E South Texas Credit UnionN/A2.90%2.90%N/AN/A
46 United Savers Trust Credit Union7.90%2.90%3.90%N/AN/A
46 First Basin Credit Union9.90%2.90%2.90%4.13%4.13%
47 Texans Credit Union9.99%2.94%3.14%4.25%5.74%
48 Gulf Coast Federal Credit Union7.99%2.95%2.95%3.25%3.50%
48 Heart O' Texas Federal Credit UnionN/A2.95%2.95%6.75%7.95%
49 Prestige Community Credit Union7.56%2.96%3.90%6.11%5.76%
50 Trinity Valley Teachers Credit UnionN/A2.97%2.69%6.50%N/A
51 Gulf Shore Federal Credit UnionN/A2.99%12.99%N/AN/A
51 Pantex Federal Credit Union11.00%2.99%2.99%4.90%4.85%
51 Homeport Federal Credit Union14.00%2.99%2.99%6.88%7.00%
51 Security First Federal Credit Union4.54%2.99%3.75%4.50%8.50%
51 Texarkana Terminal Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A2.99%2.99%N/AN/A
51 Coastal Teachers Federal Credit Union11.99%2.99%2.99%N/AN/A
51 Mcmurrey Federal Credit Union9.50%2.99%4.25%6.74%N/A
51 Andrews School Federal Credit UnionN/A2.99%5.75%N/AN/A
51 Coastal Community Federal Credit Union13.90%2.99%4.99%5.75%7.00%
51 Greater Central Texas Federal Credit Union9.95%2.99%3.99%5.75%N/A
51 S.t.e.c. Federal Credit UnionN/A2.99%2.99%N/AN/A
51 Associated Credit Union Of Texas Credit Union18.00%2.99%1.99%2.99%6.00%
51 P.i.e. Credit Union9.90%2.99%4.50%4.62%N/A
51 Access Community Credit Union7.49%2.99%2.99%4.25%4.20%
51 America's Credit Union14.90%2.99%4.99%3.99%6.45%
51 Fort Worth City Credit Union10.90%2.99%2.99%4.36%4.02%
51 Freestone Credit Union9.90%2.99%5.00%5.00%7.00%
51 Community Resource Credit Union7.99%2.99%2.99%4.50%5.25%
51 North East Texas Credit UnionN/A2.99%3.99%4.00%4.25%
51 Amplify Credit UnionN/A2.99%3.19%4.01%3.25%
51 Mct Credit Union10.51%2.99%3.57%5.52%5.52%
52 Texas Plains Federal Credit UnionN/A3.00%15.25%3.79%N/A
52 Sabine Federal Credit Union8.90%3.00%2.75%4.00%4.00%
52 Waco Federal Credit Union12.50%3.00%4.50%7.00%9.00%
52 The People's Federal Credit Union7.63%3.00%4.00%5.00%5.00%
52 Ellis County Teachers And Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A3.00%3.49%N/AN/A
52 Brownfield Federal Credit UnionN/A3.00%17.85%N/AN/A
52 Port Terminal Federal Credit Union9.90%3.00%10.00%N/AN/A
52 Dugood Federal Credit Union9.25%3.00%3.00%4.00%4.00%
52 St. Luke's Community Federal Credit UnionN/A3.00%7.00%N/AN/A
52 Empowerment Community Development Federal Credit UnionN/A3.00%7.00%N/AN/A
52 Libertyone Credit Union7.90%3.00%3.00%4.25%4.50%
52 Edinburg Teachers Credit Union12.00%3.00%4.50%6.00%N/A
52 Orange County Teachers Credit UnionN/A3.00%8.00%N/AN/A
52 Members Credit Union13.25%3.00%3.00%6.63%6.99%
52 Fort Worth Community Credit Union9.90%3.00%3.15%4.55%4.24%
53 Alcon Employees Federal Credit Union13.50%3.07%5.31%3.98%N/A
54 Advancial Federal Credit Union9.90%3.08%3.08%3.88%5.43%
54 Beaumont Community Credit Union6.33%3.08%4.13%3.63%N/A
55 Datcu Credit Union10.00%3.09%3.34%3.38%9.00%
55 Tyler City Employees Credit UnionN/A3.09%6.29%N/AN/A
56 H & H Federal Credit Union9.90%3.10%2.85%6.00%N/A
57 Scott And White Employees Credit Union10.43%3.11%5.74%3.69%3.76%
58 Mid-tex Federal Credit Union12.50%3.14%5.99%3.90%N/A
59 Evolve Federal Credit UnionN/A3.15%3.15%3.75%4.00%
60 Lifetime Federal Credit Union11.90%3.19%4.25%4.25%4.32%
61 Eecu Credit Union10.99%3.20%3.70%4.50%5.50%
61 Ctecu Credit Union11.00%3.20%2.70%1.99%1.99%
62 Federal Employees Credit Union9.99%3.22%5.63%N/AN/A
63 Morris Sheppard Texarkana Federal Credit UnionN/A3.24%3.24%N/AN/A
63 Citizens Federal Credit UnionN/A3.24%3.24%10.00%N/A
63 Nascoga Federal Credit Union9.90%3.24%4.19%4.40%4.75%
63 Cy-fair Federal Credit Union12.75%3.24%3.24%3.75%5.59%
64 Guardian First Federal Credit Union12.90%3.25%4.25%N/AN/A
64 Scurry County School Federal Credit UnionN/A3.25%6.25%N/AN/A
64 Memorial Credit Union12.90%3.25%3.25%4.22%5.00%
64 National Oilwell Varco Employees Credit UnionN/A3.25%6.50%N/AN/A
64 Amarillo Postal Employees Credit Union12.25%3.25%3.25%5.25%5.25%
64 Lone Star Credit Union11.00%3.25%3.25%4.00%5.00%
65 Texas Farm Bureau Federal Credit Union12.70%3.26%4.46%N/AN/A
66 Rio Grande Valley Credit Union Credit Union7.00%3.27%4.09%4.33%N/A
67 Fci Federal Credit UnionN/A3.29%4.29%N/AN/A
68 Brazos Community Credit Union8.90%3.30%3.30%3.75%5.25%
69 Laredo Federal Credit UnionN/A3.31%5.85%6.61%6.55%
69 Texhillco School Employees Federal Credit Union8.73%3.31%6.49%3.13%9.88%
70 Bcm Federal Credit Union9.35%3.35%3.60%4.13%3.75%
70 First Abilene Federal Credit Union9.99%3.35%4.14%5.21%5.62%
70 Union Square Credit Union9.90%3.35%4.56%4.34%5.34%
71 Cherokee County Teachers Federal Credit UnionN/A3.40%5.30%N/AN/A
71 Windthorst Federal Credit Union9.30%3.40%4.34%5.89%5.20%
72 Wichita Falls Federal Credit Union8.00%3.43%5.59%5.87%6.00%
72 Vatat Credit UnionN/A3.43%3.94%N/AN/A
73 Texas Partners Federal Credit UnionN/A3.45%5.45%4.53%6.90%
73 Firstmark Credit Union10.25%3.45%3.45%3.75%4.53%
73 Germania Credit UnionN/A3.45%4.20%N/AN/A
74 Victoria Teachers Federal Credit UnionN/A3.46%4.01%3.75%N/A
75 Faith Cooperative Federal Credit UnionN/A3.49%3.22%N/AN/A
75 Rockdale Federal Credit Union12.90%3.49%3.39%4.67%N/A
75 Highway Employees Credit UnionN/A3.49%4.99%N/AN/A
76 San Angelo Federal Credit Union14.25%3.50%3.50%5.25%N/A
76 Neches Federal Credit Union9.00%3.50%3.25%4.25%4.25%
76 Pamcel Community Federal Credit Union13.00%3.50%4.50%N/A5.00%
76 Coastal Bend P O Federal Credit UnionN/A3.50%6.00%N/AN/A
76 G. P. M. Federal Credit UnionN/A3.50%4.00%N/AN/A
76 I.b.e.w. Local #681 Credit UnionN/A3.50%6.50%N/AN/A
76 Hockley County School Employees Credit UnionN/A3.50%5.50%N/AN/A
76 First Priority Credit Union8.90%3.50%4.00%4.75%N/A
76 Coastal Community And Teachers Credit UnionN/A3.50%3.50%3.50%6.80%
77 Ben E Keith Company Employees Federal Credit Union11.45%3.51%3.51%N/AN/A
78 East Texas Professional Credit Union12.96%3.53%5.14%4.28%6.10%
79 Gulf Credit UnionN/A3.54%5.79%6.47%3.99%
80 Domino Federal Credit Union10.90%3.55%6.07%4.95%6.48%
81 Living In Fulfillment Everyday Federal Credit Union8.90%3.56%7.90%4.47%4.80%
82 Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union9.90%3.59%4.39%5.56%4.68%
82 Telco Plus Credit Union10.99%3.59%7.99%4.75%4.75%
83 Met Tran Federal Credit Union15.00%3.64%5.99%N/AN/A
84 Texoma Federal Credit Union12.00%3.65%4.00%N/AN/A
84 Texas Federal Credit UnionN/A3.65%4.65%3.75%5.25%
84 Texas Workforce Credit UnionN/A3.65%3.65%3.25%3.25%
84 Navy Army Community Credit Union1.99%3.65%3.65%4.75%4.75%
85 Wichita Falls Teachers Federal Credit Union9.49%3.66%4.26%3.28%5.41%
86 Education Credit Union10.86%3.70%4.07%5.38%4.93%
87 Texas People Federal Credit Union9.90%3.75%4.75%6.35%4.95%
87 Abilene Federal Credit Union12.90%3.75%3.52%N/AN/A
87 Golden Triangle Federal Credit Union9.90%3.75%3.75%5.00%5.00%
87 Firstlight Federal Credit Union9.62%3.75%3.75%3.13%5.96%
87 Sweeny Teachers Federal Credit Union9.90%3.75%6.25%N/AN/A
87 Grand Prairie Credit Union10.99%3.75%3.75%4.00%4.50%
87 Wharton County Teachers Credit UnionN/A3.75%5.56%N/AN/A
87 Investex Credit Union8.56%3.75%3.88%4.22%7.02%
87 Fivepoint Credit Union8.15%3.75%3.75%5.00%3.75%
88 Lubrizol Employees' Credit Union8.90%3.76%4.15%9.00%5.92%
88 Texoma Community Credit UnionN/A3.76%5.05%5.18%5.37%
89 Express-news Federal Credit Union9.90%3.78%4.95%3.30%4.04%
90 Security Service Federal Credit Union7.49%3.79%4.17%3.38%6.15%
90 M E C O Federal Credit UnionN/A3.79%3.99%N/AN/A
91 Amarillo Community Federal Credit Union12.50%3.80%4.85%6.32%5.72%
91 Credit Human Federal Credit Union8.90%3.80%4.99%4.25%5.25%
92 Neiman Marcus Group Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A3.82%5.94%N/AN/A
93 Westex Federal Credit Union11.90%3.82%6.49%4.69%5.56%
94 Refugio County Federal Credit UnionN/A3.83%7.40%N/AN/A
95 Kerr County Federal Credit Union10.50%3.84%7.36%N/AN/A
95 Southwest Financial Federal Credit Union12.89%3.84%4.11%4.74%4.87%
95 Baptist Credit Union11.06%3.84%4.83%4.90%5.50%
96 Houston Texas Fire Fighters Federal Credit Union8.90%3.85%3.85%5.17%5.17%
97 Postel Family Credit UnionN/A3.87%6.31%4.29%5.75%
98 Texas Associations Of Professionals Federal Credit Union10.99%3.88%3.88%5.43%8.26%
99 Mt Carmel Church Federal Credit UnionN/A3.90%4.50%N/AN/A
99 Lefors Federal Credit Union12.00%3.90%7.00%6.00%N/A
99 Seminole Public Schools Federal Credit UnionN/A3.90%6.90%7.00%N/A
99 Southwest Airlines Federal Credit Union9.50%3.90%3.90%4.25%4.00%
99 Irving City Employees Federal Credit Union9.90%3.90%3.90%4.90%N/A
100 Plus4 Credit Union10.09%3.93%4.11%5.59%6.03%
These are the Top 10 Credit Unions with the lowest (new car) loan rates, See how all the other Credit Unions Ranked here.

Please Note: The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) requires all Credit Unions Insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF)to file quarterly (5300) data reports. The information above comes from those reports. The deposit and loan rates shown are not the current rates for the Credit Unions shown. Some of these rates change on a daily basis and you must visit each Credit Unions website to get their current rates. The sole purpose of showing this data is to show the relative relationship of each Credit Unions rates versus the average rates of all Credit Unions at both the state and national levels at a specific point in time, quarter end. The data below is from quarter end 6/30/2017.