Lowest Loan Rates For All Utah Credit Unions

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Credit Unions With The Lowest Loan Rates In utah
Unsecured Credit Card
New Car
Used Car
1st Mortgage
Other Real Estate
1 University First Federal Credit Union9.24%1.90%2.99%5.50%3.74%
2 South Sanpete Credit UnionN/A2.49%2.75%N/AN/A
3 Orem City Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A2.52%3.25%N/AN/A
4 P & S Credit Union9.99%2.59%2.89%3.25%4.25%
4 Utah Power Credit Union9.90%2.59%2.59%4.00%6.00%
5 Dugway Federal Credit Union7.99%2.69%5.99%N/AN/A
6 American United Family Of Credit Un Federal Credit Union9.99%2.74%2.74%3.99%4.49%
6 Horizon Utah Federal Credit Union9.90%2.74%2.74%5.00%5.00%
7 North Sanpete Federal Credit UnionN/A2.75%2.75%N/AN/A
7 Eastern Utah Community Federal Credit Union10.49%2.75%2.75%4.50%4.75%
7 Employees First Credit UnionN/A2.75%4.75%N/AN/A
8 Hi-land Credit Union10.26%2.76%4.25%4.88%7.09%
9 Varex Federal Credit Union10.90%2.77%3.52%3.59%4.68%

10 Sunnyside Credit UnionN/A2.85%4.53%5.00%N/A
11 Logan Medical Federal Credit UnionN/A2.89%2.89%3.70%4.70%
12 Uintah Credit Union Credit UnionN/A2.90%2.90%N/AN/A
13 Alpine Credit Union8.99%2.94%3.24%4.00%4.00%
14 Utah First Federal Credit Union11.90%2.99%2.99%5.99%4.00%
14 Box Elder County Federal Credit Union8.50%2.99%2.70%3.25%4.00%
14 Utah Community Federal Credit Union7.50%2.99%3.69%7.00%4.75%
14 Devils Slide Federal Credit UnionN/A2.99%2.99%N/AN/A
14 Goldenwest Federal Credit Union8.74%2.99%2.99%3.99%4.25%
14 Hollyfrontier Employee's Credit UnionN/A2.99%2.99%4.25%4.25%
14 Kings Peak Credit Union4.99%2.99%6.99%4.99%6.99%
15 Nephi Western Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A3.00%7.00%3.30%N/A
15 Logan Cache Rich Federal Credit UnionN/A3.00%3.00%4.00%N/A
15 Firefighters Credit Union7.90%3.00%3.00%3.25%4.00%
16 Federal Family Federal Credit Union9.65%3.11%4.02%5.52%3.71%
17 Cyprus Federal Credit Union8.99%3.14%3.14%3.88%5.48%
17 Wasatch Peaks Federal Credit Union11.75%3.14%3.14%3.75%4.25%
18 Hercules Credit Union9.50%3.19%3.72%3.70%5.92%
19 Lu 354 I B E W Federal Credit Union10.95%3.24%3.24%3.99%5.15%
19 Weber State Federal Credit Union5.96%3.24%3.24%3.88%2.99%
19 America First Federal Credit Union10.99%3.24%3.24%3.74%5.24%
19 Millard County Credit Union14.00%3.24%4.89%4.74%6.74%
20 Midvalley Federal Credit UnionN/A3.25%4.15%4.12%4.25%
20 C U P Federal Credit UnionN/A3.25%3.99%3.45%4.00%
21 Utah Heritage Credit Union9.94%3.36%3.84%5.99%4.77%
22 Utah Federal Credit Union10.40%3.38%4.24%3.51%4.91%
23 Members First Credit Union8.13%3.41%4.08%5.39%5.94%
24 Granite Federal Credit Union10.09%3.44%4.05%3.73%4.39%
25 Tanner Employees Credit UnionN/A3.47%5.28%N/AN/A
26 Mountain America Federal Credit Union9.74%3.49%3.49%4.49%4.25%
26 Transwest Credit Union10.14%3.49%4.40%4.32%4.77%
27 City Center Credit Union9.95%3.50%12.77%5.05%5.50%
28 Jordan Federal Credit Union9.86%3.67%5.12%4.16%6.42%
28 Pacific Horizon Credit Union13.87%3.67%4.80%4.37%5.55%
29 National J. A. C. L. Credit Union9.90%3.68%4.42%3.26%6.31%
30 Granite Furniture Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A3.71%4.13%N/AN/A
31 Education 1st Credit Union9.24%3.88%5.08%4.18%4.73%
32 Freedom Credit Union9.25%3.89%4.94%4.00%4.37%
33 Gibbons And Reed Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A3.95%6.64%N/AN/A
34 Utah Prison Employees Credit UnionN/A3.99%4.25%N/AN/A
35 Valley Wide Federal Credit UnionN/A4.00%5.00%N/AN/A
35 S E A Credit UnionN/A4.00%6.00%N/AN/A
36 Deseret First Federal Credit Union12.90%4.07%5.30%4.03%5.10%
37 Nebo Credit Union10.63%4.08%5.57%5.44%4.51%
38 Meadow Gold Employees Credit UnionN/A4.38%4.98%N/AN/A
39 Desertview Federal Credit UnionN/A4.50%5.50%4.00%6.00%
40 Tri-county Credit Union Credit UnionN/A5.50%6.50%N/AN/A
41 Grand County Credit UnionN/A5.75%6.75%4.13%4.50%
42 Provo Police & Fire Dept. Credit UnionN/A6.00%7.00%N/AN/A
43 San Juan Credit UnionN/A8.69%10.87%5.50%5.86%
44 Presto Lewiston Employees Credit UnionN/AN/A7.00%N/A6.00%
44 The Credit Union For The Blind And Credit UnionN/AN/A2.75%N/AN/A
44 Beckstrand And Associates Credit UnionN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A

Please Note: The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) requires all Credit Unions Insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF)to file quarterly (5300) data reports. The information above comes from those reports. The deposit and loan rates shown are not the current rates for the Credit Unions shown. Some of these rates change on a daily basis and you must visit each Credit Unions website to get their current rates. The sole purpose of showing this data is to show the relative relationship of each Credit Unions rates versus the average rates of all Credit Unions at both the state and national levels at a specific point in time, quarter end. The data below is from quarter end 6/30/2017.