Lowest Loan Rates For All Pennsylvania Credit Unions

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Credit Unions With The Lowest Loan Rates In pennsylvania
Unsecured Credit Card
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1st Mortgage
Other Real Estate
1 Lehigh County Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A1.49%1.99%3.49%3.99%
2 Ure Federal Credit Union11.00%1.50%4.00%N/A5.25%
2 Butler Armco Employees Credit Union11.75%1.50%2.75%3.50%3.75%
3 Penlanco Federal Credit UnionN/A1.75%2.67%3.33%4.78%
3 Williamsport Teachers Credit UnionN/A1.75%2.99%3.79%3.39%
4 Spojnia Credit UnionN/A1.85%2.53%4.04%3.38%
5 Morrisons Cove 1st Federal Credit Union9.67%1.85%3.12%5.85%4.06%
6 Mt Lebanon Federal Credit Union8.90%1.90%2.90%N/A3.50%
6 West York Area School Dist Em Federal Credit UnionN/A1.90%3.30%3.80%3.40%
6 Smmh Federal Credit Union8.90%1.90%2.99%N/AN/A
6 Phila Gas Works Employees Federal Credit Union11.90%1.90%1.90%N/A5.00%
7 Apex Community Federal Credit Union11.44%1.94%1.94%3.75%4.00%
8 Pittsburgh City Hall Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.49%N/A3.49%

8 Colfax Power Plant Employees Federal Credit Union9.90%1.99%2.99%N/A4.50%
8 Franklin Johnstown Federal Credit Union10.00%1.99%2.99%4.67%6.79%
8 Blair County Federal Credit Union9.90%1.99%2.99%2.99%2.99%
8 Arc Federal Credit Union9.99%1.99%1.99%3.99%5.24%
8 Penn State Federal Credit Union12.90%1.99%1.99%4.38%4.00%
8 Washington Area Teachers Federal Credit Union7.99%1.99%2.49%4.25%5.00%
8 Jay Bee Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%1.99%N/AN/A
8 Allegheny Health Services Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%3.99%N/A2.99%
8 Pocono Medical Center Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%4.50%N/AN/A
8 Ardent Federal Credit Union11.88%1.99%2.49%3.50%3.75%
8 North Districts Credit Union9.90%1.99%4.25%N/A4.99%
8 Gold Credit Union10.90%1.99%1.99%4.50%4.50%
8 Northampton Area School Dist. Emps Credit UnionN/A1.99%1.99%4.00%4.00%
9 Allegheny Valley Federal Credit Union9.90%2.00%3.50%N/A6.25%
9 Greater Pittsburgh Federal Credit Union9.90%2.00%2.50%N/A3.25%
9 Kennaford Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%3.00%N/AN/A
9 Cheswick Atomic Division Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%2.75%N/A3.25%
9 First Pa Twp Emp Federal Credit UnionN/A2.00%3.25%N/A5.75%
9 Healthcare First Credit Union Credit Union9.99%2.00%3.49%4.00%4.00%
10 Consumer Healthcare Federal Credit Union9.99%2.06%4.37%4.10%3.84%
11 I. C. Federal Credit UnionN/A2.08%4.30%N/AN/A
12 Dertown School Federal Credit UnionN/A2.14%3.01%3.27%N/A
13 Westmoreland Water Federal Credit Union9.90%2.16%3.67%N/A4.27%
14 York Educational Federal Credit Union9.90%2.19%2.69%3.44%4.25%
14 Corry Jamestown Credit Union9.99%2.19%2.94%3.38%3.00%
15 Riverfront Federal Credit Union10.25%2.24%2.24%1.00%1.00%
15 Tri County Area Federal Credit Union10.65%2.24%2.49%3.50%5.00%
15 First Choice Federal Credit Union12.90%2.24%2.74%N/A3.50%
15 Apci Federal Credit Union8.90%2.24%2.24%3.27%4.00%
15 Lehigh Valley Educators Credit Union12.90%2.24%2.24%3.75%3.75%
15 Utilities Employees Credit Union8.99%2.24%2.49%3.86%3.24%
16 A T & T Employees Pittsburgh Federal Credit UnionN/A2.25%3.00%N/A4.25%
16 Carnegie Mellon University Federal Credit UnionN/A2.25%2.99%N/A3.50%
16 Ukrainian Selfreliance Federal Credit Union10.24%2.25%1.99%3.00%4.00%
16 Penntech Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A2.25%4.50%N/AN/A
16 Vasco Federal Credit UnionN/A2.25%3.75%N/A4.49%
16 Community Regional Credit UnionN/A2.25%2.25%3.75%3.75%
16 Affiliated Trades Credit UnionN/A2.25%3.25%6.50%4.00%
16 1st Ed Credit Union Credit Union8.90%2.25%3.25%3.50%3.00%
17 Pakco Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A2.27%3.17%N/AN/A
18 Pinpoint Federal Credit Union9.90%2.29%5.02%3.89%2.25%
19 Upper Darby Belltelco Federal Credit Union9.90%2.35%2.50%6.50%4.25%
20 State College Federal Credit Union9.90%2.38%3.46%3.12%3.26%
21 New Cumberland Federal Credit Union6.90%2.40%2.65%3.90%4.40%
22 Merck Sharp & Dohme Federal Credit Union10.56%2.43%2.35%3.54%3.63%
23 Prr South Fork Federal Credit Union10.90%2.45%4.45%4.49%4.69%
23 Benchmark Federal Credit Union12.90%2.45%2.50%4.50%5.00%
24 Mem Federal Credit Union11.90%2.48%3.11%N/A4.22%
24 Everence Federal Credit Union10.80%2.48%5.22%4.20%4.48%
25 Horizon Federal Credit Union12.40%2.49%2.49%2.99%2.99%
26 Gnc Community Federal Credit Union6.90%2.49%3.49%4.62%3.99%
26 Allegheny Ludlum Brackenridge Federal Credit Union11.00%2.49%2.99%N/AN/A
26 Pennformer Community Federal Credit Union8.95%2.49%2.99%N/A5.25%
26 Vantage Trust Federal Credit Union12.00%2.49%2.49%4.13%5.50%
26 Hershey Federal Credit Union8.90%2.49%2.49%3.49%4.00%
26 Wyoming Valley West Community Federal Credit Union9.99%2.49%3.49%N/A4.99%
26 U Of P Federal Credit Union12.90%2.49%3.25%N/A3.99%
26 Your Choice Federal Credit Union9.90%2.49%3.00%5.00%5.00%
26 Pennstar Federal Credit UnionN/A2.49%2.99%4.25%3.99%
26 B V M S N Federal Credit UnionN/A2.49%2.99%N/A3.49%
26 Corry Area Schools Federal Credit Union10.90%2.49%3.49%5.50%N/A
26 U F C W Local 1776 Federal Credit Union15.99%2.49%3.49%N/A5.49%
26 Steamfitters Phila Federal Credit UnionN/A2.49%4.50%N/AN/A
26 Riverside Beaver County Federal Credit UnionN/A2.49%2.99%N/AN/A
26 First Capital Federal Credit Union8.74%2.49%2.49%4.24%4.24%
26 American Pride Credit Union9.90%2.49%2.49%3.50%3.50%
26 Boeing Helicopters Credit Union Credit Union7.99%2.49%2.74%3.25%4.24%
26 Alcose Credit Union8.90%2.49%4.22%4.46%6.36%
26 Knoll Employees Credit UnionN/A2.49%2.99%4.90%4.90%
26 Pa Healthcare Credit Union Credit Union9.90%2.49%3.49%N/A2.49%
26 Trumark Financial Credit Union13.99%2.49%2.49%4.00%5.49%
26 Belco Community Credit Union Credit Union11.99%2.49%3.49%3.74%4.00%
26 Norristown Bell Credit UnionN/A2.49%3.49%3.88%4.24%
27 Family 1st Federal Credit Union12.90%2.50%2.75%N/A5.50%
27 Wabellco Federal Credit UnionN/A2.50%3.79%N/A3.49%
27 Armstrong Associates Federal Credit Union9.90%2.50%3.71%N/A4.00%
27 Luzerne County Federal Credit Union9.90%2.50%3.00%5.80%6.00%
27 Franklin Regional Schools Federal Credit Union6.75%2.50%3.50%N/A6.50%
27 Lebanon Federal Credit Union8.40%2.50%2.50%4.75%4.00%
27 Armstrong Co. Federal Emp. Federal Credit Union12.00%2.50%4.75%N/A5.00%
27 Americhoice Federal Credit Union9.00%2.50%2.50%4.00%4.00%
27 Merho Federal Credit Union9.99%2.50%4.43%4.48%3.99%
28 C-b-w Schools Federal Credit Union9.90%2.58%2.89%3.69%3.00%
29 Glatco Credit Union11.75%2.59%2.59%3.25%3.25%
30 Clearchoice Federal Credit Union9.16%2.61%4.56%4.01%5.09%
31 Citymark Federal Credit UnionN/A2.63%3.13%4.34%4.34%
32 K G C Federal Credit Union8.23%2.64%5.50%N/AN/A
33 I B E W Local 56 Federal Credit UnionN/A2.65%3.40%N/A3.49%
34 Latrobe Area Hospital Federal Credit Union11.26%2.66%5.46%N/AN/A
35 G.a.p. Federal Credit Union12.00%2.67%5.68%4.44%6.48%
36 Post Gazette Federal Credit Union12.99%2.69%4.36%N/AN/A
36 Franklin Mint Federal Credit UnionN/A2.69%4.44%4.05%4.74%
37 S. T. P. Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A2.70%3.50%N/AN/A
37 St. Elizabeth Credit UnionN/A2.70%2.84%4.00%4.00%
38 I. U. 7 Federal Credit Union12.75%2.72%3.53%3.63%4.19%
39 Citadel Federal Credit Union7.49%2.74%2.84%4.37%6.00%
39 Police & Fire Federal Credit Union14.15%2.74%2.99%4.00%4.49%
39 Beaver Valley Federal Credit UnionN/A2.74%2.74%4.24%4.24%
39 Sun East Federal Credit Union10.23%2.74%2.94%4.25%3.99%
39 Clearview Federal Credit Union9.99%2.74%2.74%4.13%4.25%
40 Butler County Teachers Federal Credit UnionN/A2.75%3.50%3.65%4.25%
40 Omega Federal Credit Union8.99%2.75%2.75%4.50%4.25%
40 N.f.g. #2 Federal Credit Union9.90%2.75%3.25%N/A4.00%
40 Friendly Federal Credit Union10.90%2.75%3.80%4.00%5.75%
40 Sru Federal Credit Union12.90%2.75%3.50%3.99%3.99%
40 Penn-trafford School Emp. Federal Credit UnionN/A2.75%3.75%N/A4.00%
40 Monroeville Boro Federal Credit UnionN/A2.75%5.99%N/AN/A
40 Cornerstone Federal Credit Union7.90%2.75%2.75%3.78%4.50%
41 Mercer County Community Federal Credit Union9.49%2.77%3.86%3.31%3.65%
42 Norwin Teachers Federal Credit UnionN/A2.78%2.47%N/A4.44%
43 New Castle Bellco Federal Credit Union12.99%2.79%3.99%4.50%3.25%
44 City Co Federal Credit Union9.00%2.83%3.33%6.06%3.67%
45 Titan Federal Credit Union9.90%2.85%2.81%3.82%4.05%
45 Fisher Scientific Employees Federal Credit Union12.50%2.85%4.16%N/AN/A
46 Usne Penitentiary Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A2.86%3.59%N/AN/A
47 Corner Post Federal Credit Union10.00%2.88%3.18%5.00%4.35%
48 Phb Employees Federal Credit Union9.00%2.89%3.99%N/AN/A
49 Heights Community Federal Credit Union13.90%2.90%2.90%3.25%3.25%
49 P A T A Federal Credit Union9.08%2.90%7.17%N/AN/A
49 Moonlight Credit Union Credit Union9.90%2.90%4.06%5.27%4.49%
50 Dow Bucks County Federal Credit UnionN/A2.91%3.36%4.25%4.25%
51 Stanwood Area Federal Credit Union11.74%2.95%7.26%N/A6.00%
51 Galaxy Federal Credit UnionN/A2.95%3.99%N/A3.99%
52 Hempfield Area Federal Credit UnionN/A2.96%4.25%N/AN/A
53 First Class Federal Credit Union12.90%2.99%2.99%3.99%3.99%
53 Erie Times Federal Credit Union11.50%2.99%3.99%N/A5.00%
53 Mckeesport Area Public School Emp Federal Credit UnionN/A2.99%4.29%N/AN/A
53 Honeywell Philadelphia Div Federal Credit Union9.99%2.99%3.39%N/A3.99%
53 W-bee Federal Credit UnionN/A2.99%3.50%3.90%3.50%
53 Penn Wilco Federal Credit UnionN/A2.99%3.50%3.90%3.50%
53 A & S Federal Credit Union9.50%2.99%4.00%4.00%5.00%
53 American Heritage Federal Credit Union9.99%2.99%2.99%3.88%5.74%
53 Philadelphia Federal Credit UnionN/A2.99%2.99%4.00%3.74%
53 Jessop Community Federal Credit Union12.00%2.99%2.99%6.50%4.00%
53 Alleg-kiski Postal Federal Credit Union11.90%2.99%3.99%4.75%5.25%
53 Michael Baker International Federal Credit Union9.90%2.99%3.99%N/AN/A
53 Allentown Federal Credit Union9.90%2.99%3.74%4.75%2.50%
53 North Penn Federal Credit Union13.90%2.99%4.50%N/A4.25%
53 Ussco Johnstown Federal Credit Union9.90%2.99%3.99%4.50%5.00%
53 U. F. C. W. Local #72 Federal Credit UnionN/A2.99%3.50%3.90%3.50%
53 Discovery Federal Credit Union8.99%2.99%2.99%3.44%3.17%
53 Glass Cap Federal Credit Union12.90%2.99%6.25%4.39%4.39%
53 Local 520 U A Federal Credit Union8.90%2.99%3.49%N/A5.00%
53 Team First Federal Credit Union9.99%2.99%3.99%4.13%3.75%
53 Iron Workers Federal Credit Union12.99%2.99%4.99%4.13%3.50%
53 Highway Federal Credit Union6.99%2.99%4.25%4.00%6.25%
53 Ccac Federal Credit UnionN/A2.99%2.99%N/A3.49%
53 Wyoming Area Federal Credit UnionN/A2.99%3.50%N/A3.50%
53 Pennsylvania-american Water Federal Credit Union9.90%2.99%3.99%5.00%N/A
53 Swindell-dressler Credit Union10.90%2.99%4.50%N/AN/A
53 Greensburg Teachers Credit UnionN/A2.99%4.99%N/AN/A
53 Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union9.90%2.99%2.99%3.25%4.00%
53 Hidden River Credit Union9.99%2.99%3.79%3.94%3.84%
54 Saint Nicholas Federal Credit UnionN/A3.00%5.00%4.00%5.25%
54 Bacharach Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A3.00%1.00%N/AN/A
54 Derry Area Federal Credit UnionN/A3.00%4.00%4.00%N/A
54 Westmoreland Community Federal Credit Union10.49%3.00%4.00%4.00%4.49%
54 Erie City Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A3.00%6.00%N/AN/A
54 Teamsters Local 30 Federal Credit UnionN/A3.00%5.00%N/AN/A
54 Ne Pa Community Federal Credit Union8.99%3.00%3.00%3.85%4.25%
54 J D M H Federal Credit UnionN/A3.00%4.00%N/AN/A
54 Penn Hills Municipal Federal Credit UnionN/A3.00%5.00%N/AN/A
54 W.o.d. Federal Credit Union9.90%3.00%4.00%N/A5.00%
54 Greater Latrobe Schools Federal Credit UnionN/A3.00%3.50%N/AN/A
54 Cmc-fcpi Employees Federal Credit Union9.99%3.00%4.00%N/AN/A
54 People's Choice Federal Credit Union9.90%3.00%5.60%N/A5.75%
54 Avh Federal Credit UnionN/A3.00%4.50%N/A4.00%
54 Crayola Llc Employees Credit Union Federal Credit UnionN/A3.00%5.00%4.50%3.50%
55 Ppg & Associates Federal Credit Union10.90%3.06%3.78%3.39%3.81%
56 Jstc Employees Federal Credit Union9.25%3.07%3.73%6.46%5.93%
56 Cross Valley Federal Credit UnionN/A3.07%4.57%4.66%4.55%
57 Ufcw Community Federal Credit Union15.90%3.08%4.12%5.54%N/A
58 Bessemer System Federal Credit Union9.90%3.09%3.90%3.98%3.98%
58 Wawa Employees Credit Union12.99%3.09%3.49%4.00%4.99%
59 Berylco Employees' Credit UnionN/A3.10%3.92%N/AN/A
60 United Community Federal Credit UnionN/A3.12%3.98%4.34%4.68%
61 Shenango China Area Federal Credit Federal Credit UnionN/A3.13%4.67%4.35%4.35%
62 Johnstown School Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A3.15%3.76%4.58%N/A
62 Oil Country Federal Credit Union9.90%3.15%4.95%4.14%3.22%
63 Wheatland Federal Credit UnionN/A3.19%4.07%3.59%3.95%
64 Firstenergy Choice Federal Credit Union8.90%3.24%3.24%N/A4.24%
64 Pannonia Federal Credit UnionN/A3.24%4.45%4.45%N/A
64 People First Federal Credit Union9.90%3.24%3.49%4.04%4.58%
64 West Branch Valley Federal Credit Union10.65%3.24%3.24%4.74%4.74%
65 Pagoda Federal Credit Union9.90%3.25%3.25%4.00%4.00%
65 Back Mountain Federal Credit UnionN/A3.25%4.25%N/A6.25%
66 South Hills Healthcare Federal Credit Union9.90%3.26%4.57%3.25%N/A
67 Priority First Federal Credit Union8.78%3.27%4.07%4.17%5.67%
68 Grove City Area Federal Credit Union9.90%3.29%3.49%4.24%3.99%
69 Northwood Federal Credit UnionN/A3.30%7.71%5.02%N/A
70 West-aircomm Federal Credit Union9.35%3.31%4.61%3.91%4.83%
71 Clarion Federal Credit Union11.11%3.32%3.89%4.31%4.28%
72 Springdale P. P. G. Federal Credit UnionN/A3.35%4.83%N/AN/A
73 Beaver Falls Pa Teachers Federal Credit UnionN/A3.36%9.38%N/AN/A
74 Mountain Laurel Federal Credit Union10.90%3.40%4.88%3.38%3.27%
74 Wilmac Employees' Credit UnionN/A3.40%3.90%N/AN/A
75 Visionary Federal Credit Union10.50%3.41%4.59%N/A4.00%
75 Blackhawk Federal Credit Union14.00%3.41%4.56%3.24%4.24%
76 Kase Federal Credit UnionN/A3.42%6.23%N/AN/A
76 Susquehanna Valley Federal Credit Union9.90%3.42%4.52%4.77%4.89%
76 Guthrie Federal Credit Union8.59%3.42%6.06%4.13%4.21%
77 Pittsburgh Firefighter's Federal Credit Union11.75%3.45%3.39%N/A4.46%
78 Parkview Community Federal Credit Union11.99%3.47%4.94%N/A4.63%
78 Beaver Avenue Federal Credit Union11.50%3.47%6.38%N/AN/A
79 Tri Boro Federal Credit Union12.75%3.49%3.69%3.25%2.85%
79 Alcoa Pittsburgh Federal Credit Union12.60%3.49%4.72%3.49%4.10%
79 Pennsylvania Central Federal Credit Union12.90%3.49%3.49%4.46%4.53%
79 Superior Credit Union Credit Union9.90%3.49%3.99%6.25%5.00%
79 Delco Postal Credit Union12.99%3.49%6.49%5.00%6.00%
80 Valley 1st Community Federal Credit Union10.90%3.50%4.75%4.50%5.00%
80 Mon Valley Community Federal Credit Union12.00%3.50%4.90%4.75%7.00%
80 Latrobe Federal Credit UnionN/A3.50%4.00%3.50%5.50%
80 Lesco Federal Credit Union10.90%3.50%4.10%4.40%4.20%
80 Mckeesport Bell Federal Credit Union9.99%3.50%4.00%N/A4.00%
80 Par-del Emp. Federal Credit UnionN/A3.50%4.00%N/A3.90%
80 B. Braun Federal Credit UnionN/A3.50%4.50%N/AN/A
80 Shacog Federal Credit UnionN/A3.50%4.50%N/AN/A
80 Reading Berks School Employees Credit UnionN/A3.50%4.25%N/A3.75%
81 Ingersoll-rand Federal Credit Union9.66%3.52%4.71%7.30%5.37%
82 B I Federal Credit UnionN/A3.54%5.43%N/AN/A
83 Spirit Financial Credit Union10.00%3.55%4.56%4.90%4.45%
84 Craftmaster Federal Credit UnionN/A3.57%5.47%N/A4.00%
85 Allegent Community Federal Credit Union11.90%3.59%4.05%3.88%4.75%
85 Ibew Local Union 712 Federal Credit Union13.90%3.59%3.94%N/A5.85%
86 First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union10.00%3.60%3.10%4.75%1.99%
87 Service 1st Federal Credit Union10.74%3.69%4.49%4.70%5.79%
87 Riverset Credit Union Credit Union13.24%3.69%3.79%3.50%4.20%
88 Neighbors 1st Federal Credit Union9.99%3.70%5.58%5.48%5.00%
89 Central Keystone Federal Credit Union9.90%3.71%5.77%3.65%3.61%
90 Penn East Federal Credit Union8.50%3.73%3.65%3.89%4.58%
90 Financial Advantage Federal Credit Union14.00%3.73%7.04%N/A5.00%
91 New Alliance Federal Credit Union6.85%3.75%5.25%5.00%5.35%
91 Sarco Federal Credit UnionN/A3.75%4.64%4.47%5.01%
91 Net Federal Credit Union8.99%3.75%3.75%3.50%3.99%
91 Irvin Works Federal Credit Union12.90%3.75%5.25%3.95%4.95%
92 Southwest Communities Federal Credit Union9.93%3.76%3.83%4.57%5.13%
92 Freedom United Federal Credit Union10.50%3.76%5.76%5.35%4.95%
93 Bethlehem 1st Federal Credit Union14.88%3.77%4.22%4.44%5.16%
94 Fayette Federal Employees Federal Credit Union10.20%3.79%6.46%3.88%4.00%
95 First Area Federal Credit Union10.90%3.85%5.47%5.46%4.28%
96 Newell Federal Credit UnionN/A3.88%5.11%N/AN/A
97 Bradford Area School Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A3.89%5.07%N/AN/A
98 Tri State Rail Federal Credit Union12.00%3.90%4.90%3.90%4.50%
99 Members Choice Financial Credit Union9.37%3.91%5.35%4.33%4.13%
100 Inspire Federal Credit UnionN/A3.96%4.50%3.91%4.92%
These are the Top 10 Credit Unions with the lowest (new car) loan rates, See how all the other Credit Unions Ranked here.

Please Note: The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) requires all Credit Unions Insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF)to file quarterly (5300) data reports. The information above comes from those reports. The deposit and loan rates shown are not the current rates for the Credit Unions shown. Some of these rates change on a daily basis and you must visit each Credit Unions website to get their current rates. The sole purpose of showing this data is to show the relative relationship of each Credit Unions rates versus the average rates of all Credit Unions at both the state and national levels at a specific point in time, quarter end. The data below is from quarter end 6/30/2017.