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  • John Holdefehr 
USAcreditunions.com owner and founder


    My name is John Holdefehr and I'm the owner/founder of USAcreditunions.com.

    As the Internet is all about "information" I wanted to try and help spread the word about credit unions and all the positive things they offer their members. The site was started in 2005 with the goal of becoming the "Go To" site for centralized credit union data. I was then, and still am, a member of Paragon Federal Credit Union in New Jersey (now Visions Federal Credit Union). My wife and I had several accounts at local banks but it was always Paragon that not just continually said yes to all our financial needs but offered better rates and great service while doing it. Well, the local bank accounts have all been closed for a long time now and over the years I've become a true credit union advocate.

    As I write this letter now in the summer of 2010 with all of the financial and economic uncertainties that face many of us I feel that the role of credit unions has never been more crucial than it is now. To me, when congress needs to pass a law to protect consumers from the banking industries excessive fees and bad business practices, then the time has surely come for the rise of member oriented credit unions.  Seriously, I personally don't think there's a financial product out there that a "Too Big To Fail" bank is offering consumers that a non profit credit union can't meet or beat. Need a great rate on a car loan, a home equity line of credit, maybe a better credit card deal? Credit unions have them. With a credit union you're not just an account number, you're a member, you're an owner! Every dollar you have in your account acts like a share in your credit union. Anyway... I did say I was a credit union advocate, right?

    All the consumer information loaded on our pages is to inform our visitors about the benefits that credit unions offer their members and to help them find a credit union to join. Visitors can use our search box at the top of every page to find all the credit unions nearest them along with their branch offices. On the resulting pages just scroll your mouse over the "TOM Code" (Type Of Membership) to see who may be eligible to join. In a quest for larger member bases many credit unions have changed their membership type in recent years to "Community". Simply put, anyone that lives in the community is eligible to join. Follow the links to our details page for each credit union to see how they've preformed over the years and for links to their websites and contact information.

    Having trouble finding a credit union to join? Contact us, we'll try our very best to help. Everyone can and should join at least 1 credit union and in today's times... we all need to more than ever.

    Thanks for visiting!

    John Holdefehr