Lowest 1st Mortgage Loan Rates For All California Credit Unions

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Compare The Best Credit Union 1st Mortgage Rates:

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Credit Unions With The Lowest 1st mortgage Loan Rates In california
1st Mortgage
1 San Mateo City Employees Federal Credit Union2.00%
2 Premier One Credit Union2.75%
3 California Credit Union2.87%
4 Alta Vista Credit Union2.88%
5 University Credit Union Credit Union2.88%
6 Firefighters First Federal Credit Union2.99%
7 Hanin Federal Credit Union3.00%
7 First U.s. Community Credit Union3.00%
8 Commonwealth Central Credit Union3.13%
8 Star One Credit Union3.13%
9 Logix Federal Credit Union3.13%
9 San Diego County Credit Union3.13%
10 Fresno Police Department Credit Union3.24%

11 20th Century Fox Federal Credit Union3.25%
11 Redwood Credit Union3.25%
11 First Entertainment Credit Union3.25%
11 Schools Financial Credit Union3.25%
12 Alliance Credit Union3.29%
13 Menlo Survey Federal Credit Union3.30%
13 Employees Choice Federal Credit Union3.30%
14 Lbs Financial Credit Union3.34%
15 La Financial Federal Credit Union3.35%
15 Capstone Federal Credit Union3.35%
16 Santa Barbara Teachers Federal Credit Union3.36%
17 Provident Credit Union3.38%
17 Technology Credit Union3.38%
18 Cbc Federal Credit Union3.39%
19 Long Beach Firemen S Credit Union3.44%
20 Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union3.45%
21 San Mateo Credit Union3.49%
21 Wescom Central Credit Union3.49%
22 Kern Federal Credit Union3.50%
22 Torrance Community Federal Credit Union3.50%
22 Polam Federal Credit Union3.50%
22 Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union3.50%
22 California Coast Credit Union3.50%
22 San Francisco Fire Credit Union3.50%
23 Silverado Credit Union3.52%
24 San Joaquin Power Employees Credit Union3.56%
25 Operating Engineers Local Union #3 Federal Credit Union3.58%
26 Popa Federal Credit Union3.59%
27 Ontario Montclair Schools Federal Credit Union3.61%
28 Unify Financial Federal Credit Union3.63%
28 San Diego Firefighters Federal Credit Union3.63%
28 Eagle Community Credit Union3.63%
29 Foothill Federal Credit Union3.65%
29 1st Valley Credit Union3.65%
30 U.p.s. Employees Federal Credit Union3.69%
31 Sri Federal Credit Union3.72%
32 Pacific Service Credit Union3.74%
32 Patelco Credit Union3.74%
33 Pacific Transportation Federal Credit Union3.75%
33 Sesloc Federal Credit Union3.75%
33 Inland Valley Federal Credit Union3.75%
33 Mattel Federal Credit Union3.75%
33 Clearpath Federal Credit Union3.75%
33 Sag-aftra Federal Credit Union3.75%
33 San Francisco Federal Credit Union3.75%
33 Members 1st Credit Union3.75%
33 Keypoint Credit Union3.75%
33 Orange County's Credit Union3.75%
33 South Bay Credit Union3.75%
34 Partners Federal Credit Union3.76%
35 Skyone Federal Credit Union3.77%
36 Pasadena Federal Credit Union3.79%
36 Bourns Employees Federal Credit Union3.79%
37 Kinecta Federal Credit Union3.80%
37 Prospectors Fcu Federal Credit Union3.80%
37 Noble Federal Credit Union3.80%
38 Beverly Hills City Employees Federal Credit Union3.83%
38 Sacramento Credit Union3.83%
39 Mission City Federal Credit Union3.84%
39 Premier America Credit Union3.84%
40 Valley Oak Credit Union3.85%
41 First City Credit Union3.87%
42 East County Schools Federal Credit Union3.88%
42 Water And Power Community Credit Union3.88%
43 Schools Federal Credit Union3.88%
43 Schoolsfirst Federal Credit Union3.88%
43 Meriwest Credit Union3.88%
44 Bopti Federal Credit Union3.88%
45 Edwards Federal Credit Union3.89%
46 Heritage Community Credit Union3.90%
47 Pacific Postal Credit Union3.92%
48 Christian Community Credit Union3.93%
49 San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union3.97%
50 Va Desert Pacific Federal Credit Union3.98%
50 Tucoemas Federal Credit Union3.98%
50 Parsons Federal Credit Union3.98%
51 Vons Employees Federal Credit Union3.99%
51 My Credit Union3.99%
52 Los Angeles Federal Credit Union4.00%
52 Bakersfield City Employees Federal Credit Union4.00%
52 Pasadena Service Federal Credit Union4.00%
52 Mckesson Employees Federal Credit Union4.00%
52 Harbor Area Postal Employees Federal Credit Union4.00%
52 Sce Federal Credit Union4.00%
52 Merced School Employees Federal Credit Union4.00%
52 Sun Community Federal Credit Union4.00%
52 Espeeco Federal Credit Union4.00%
52 Desert Communities Federal Credit Union4.00%
52 Allied Healthcare Federal Credit Union4.00%
52 Bay Federal Credit Union4.00%
52 Stanford Federal Credit Union4.00%
52 Escondido Federal Credit Union4.00%
52 County Schools Federal Credit Union4.00%
52 San Francisco Lee Federal Credit Union4.00%
52 Xceed Financial Federal Credit Union4.00%
52 Auto Club Federal Credit Union4.00%
52 Chevron Federal Credit Union4.00%
52 Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union4.00%
52 Ocean Crest Federal Credit Union4.00%
52 Pacific Community Credit Union4.00%
52 Safe 1 Credit Union4.00%
52 California State & Fed Emp #20 Credit Union4.00%
52 Altura Credit Union4.00%
52 I.l.w.u. Credit Union4.00%
52 Printing Industries Credit Union Credit Union4.00%
52 California Community Credit Union4.00%
52 Safe Credit Union4.00%
52 Southland Credit Union4.00%
52 North County Credit Union4.00%
52 Media City Community Credit Union4.00%
52 Coasthills Credit Union4.00%
52 Monterey Credit Union4.00%
52 Safeamerica Credit Union4.00%
53 Kaiperm Federal Credit Union4.01%
54 Modesto's First Federal Credit Union4.02%
55 Universal City Studios Credit Union4.03%
56 Kings Federal Credit Union4.05%
57 Honda Federal Credit Union4.07%
58 Sequoia Federal Credit Union4.07%
59 Burbank City Federal Credit Union4.07%
59 Educational Employees Credit Union4.07%
60 Community First Credit Union4.08%
61 Utility District Credit Union4.09%
62 Chaffey Federal Credit Union4.10%
63 Usc Credit Union4.12%
64 Ume Federal Credit Union4.12%
64 Sea Air Federal Credit Union4.12%
64 Diablo Valley Federal Credit Union4.12%
64 El Monte Community Credit Union Credit Union4.12%
65 Nuvision Federal Credit Union4.13%
65 Rancho Federal Credit Union4.13%
65 Santa Barbara County Federal Credit Union4.13%
65 American First Credit Union4.13%
65 Pacific Marine Credit Union4.13%
66 Mission Federal Credit Union4.13%
66 Parishioners Federal Credit Union4.13%
66 Mendo Lake Credit Union4.13%
66 1st United Services Credit Union4.13%
66 Greater Valley Credit Union Credit Union4.13%
66 Point Loma Credit Union4.13%
66 Valley First Credit Union4.13%
66 Credit Union Of Southern California Credit Union4.13%
66 Matadors Community Credit Union4.13%
67 First Technology Federal Credit Union4.14%
68 Financial Partners Credit Union4.15%
69 Glendale Area Schools Credit Union4.16%
70 The First Financial Federal Credit Union4.17%
71 Calcom Federal Credit Union4.18%
72 Western Healthcare Federal Credit Union4.20%
73 Priority One Credit Union4.21%
74 North Bay Credit Union4.23%
75 Desert Valleys Federal Credit Union4.24%
75 United Methodist Federal Credit Union4.24%
76 Kern Schools Federal Credit Union4.25%
76 Altaone Federal Credit Union4.25%
76 Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union4.25%
76 Thinkwise Federal Credit Union4.25%
76 Technicolor Federal Credit Union4.25%
76 Yolo Federal Credit Union4.25%
76 Sea West Coast Guard Federal Credit Union4.25%
76 Cal State L.a. Federal Credit Union4.25%
76 Aerospace Federal Credit Union4.25%
76 Arrowhead Central Credit Union4.25%
76 The Golden 1 Credit Union4.25%
76 E-central Credit Union4.25%
76 Coast Central Credit Union4.25%
76 Jacom Credit Union4.25%
76 Uncle Credit Union4.25%
76 Dow Great Western Credit Union4.25%
76 Sierra Central Credit Union4.25%
76 Ventura County Credit Union4.25%
76 California Bear Credit Union4.25%
76 1st Northern California Credit Union4.25%
76 Postcity Financial Credit Union4.25%
77 Shell Western States Federal Credit Union4.27%
78 Hamilton Federal Credit Union4.28%
78 Premier Community Credit Union4.28%
79 Rolling F Credit Union4.30%
80 Farmers Insurance Group Federal Credit Union4.35%
80 Merco Credit Union4.35%
81 Mocse Federal Credit Union4.38%
81 University & State Employees Credit Union4.38%
81 Travis Credit Union4.38%
82 Central Coast Federal Credit Union4.39%
83 Fresno Grangers Federal Credit Union4.42%
83 Befit Financial Federal Credit Union4.42%
84 First Imperial Credit Union4.44%
85 Long Beach City Employees Federal Credit Union4.45%
85 Tulare County Federal Credit Union4.45%
85 First California Federal Credit Union4.45%
86 United Catholics Federal Credit Union4.49%
87 Solano First Federal Credit Union4.50%
87 Sonoma Federal Credit Union4.50%
87 Santa Ana Federal Credit Union4.50%
87 Siskiyou Central Cu Credit Union4.50%
87 California Lithuanian Credit Union4.50%
87 Cabrillo Credit Union4.50%
88 Camino Federal Credit Union4.51%
88 Families And Schools Together Federal Credit Union4.51%
89 Lassen County Federal Credit Union4.54%
90 S.f. Police Credit Union4.63%
91 Matson Employees Federal Credit Union4.63%
92 Rafe Federal Credit Union4.66%
93 Nikkei Credit Union4.70%
94 Glendale Federal Credit Union4.75%
94 Chabot Federal Credit Union4.75%
94 Vision One Credit Union4.75%
95 Ontario Public Employees Federal Credit Union4.81%
96 California Adventist Federal Credit Union4.82%
97 Antioch Community Federal Credit Union4.84%
98 F & A Federal Credit Union4.88%
99 United Local Credit Union4.93%
100 Inland Federal Credit Union4.99%
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Please Note: The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) requires all Credit Unions Insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF)to file quarterly (5300) data reports. The information above comes from those reports. The deposit and loan rates shown are not the current rates for the Credit Unions shown. Some of these rates change on a daily basis and you must visit each Credit Unions website to get their current rates. The sole purpose of showing this data is to show the relative relationship of each Credit Unions rates versus the average rates of all Credit Unions at both the state and national levels at a specific point in time, quarter end. The data below is from quarter end 6/30/2017.