Lowest 1st Mortgage Loan Rates For All USA Credit Unions

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Credit Unions With The Lowest 1st mortgage Loan Rates In The USA
1st Mortgage
1 Riverfront Federal Credit Union1.00%
2 Ctecu Credit Union1.99%
3 San Mateo City Employees Federal Credit Union2.00%
4 Aspire Federal Credit Union2.07%
5 Compass Financial Federal Credit Union2.30%
6 Suffolk Federal Credit Union2.49%
7 Albany Firemens Federal Credit Union2.50%
7 University Federal Credit Union2.50%
7 Hawaiian Electric Employees Federal Credit Union2.50%
8 Schofield Federal Credit Union2.52%
9 Wichita Federal Credit Union2.65%
9 State Police Credit Union Inc. Credit Union2.65%
10 Emerald Credit Union, Inc. Credit Union2.67%

11 Financial Plus Credit Union2.73%
12 Kellogg Midwest Federal Credit Union2.74%
13 Lincoln National Federal Credit Union2.75%
13 Evansville Firefighters Federal Credit Union2.75%
13 Honolulu Federal Credit Union2.75%
13 Black Hills Federal Credit Union2.75%
13 Russell Country Federal Credit Union2.75%
13 First Flight Federal Credit Union2.75%
13 Hotel And Travel Industry Federal Credit Union2.75%
13 York County Federal Credit Union2.75%
13 Good Neighbors Federal Credit Union2.75%
13 The Hub-co Credit Union2.75%
13 Oneaz Credit Union2.75%
13 U. S. Employees Credit Union2.75%
13 Members Choice Credit Union2.75%
13 Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union2.75%
13 Baxter Credit Union2.75%
13 Premier One Credit Union2.75%
14 Gulf Trust Credit Union2.77%
15 Louisville Federal Credit Union2.79%
16 United Equity Credit Union Credit Union2.85%
17 California Credit Union2.87%
18 Priority Plus Federal Credit Union2.88%
18 Bank Fund Staff Federal Credit Union2.88%
18 Alta Vista Credit Union2.88%
18 Olympia Credit Union2.88%
18 Deere Employees Credit Union2.88%
19 Island Federal Credit Union2.88%
19 Police Federal Credit Union2.88%
19 University Credit Union Credit Union2.88%
19 M.p.d. Community Credit Union2.88%
20 Dover Federal Credit Union2.90%
21 Health Care Family Credit Union2.94%
22 Sm Federal Credit Union2.95%
22 Neighbors Credit Union2.95%
23 H E B Federal Credit Union2.98%
24 Horizon Federal Credit Union2.99%
25 Blair County Federal Credit Union2.99%
25 Healthnet Federal Credit Union2.99%
25 Actors Federal Credit Union2.99%
25 Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union2.99%
25 Greylock Federal Credit Union2.99%
25 Firefighters First Federal Credit Union2.99%
25 Associated Credit Union Of Texas Credit Union2.99%
25 Fort Mcclellan Credit Union2.99%
25 Virginia Coop Credit Union2.99%
25 Holy Family Memorial Credit Union2.99%
25 Unison Credit Union2.99%
25 Pawtucket Credit Union2.99%
25 Crow Wing Power Credit Union2.99%
25 Texell Credit Union2.99%
26 Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Pentagon Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Library Of Congress Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Hampton Va Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Prairieland Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Manville Area Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Internal Revenue Employees Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Altana Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Ukrainian Selfreliance Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Teachers Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Owensboro Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Wyhy Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Rutgers Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Rocket Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Broward Healthcare Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Nesc Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 American Chemical Society Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Call Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Coast360 Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Greenville Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Encentus Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Preston Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Advantage Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Nebraska Energy Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Building Trades Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 America's First Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Hanin Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Cu Hawaii Federal Credit Union3.00%
26 Illinois State Credit Union3.00%
26 Harbor Credit Union3.00%
26 Georgia's Own Credit Union3.00%
26 Health Systems Credit Union3.00%
26 First U.s. Community Credit Union3.00%
26 United Methodist Financial Credit U Credit Union3.00%
27 Rimrock Credit Union3.01%
28 Enrichment Federal Credit Union3.02%
29 Washington Gas Light Federal Credit Union3.03%
30 Washington State Employees Credit Union3.04%
31 Neighborhood Credit Union3.08%
32 Hale County Teachers Federal Credit Union3.08%
33 Children's Medical Center Federal Credit Union3.09%
33 Alpha Credit Union3.09%
34 Gundersen Credit Union3.10%
35 Central Credit Union Of Illinois Credit Union3.10%
36 Enfield Community Federal Credit Union3.12%
36 State College Federal Credit Union3.12%
36 Indiana Members Credit Union3.12%
37 Mass. Institute Of Tech. Federal Credit Union3.13%
37 Countryside Federal Credit Union3.13%
37 Central Maine Federal Credit Union3.13%
37 Illinois State Police Federal Credit Union3.13%
37 Bayport Credit Union Credit Union3.13%
37 Commonwealth Central Credit Union3.13%
37 Bear Paw Credit Union3.13%
37 Florida Central Credit Union3.13%
37 Star One Credit Union3.13%
38 Logix Federal Credit Union3.13%
38 First Choice America Community Federal Credit Union3.13%
38 Inova Federal Credit Union3.13%
38 Firstlight Federal Credit Union3.13%
38 Texhillco School Employees Federal Credit Union3.13%
38 Tonawanda Valley Federal Credit Union3.13%
38 San Diego County Credit Union3.13%
38 Community First Credit Union Of Flo Credit Union3.13%
38 Triangle Credit Union3.13%
38 Membersalliance Credit Union3.13%
39 Century Federal Credit Union3.15%
39 Financial Resources Federal Credit Union3.15%
39 Idb-iic Federal Credit Union3.15%
39 Oswego Teachers Employees Federal Credit Union3.15%
39 Service Credit Union3.15%
39 Northwestern Mutual Credit Union3.15%
39 O.m.c. Employees' Credit Union3.15%
40 Besser Credit Union3.17%
41 New England Lee Federal Credit Union3.20%
41 Consumer Credit Union3.20%
41 Brainerd B. N. Credit Union3.20%
41 Telco Community Credit Union Credit Union3.20%
41 Burns & Mcdonnell Credit Union3.20%
42 A.a.e.c. Credit Union3.21%
43 First New York Federal Credit Union3.24%
43 1st Liberty Federal Credit Union3.24%
43 Etma Federal Credit Union3.24%
43 Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union3.24%
43 Toro Employees Federal Credit Union3.24%
43 Blackhawk Federal Credit Union3.24%
43 Sharonview Federal Credit Union3.24%
43 Fresno Police Department Credit Union3.24%
44 Fargo Public Schools Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Campus Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Northern Sts Pwr Company Emp Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Greater New Orleans Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Tri Boro Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Suwannee River Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 People's First Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Member's 1st Of Nj Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Northeast Family Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Heights Community Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Emery Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Bay Atlantic Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Windsor Locks Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Gulf Coast Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 The Summit Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Cedar Point Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 N R L Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Coteau Valley Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Selfreliance Ukrainian American Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Redstone Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Box Elder County Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Heartland Area Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Neighbors Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Goldmark Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Ibew 76 Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Core Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 First Peoples Community Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Phenix Pride Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Lakeview Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Lexington Ma Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Plymouth County Teachers Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Stoneham Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Webster Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Radio, Television And Communication Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 20th Century Fox Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Coastal Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Montgomery County Employees Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Pittsford Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Mtc Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 South Hills Healthcare Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Capital Area Taiwanese Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Morehead Community Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Tri-lakes Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Digital Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Mayo Employees Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Gateway Metro Federal Credit Union3.25%
44 Kansas Blue Cross-blue Shield Credit Union3.25%
44 Generations Credit Union3.25%
44 Zia Credit Union3.25%
44 Associated Credit Union Credit Union3.25%
44 Redwood Credit Union3.25%
44 Community First Credit Union3.25%
44 Texas Workforce Credit Union3.25%
44 Mobile Government Emp. Credit Union3.25%
44 Boeing Helicopters Credit Union Credit Union3.25%
44 Heartland Credit Union3.25%
44 Alpena-alcona Area Credit Union3.25%
44 City Credit Union3.25%
44 Western Districts Members Credit Union3.25%
44 West Michigan Credit Union3.25%
44 Cleveland Police Credit Union3.25%
44 Employment Security Credit Union3.25%
44 Guco Credit Union3.25%
44 Andigo Credit Union3.25%
44 1st Midamerica Credit Union3.25%
44 Glatco Credit Union3.25%
44 Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union3.25%
44 Heartland Credit Union3.25%
44 Valley Credit Union3.25%
44 Community Choice Credit Union3.25%
44 Alliant Credit Union3.25%
44 Gas And Electric Credit Union3.25%
44 Des Moines Police Officers Credit Union3.25%
44 Envista Credit Union3.25%
44 Service Plus Credit Union3.25%
44 B.c.s. Community Credit Union3.25%
44 St. Mary's & Affiliates Credit Union3.25%
44 Coventry Credit Union3.25%
44 Badger-globe Credit Union3.25%
44 Premier Financial Credit Union3.25%
44 Teachers Credit Union3.25%
44 Members First Credit Union3.25%
44 P & S Credit Union3.25%
44 Firefighters Credit Union3.25%
44 Fond Du Lac Credit Union3.25%
44 Us Community Credit Union3.25%
44 Empower Credit Union3.25%
44 Hudson River Community Credit Union3.25%
44 First Entertainment Credit Union3.25%
44 Schools Financial Credit Union3.25%
44 Community 1st Credit Union3.25%
44 General Electric Credit Union3.25%
44 Max Credit Union3.25%
44 Spire Credit Union3.25%
44 Oregonians Credit Union3.25%
44 Professional Police Officers Credit Union3.25%
44 Winsouth Credit Union3.25%
44 Dupage Credit Union3.25%
45 National J. A. C. L. Credit Union3.26%
46 Apci Federal Credit Union3.27%
46 Dertown School Federal Credit Union3.27%
47 Wichita Falls Teachers Federal Credit Union3.28%
47 Chadwick Federal Credit Union3.28%
48 Mohawk Valley Federal Credit Union3.29%
49 Healthcare Systems Federal Credit Union3.29%
49 Alliance Credit Union3.29%
50 Nephi Western Employees Federal Credit Union3.30%
50 Menlo Survey Federal Credit Union3.30%
50 Employees Choice Federal Credit Union3.30%
50 Beehive Federal Credit Union3.30%
50 Express-news Federal Credit Union3.30%
50 Valley One Community Federal Credit Union3.30%
50 Appletree Credit Union3.30%
50 White River Credit Union3.30%
50 Kyger Creek Credit Union3.30%
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Please Note: The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) requires all Credit Unions Insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF)to file quarterly (5300) data reports. The information above comes from those reports. The deposit and loan rates shown are not the current rates for the Credit Unions shown. Some of these rates change on a daily basis and you must visit each Credit Unions website to get their current rates. The sole purpose of showing this data is to show the relative relationship of each Credit Unions rates versus the average rates of all Credit Unions at both the state and national levels at a specific point in time, quarter end. The data below is from quarter end 6/30/2017.