Lowest 1st Mortgage Loan Rates For All Michigan Credit Unions

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Compare The Best Credit Union 1st Mortgage Rates:

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Credit Unions With The Lowest 1st mortgage Loan Rates In michigan
1st Mortgage
1 Besser Credit Union3.17%
2 Alpena-alcona Area Credit Union3.25%
2 Western Districts Members Credit Union3.25%
2 West Michigan Credit Union3.25%
2 Community Choice Credit Union3.25%
3 Integra First Federal Credit Union3.34%
4 Saginaw Medical Federal Credit Union3.38%
4 North Central Area Credit Union3.38%
4 South Central Credit Union3.38%
5 Catholic Vantage Financial Federal Credit Union3.38%
5 Michigan Legacy Credit Union3.38%
6 Preferred Credit Union3.40%
7 Peninsula Federal Credit Union3.46%

8 Torch Lake Federal Credit Union3.47%
9 Fme Federal Credit Union3.49%
10 Allegan Community Federal Credit Union3.50%
10 Bi-county Ptc Federal Credit Union3.50%
10 Riverview Community Federal Credit Union3.50%
10 Live Life Federal Credit Union3.50%
10 Polish-american Federal Credit Union3.50%
10 Public Service Credit Union3.50%
10 United Bay Community Credit Union3.50%
10 Advia Credit Union3.50%
10 Sagelink Credit Union3.50%
10 United Financial Credit Union3.50%
10 Lincoln Park Community Credit Union3.50%
10 Filer Credit Union3.50%
10 Belle River Community Credit Union3.50%
11 Metro North Federal Credit Union3.53%
12 Service 1 Federal Credit Union3.62%
13 Gerber Federal Credit Union3.63%
14 Best Financial Credit Union3.63%
15 Michigan Schools And Government Credit Union3.66%
16 Thunder Bay Area Credit Union3.69%
17 Grand Trunk Battle Creek Emp Federal Credit Union3.75%
17 University Of Michigan Credit Union3.75%
17 Harborlight Credit Union3.75%
17 Aac Credit Union3.75%
17 Westacres Credit Union3.75%
17 Tri-cities Credit Union3.75%
18 Wexford Community Credit Union3.77%
19 Isabella Community Credit Union3.78%
20 Parda Federal Credit Union3.79%
21 Tba Credit Union3.82%
22 Iron Mountain Kingsford Community Federal Credit Union3.85%
23 Wayne-westland Federal Credit Union3.88%
23 Christian Financial Credit Union3.88%
23 Genisys Credit Union3.88%
24 Community Financial Credit Union3.88%
24 Lafcu Credit Union3.88%
24 Financial Plus Credit Union3.88%
25 Family First Credit Union3.90%
26 Lakes Community Credit Union3.91%
27 Dow Chemical Employees' Credit Union3.94%
27 Fedcom Credit Union3.94%
28 Dowagiac Area Federal Credit Union3.95%
28 Gr Consumers Credit Union3.95%
29 Muskegon Co Op Federal Credit Union3.96%
29 Shore To Shore Community Federal Credit Union3.96%
30 Extra Credit Union3.98%
31 St. Francis X Federal Credit Union3.99%
31 H.p.c. Credit Union3.99%
31 Ukrainian Future Credit Union3.99%
32 Michigan Columbus Federal Credit Union4.00%
32 A.b.d. Federal Credit Union4.00%
32 Loc Federal Credit Union4.00%
32 Jackson Community Federal Credit Union4.00%
32 Baraga County Federal Credit Union4.00%
32 Sb Community Federal Credit Union4.00%
32 Northwest Consumers Federal Credit Union4.00%
32 Catholic Federal Credit Union4.00%
32 Wildfire Credit Union4.00%
32 Omni Community Credit Union4.00%
32 Copoco Community Credit Union4.00%
32 People Driven Credit Union4.00%
32 Memberfocus Community Credit Union4.00%
32 First Area Credit Union4.00%
32 Our Credit Union4.00%
32 Lake Trust Credit Union4.00%
32 Blueox Credit Union4.00%
32 River Valley Credit Union4.00%
32 United Churches Credit Union4.00%
32 Kent County Credit Union4.00%
32 Kellogg Community Credit Union4.00%
33 Birmingham-bloomfield Credit Union4.01%
34 Credit Union One Credit Union4.06%
35 Tlc Community Credit Union4.07%
36 Blue Water Federal Credit Union4.08%
37 Vibe Credit Union4.10%
38 Oakland County Credit Union4.13%
38 Dfcu Financial Credit Union4.13%
39 Port City Federal Credit Union4.13%
39 Michigan State University Federal Credit Union4.13%
39 Security Credit Union4.13%
39 Arbor Financial Credit Union4.13%
39 Zeal Credit Union4.13%
39 Wanigas Credit Union4.13%
39 Cornerstone Community Financial Credit Union4.13%
40 Michigan Tech Employees Federal Credit Union4.19%
40 Financialedge Community Credit Union4.19%
40 Safe Harbor Credit Union4.19%
41 Washtenaw Federal Credit Union4.21%
42 East Traverse Catholic Federal Credit Union4.22%
43 Community Focus Federal Credit Union4.24%
43 Saginaw County Employees Credit Union4.24%
44 Trunorth Federal Credit Union4.25%
44 Walled Lake School Employees Federal Credit Union4.25%
44 Dort Federal Credit Union4.25%
44 Cp Federal Credit Union4.25%
44 Construction Federal Credit Union4.25%
44 Flint Area School Employees Credit Union4.25%
44 Community Alliance Credit Union4.25%
44 4front Credit Union4.25%
44 Community West Credit Union4.25%
44 Elga Credit Union4.25%
44 Newaygo County Service Employees Credit Union4.25%
44 Sunrise Family Credit Union4.25%
44 Marshall Community Credit Union4.25%
44 My Personal Credit Union4.25%
44 Calcite Credit Union4.25%
44 Lake Michigan Credit Union4.25%
45 Advantage One Credit Union4.27%
46 Lenco Credit Union4.29%
47 First General Credit Union4.29%
48 United Federal Credit Union4.32%
49 Thornapple Credit Union4.33%
50 Consumers Credit Union4.35%
51 The Local Credit Union4.36%
52 Portland Federal Credit Union4.38%
53 Gratiot Community Credit Union4.39%
54 Manistique Federal Credit Union4.40%
55 Journey Federal Credit Union4.44%
56 Kenowa Community Federal Credit Union4.45%
56 Lakeshore Federal Credit Union4.45%
57 Astera Credit Union4.46%
58 Great Lakes Members Credit Union4.47%
59 Meijer Credit Union4.49%
60 Freestar Financial Credit Union4.50%
60 Michigan Educational Credit Union4.50%
60 U.p. State Credit Union4.50%
61 Total Community Credit Union4.51%
62 Education Plus Credit Union4.52%
63 Aeroquip Credit Union4.57%
63 Diversified Members Credit Union4.57%
64 Rogue River Community Credit Union4.59%
65 Frankenmuth Credit Union4.61%
66 Case Credit Union4.62%
66 Parkside Credit Union4.62%
67 Limestone Federal Credit Union4.65%
68 Lake Huron Credit Union4.68%
69 Greater Niles Community Federal Credit Union4.72%
70 Unified Communities Federal Credit Union4.75%
70 Michigan Coastal Credit Union4.75%
70 Alliance Catholic Credit Union4.75%
70 Honor Credit Union4.75%
71 Kalsee Credit Union4.79%
72 Adventure Credit Union4.85%
73 One Detroit Credit Union4.90%
73 Post Community Credit Union4.90%
74 Latvian Heritage Federal Credit Union4.92%
75 Flagship Community Federal Credit Union4.95%
76 Downriver Community Federal Credit Union4.97%
77 Credit Union Advantage Credit Union4.99%
78 Generations Family Federal Credit Union5.00%
78 International Uaw Federal Credit Union5.00%
78 Northland Area Federal Credit Union5.00%
78 Forest Area Federal Credit Union5.00%
78 Consumers Professional Credit Union5.00%
78 Monroe County Community Credit Union5.00%
78 T&i Credit Union5.00%
78 Team One Credit Union5.00%
78 Michigan One Community Credit Union5.00%
78 Soo Co-op Credit Union5.00%
78 American 1 Credit Union5.00%
79 Northern United Federal Credit Union5.01%
80 Country Heritage Credit Union5.03%
81 Motor City Co-op Credit Union5.05%
82 Rivertown Community Federal Credit Union5.10%
83 Michigan First Credit Union5.13%
84 Chief Financial Federal Credit Union5.15%
85 Tahquamenon Area Credit Union5.20%
86 Ukrainian Selfreliance Michigan Federal Credit Union5.25%
87 First United Credit Union5.26%
88 Gabriels Community Credit Union5.30%
89 Great Lakes Federal Credit Union5.37%
90 Family Financial Credit Union5.38%
91 Atl Federal Credit Union5.44%
92 Chiropractic Federal Credit Union5.50%
92 Straits Area Federal Credit Union5.50%
92 Delta County Credit Union5.50%
93 Community First Federal Credit Union5.53%
94 Upper Michigan Community Credit Union5.59%
95 Lansing Postal Community Credit Union5.62%
96 Alpena Community Credit Union5.64%
97 Muskegon Federal Credit Union5.65%
98 Detour Drummond Community Credit Union5.95%
99 Tandem Federal Credit Union6.00%
99 Parkway Federal Credit Union6.00%
99 Southeast Michigan State Employees Federal Credit Union6.00%
99 Marquette Community Federal Credit Union6.00%
99 Muskegon St Joseph Federal Credit Union6.00%
100 Great Lakes First Federal Credit Union6.25%
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Please Note: The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) requires all Credit Unions Insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF)to file quarterly (5300) data reports. The information above comes from those reports. The deposit and loan rates shown are not the current rates for the Credit Unions shown. Some of these rates change on a daily basis and you must visit each Credit Unions website to get their current rates. The sole purpose of showing this data is to show the relative relationship of each Credit Unions rates versus the average rates of all Credit Unions at both the state and national levels at a specific point in time, quarter end. The data below is from quarter end 6/30/2017.