Lowest Other Real Estate Loan Rates For All USA Credit Unions

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Credit Unions With The Lowest other real estate Loan Rates In The USA
Other Real Estate
1 Riverfront Federal Credit Union1.00%
1 Hazleton School Employees Credit Union1.00%
1 Point Breeze Credit Union1.00%
2 Veridian Credit Union1.30%
3 Schofield Federal Credit Union1.94%
4 People's Alliance Federal Credit Union1.99%
4 Inova Federal Credit Union1.99%
4 Educational Systems Federal Credit Union1.99%
4 First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union1.99%
4 Commonwealth Central Credit Union1.99%
4 Navigant Credit Union1.99%
4 Leominster Credit Union1.99%
4 Athol Credit Union1.99%

4 Pawtucket Credit Union1.99%
4 Ctecu Credit Union1.99%
5 Emerald Coast Federal Credit Union2.00%
5 Esl Federal Credit Union2.00%
5 Service One Credit Union2.00%
5 Northwestern Mutual Credit Union2.00%
5 Municipal Empl.credit Union Of Balt Credit Union2.00%
6 Santa Barbara County Federal Credit Union2.25%
6 Pinpoint Federal Credit Union2.25%
6 Achieve Financial Credit Union2.25%
7 State Police Credit Union Inc. Credit Union2.40%
8 Clairton Works Federal Credit Union2.49%
8 Keesler Federal Credit Union2.49%
8 United Nations Federal Credit Union2.49%
8 Pima Federal Credit Union2.49%
8 Suffolk Federal Credit Union2.49%
8 Topline Federal Credit Union2.49%
8 Ark Valley Credit Union2.49%
8 Pa Healthcare Credit Union Credit Union2.49%
8 Premier One Credit Union2.49%
9 State Employees Federal Credit Union2.50%
9 Allentown Federal Credit Union2.50%
9 California State & Fed Emp #20 Credit Union2.50%
10 Telhio Credit Union2.55%
11 Lge Community Credit Union2.59%
12 Premier America Credit Union2.64%
13 Ufirst Federal Credit Union2.73%
14 Teachers Federal Credit Union2.74%
15 Sperry Associates Federal Credit Union2.75%
15 Direct Federal Credit Union2.75%
15 Airco Federal Credit Union2.75%
15 Illinois State Police Federal Credit Union2.75%
15 Lennox Employees Credit Union2.75%
15 Valleystar Credit Union2.75%
15 First Commerce Credit Union2.75%
16 First Choice America Community Federal Credit Union2.79%
17 Allegany Co Teachers Federal Credit Union2.80%
18 Tri Boro Federal Credit Union2.85%
19 Elements Financial Federal Credit Union2.86%
20 Teachers Credit Union2.89%
21 San Mateo City Employees Federal Credit Union2.91%
22 Neighbors Credit Union2.95%
22 Bay Credit Union2.95%
22 Healthcare Associates Credit Union2.95%
23 Desert Schools Federal Credit Union2.97%
24 Horizon Federal Credit Union2.99%
25 First Atlantic Federal Credit Union2.99%
25 Commonwealth One Federal Credit Union2.99%
25 Access Federal Credit Union2.99%
25 Windward Community Federal Credit Union2.99%
25 Blair County Federal Credit Union2.99%
25 Ticonderoga Federal Credit Union2.99%
25 Fortera Federal Credit Union2.99%
25 Weber State Federal Credit Union2.99%
25 Allegheny Health Services Employees Federal Credit Union2.99%
25 Msu Federal Credit Union2.99%
25 Baker's Federal Credit Union2.99%
25 Gfa Federal Credit Union2.99%
25 Firefighters First Federal Credit Union2.99%
25 The Family Credit Union2.99%
25 San Diego County Credit Union2.99%
25 Alpena-alcona Area Credit Union2.99%
25 Glenview Credit Union2.99%
25 Newark Board Of Education Employees Credit Union2.99%
25 Greater Kc Public Safety Credit Union2.99%
25 St. Mary's Bank Credit Union2.99%
25 University Credit Union Credit Union2.99%
25 Des Moines Police Officers Credit Union2.99%
25 Oregon Community Credit Union2.99%
25 Crow Wing Power Credit Union2.99%
26 Honda Federal Credit Union2.99%
27 Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union3.00%
27 Manville Area Federal Credit Union3.00%
27 Helco Federal Credit Union3.00%
27 Empower Federal Credit Union3.00%
27 Allegan Community Federal Credit Union3.00%
27 Great Lakes First Federal Credit Union3.00%
27 Sterling United Federal Credit Union3.00%
27 C-b-w Schools Federal Credit Union3.00%
27 Nesc Federal Credit Union3.00%
27 Stoneham Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union3.00%
27 Preston Federal Credit Union3.00%
27 Local Government Federal Credit Union3.00%
27 Education First Federal Credit Union3.00%
27 Cu Hawaii Federal Credit Union3.00%
27 Acme Continental Credit Union3.00%
27 Chippewa County Credit Union3.00%
27 Corry Jamestown Credit Union3.00%
27 B&v Credit Union3.00%
27 1st Ed Credit Union Credit Union3.00%
27 State Employees' Credit Union3.00%
27 Align Credit Union3.00%
27 Air Tech Credit Union3.00%
27 Appletree Credit Union3.00%
27 Revere Firefighters Credit Union3.00%
28 Sm Federal Credit Union3.01%
29 J.c.t. Federal Credit Union3.08%
30 Prospera Credit Union3.11%
31 Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union3.12%
32 Tonawanda Valley Federal Credit Union3.14%
33 Discovery Federal Credit Union3.17%
33 Dillon Credit Union3.17%
34 Hudson Heritage Federal Credit Union3.18%
35 Brainerd B. N. Credit Union3.20%
36 State Farm Federal Credit Union3.22%
36 Hawaii Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union3.22%
36 Oil Country Federal Credit Union3.22%
37 360 Federal Credit Union3.24%
37 Firstenergy Family Credit Union3.24%
37 Utilities Employees Credit Union3.24%
38 Cambridge Firefighters Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 People's First Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 Hawaiian Tel Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 Honolulu Fire Department Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 Lincoln Public School Employees Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 Chicago Patrolmen's Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 Heights Community Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 B E T Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 Metrowest Community Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 600 Atlantic Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 Chessie Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 Unified Communities Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 Gardiner Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 New Castle Bellco Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 Solidarity Community Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 Greater Pittsburgh Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 Holston Methodist Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 Cornerstone Community Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 Beacon Mutual Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 American Chemical Society Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 Lexington Ma Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 Cheswick Atomic Division Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 Greater Abbeville Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 Strategic Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 Beka Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 Mtc Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 Morehead Community Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 Blackstone River Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 Carolina Cooperative Federal Credit Union3.25%
38 Dutch Point Credit Union3.25%
38 Hoosier Hills Credit Union3.25%
38 Riverfall Credit Union3.25%
38 Texas Workforce Credit Union3.25%
38 Advia Credit Union3.25%
38 Ashland Credit Union3.25%
38 City Credit Union3.25%
38 Western Districts Members Credit Union3.25%
38 Postal Credit Union3.25%
38 Employment Security Credit Union3.25%
38 Apco Employees Credit Union3.25%
38 Andigo Credit Union3.25%
38 Glatco Credit Union3.25%
38 1st Resource Credit Union3.25%
38 Wisconsin Latvian, Inc. Credit Union3.25%
38 Virginia Educators Credit Union Credit Union3.25%
38 Premier Financial Credit Union3.25%
38 Alabama Teachers Credit Union3.25%
38 Liberty Bay Credit Union3.25%
38 Luso-american Credit Union3.25%
38 St. Jean's Credit Union3.25%
38 Naveo Credit Union3.25%
38 Amplify Credit Union3.25%
38 Professional Police Officers Credit Union3.25%
38 United Methodist Financial Credit U Credit Union3.25%
38 Cardinal Credit Union, Inc. Credit Union3.25%
39 State College Federal Credit Union3.26%
40 Mountain Laurel Federal Credit Union3.27%
40 Hanesbrands Credit Union3.27%
41 Louisville Federal Credit Union3.29%
41 Landmark Credit Union3.29%
42 Nassau Educators Federal Credit Union3.32%
43 Idb-iic Federal Credit Union3.33%
44 Tct Federal Credit Union3.35%
44 Western Illinois Credit Union3.35%
45 Victor Valley Federal Credit Union3.37%
46 Syracuse Fire Department Employees Federal Credit Union3.38%
47 Spojnia Credit Union3.38%
48 Williamsport Teachers Credit Union3.39%
49 Palisades Federal Credit Union3.40%
49 West York Area School Dist Em Federal Credit Union3.40%
49 Quaker Oats Credit Union3.40%
49 Friends And Family Credit Union Inc Credit Union3.40%
50 Tri-rivers Federal Credit Union3.43%
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Please Note: The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) requires all Credit Unions Insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF)to file quarterly (5300) data reports. The information above comes from those reports. The deposit and loan rates shown are not the current rates for the Credit Unions shown. Some of these rates change on a daily basis and you must visit each Credit Unions website to get their current rates. The sole purpose of showing this data is to show the relative relationship of each Credit Unions rates versus the average rates of all Credit Unions at both the state and national levels at a specific point in time, quarter end. The data below is from quarter end 6/30/2017.