Deposit Money Market Rates For All USA Credit Unions

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Compare The Best Credit Union Money Market Rates:

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Credit Unions With The Highest money market Deposit Rates In The USA
Money Market
1 Foothills Federal Credit Union15.00%
2 Homestead Federal Credit Union3.00%
3 Premier Members Credit Union2.96%
4 Aneca Federal Credit Union2.75%
5 Greater Abbeville Federal Credit Union2.00%
6 Proponent Federal Credit Union1.50%
7 Aurgroup Credit Union1.49%
8 Self-help Federal Credit Union1.40%
9 Self Reliance Ny Federal Credit Union1.30%
9 Self-help Credit Union1.30%
10 St. Josephs Parish Buffalo Federal Credit Union1.28%
11 Lomto Federal Credit Union1.25%
11 Asi Federal Credit Union1.25%

12 Lufthansa Emp. Federal Credit Union1.20%
13 Wv National Guard Federal Credit Union1.15%
13 Tradesmen Community Credit Union1.15%
14 California Adventist Federal Credit Union1.14%
15 Police & Fire Federal Credit Union1.10%
15 Bellwether Community Credit Union1.10%
15 Bear Paw Credit Union1.10%
16 Coast 2 Coast Financial Credit Union1.09%
17 Integrus Credit Union Credit Union1.04%
18 North Coast Credit Union1.02%
19 Coastal Federal Credit Union1.01%
19 Wright-patt Credit Union1.01%
20 Pacific N W Federal Credit Union1.00%
20 Suma Yonkers Federal Credit Union1.00%
20 Valley One Community Federal Credit Union1.00%
20 Division 726 Federal Credit Union1.00%
20 Capital Area Realtors Federal Credit Union1.00%
20 Back Mountain Federal Credit Union1.00%
20 Digital Federal Credit Union1.00%
20 First Federal Credit Union1.00%
20 Dawson Co-op Credit Union1.00%
20 Vision One Credit Union1.00%
20 Employees Credit Union1.00%
20 Heartland Community Credit Union1.00%
20 Utilities Employees Credit Union1.00%
20 State Employees' Credit Union1.00%
20 Coastal Community And Teachers Credit Union1.00%
20 Amplify Credit Union1.00%
21 New England Teamsters Federal Credit Union0.95%
22 Inspire Federal Credit Union0.94%
23 University Of Iowa Community Credit Union0.91%
23 I. H. Mississippi Valley Credit Union0.91%
24 Government Printing Office Federal Credit Union0.90%
24 Tri State Area Federal Credit Union0.90%
24 Telcoe Federal Credit Union0.90%
24 Chevron Federal Credit Union0.90%
24 Kemba Financial Credit Union0.90%
24 Royal Credit Union0.90%
24 Dominion Credit Union Credit Union0.90%
24 Willis Credit Union Credit Union0.90%
24 Deere Employees Credit Union0.90%
25 Altura Credit Union0.88%
26 Va Desert Pacific Federal Credit Union0.86%
27 Ohio University Credit Union0.85%
28 Bragg Mutual Federal Credit Union0.83%
28 Cacl Federal Credit Union0.83%
28 Louchem Federal Credit Union0.83%
28 Ent Credit Union0.83%
29 Pcm Credit Union0.82%
30 F & A Federal Credit Union0.80%
30 Signature Federal Credit Union0.80%
30 Combined Employees Credit Union0.80%
30 Tba Credit Union0.80%
30 Capitol View Credit Union0.80%
30 Boston Firefighters Credit Union0.80%
31 Cooperative Teachers Credit Union0.79%
32 Jeep Country Federal Credit Union0.75%
32 Greater Hartford Police Federal Credit Union0.75%
32 Selfreliance Ukrainian American Federal Credit Union0.75%
32 Sunflower U P Federal Credit Union0.75%
32 Mac Federal Credit Union0.75%
32 St. Michaels Fall River Federal Credit Union0.75%
32 Indianapolis' Newspaper Federal Credit Union0.75%
32 F.c.s. Federal Credit Union0.75%
32 Olean Area Federal Credit Union0.75%
32 North Carolina Press Association Federal Credit Union0.75%
32 Great Lakes Federal Credit Union0.75%
32 Fort Dodge Family Credit Union0.75%
32 Freedom Northwest Credit Union0.75%
32 Connexus Credit Union0.75%
32 Latino Community Credit Union0.75%
33 Dixies Federal Credit Union0.74%
33 Nbc (n.y.) Employees Federal Credit Union0.74%
33 Valley Communities Credit Union0.74%
33 Patelco Credit Union0.74%
34 Fort Lee Federal Credit Union0.73%
34 Class Act Federal Credit Union0.73%
34 Priority Credit Union0.73%
35 Luso Federal Credit Union0.72%
36 Hanscom Federal Credit Union0.70%
36 Bluegrass Community Federal Credit Union0.70%
36 Oswego Teachers Employees Federal Credit Union0.70%
36 Communitywide Federal Credit Union0.70%
36 Southeast Texas Employees Federal Credit Union0.70%
36 Mtc Federal Credit Union0.70%
36 Eastern Utah Community Federal Credit Union0.70%
36 Firefighters First Federal Credit Union0.70%
36 1st Gateway Credit Union0.70%
36 Community Choice Credit Union0.70%
36 Virginia Credit Union, Inc., Credit Union0.70%
36 Credit Union Of Richmond Incorporat Credit Union0.70%
36 Workmen's Circle Incorporated Credit Union0.70%
36 Centra Credit Union0.70%
36 Post Office Cu Of Md, Inc. Credit Union0.70%
37 Logix Federal Credit Union0.69%
37 Department Of Commerce Federal Credit Union0.69%
38 Mcgraw Hill Federal Credit Union0.68%
38 Sea Comm Federal Credit Union0.68%
39 South Central Credit Union0.67%
39 Affinity Credit Union0.67%
39 Covantage Credit Union0.67%
40 Baptist Health Federal Credit Union0.66%
40 Adventure Credit Union0.66%
41 Peninsula Federal Credit Union0.65%
41 Ascend Federal Credit Union0.65%
41 Thinkwise Federal Credit Union0.65%
41 Singing River Federal Credit Union0.65%
41 Midwest Carpenters & Millwrights Federal Credit Union0.65%
41 Community United Federal Credit Union0.65%
41 Lincoln Maine Federal Credit Union0.65%
41 Lion's Share Federal Credit Union0.65%
41 Chicago Municipal Employees Credit Union0.65%
41 Educators Credit Union0.65%
41 Campus Usa Credit Union0.65%
42 Coosa Pines Federal Credit Union0.64%
43 Western Sun Federal Credit Union0.63%
43 Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union0.63%
43 Pelican State Credit Union0.63%
44 Electric Service Credit Union0.62%
44 Member One Federal Credit Union0.62%
45 Red River Employees Federal Credit Union0.61%
45 Jeanne D'arc Credit Union0.61%
46 Farmers Insurance Group Federal Credit Union0.60%
46 U S #1364 Federal Credit Union0.60%
46 Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union0.60%
46 Red Crown Federal Credit Union0.60%
46 Chessie Federal Credit Union0.60%
46 Fort Knox Federal Credit Union0.60%
46 Kauai Community Federal Credit Union0.60%
46 Mccone County Federal Credit Union0.60%
46 First Peoples Community Federal Credit Union0.60%
46 Police Federal Credit Union0.60%
46 Partners Federal Credit Union0.60%
46 Union Building Trades Federal Credit Union0.60%
46 Publix Employees Federal Credit Union0.60%
46 Taupa Lithuanian Federal Credit Union0.60%
46 Local Government Federal Credit Union0.60%
46 Members Cooperative Credit Union0.60%
46 Landmark Credit Union0.60%
46 Riverfall Credit Union0.60%
46 Homeland Credit Union0.60%
46 Commonwealth Credit Union0.60%
46 Michigan One Community Credit Union0.60%
46 Latvian Cleveland Credit Union0.60%
46 Riverdale Credit Union0.60%
46 Credit Union Of Vermont Credit Union0.60%
46 Pathways Financial Credit Union0.60%
46 Winnebago Community Credit Union0.60%
46 Fulda Area Credit Union0.60%
46 Unitedone Credit Union0.60%
46 Spokane Law Enforcement Credit Union0.60%
46 Travis Credit Union0.60%
46 First Financial Credit Union0.60%
46 Navy Army Community Credit Union0.60%
46 Southeastern Credit Union0.60%
47 Signal Financial Federal Credit Union0.59%
47 Financial Resources Federal Credit Union0.59%
47 Money One Federal Credit Union0.59%
47 Country Federal Credit Union0.59%
47 Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union0.59%
48 Members Choice Credit Union0.58%
48 Advantage Credit Union0.58%
48 Heritage South Community Cu Credit Union0.58%
49 Clarksburg Area Postal Employees Federal Credit Union0.57%
49 Cloverbelt Credit Union0.57%
50 Honda Federal Credit Union0.56%
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Please Note: The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) requires all Credit Unions Insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF)to file quarterly (5300) data reports. The information above comes from those reports. The deposit and loan rates shown are not the current rates for the Credit Unions shown. Some of these rates change on a daily basis and you must visit each Credit Unions website to get their current rates. The sole purpose of showing this data is to show the relative relationship of each Credit Unions rates versus the average rates of all Credit Unions at both the state and national levels at a specific point in time, quarter end. The data below is from quarter end 6/30/2017.