Lowest Used Car Loan Rates For All Ohio Credit Unions

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Compare The Best Credit Union Used Car Rates:

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Credit Unions With The Lowest used car Loan Rates In ohio
Used Car
1 Equitable Federal Credit Union1.75%
2 Wes Credit Union1.99%
3 Sun Federal Credit Union2.24%
3 Firstenergy Family Credit Union2.24%
4 Whitehall Credit Union2.43%
5 Summit Federal Credit Union2.49%
5 Community First Credit Union2.49%
5 Youngstown City Schools Credit Union2.49%
6 Deca Credit Union2.50%
7 Smart Federal Credit Union2.65%
8 State Highway Patrol Federal Credit Union2.68%
9 Wright-patt Credit Union2.69%
9 Community United Credit Union2.69%

10 Medina County Federal Credit Union2.74%
10 Members Trust Federal Credit Union2.74%
10 C E S Credit Union2.74%
10 Ohio Educational Credit Union2.74%
10 Emerald Credit Union, Inc. Credit Union2.74%
11 Woodco Federal Credit Union2.75%
12 St. Josephs Canton Parish Federal Credit Union2.90%
12 Cando Credit Union2.90%
13 Bfg Federal Credit Union2.91%
14 First Ohio Community Federal Credit Union2.92%
15 Bay Area Credit Union2.95%
16 Bmi Federal Credit Union2.99%
16 Parish Federal Credit Union2.99%
16 Stark Federal Credit Union2.99%
16 American Chemical Society Federal Credit Union2.99%
16 Lake Community Federal Credit Union2.99%
16 Materion Federal Credit Union2.99%
16 Children's Medical Center Federal Credit Union2.99%
16 Harvest Federal Credit Union2.99%
16 Ohio University Credit Union2.99%
16 Atomic Credit Union2.99%
16 Cincinnati Employees Credit Union2.99%
16 Kyger Creek Credit Union2.99%
17 East Ohio Gas Clev Oper Emp Federal Credit Union3.00%
17 Christo Rey Federal Credit Union3.00%
17 Dynamic Federal Credit Union3.00%
18 Your Legacy Federal Credit Union3.05%
19 Lakeshore Community Credit Union3.10%
20 St. Paschal Baylons Federal Credit Union3.14%
21 Glass City Federal Credit Union3.24%
21 St. Helen Federal Credit Union3.24%
21 Directions Credit Union3.24%
21 Pathways Financial Credit Union3.24%
22 Springfield Postal Employees Federal Credit Union3.25%
22 Greater Cincinnati School Credit Union3.25%
23 Firelands Federal Credit Union3.39%
23 Code Credit Union3.39%
24 Cincinnati Ohio Police Federal Credit Union3.40%
24 Century Federal Credit Union3.40%
24 Valley One Community Federal Credit Union3.40%
25 East Ohio Gas Yn Div Emp Federal Credit Union3.44%
26 Cincinnati Interagency Federal Credit Union3.49%
26 Lakeview Federal Credit Union3.49%
26 S T O F F E Federal Credit Union3.49%
26 Teamsters Local 92 Federal Credit Union3.49%
26 E.s.c.u. Federal Credit Union3.49%
26 Bridge Credit Union3.49%
26 Latvian Cleveland Credit Union3.49%
26 The Catholic Credit Union3.49%
26 Impact Credit Union, Inc. Credit Union3.49%
26 United Methodist Financial Credit U Credit Union3.49%
27 Saints Margaret & Gregory Federal Credit Union3.50%
28 Cinco Family Financial Center Credit Union3.51%
29 Freedom First Credit Union3.59%
29 Kemba Credit Union3.59%
29 Midusa Credit Union3.59%
30 Ohio Catholic Federal Credit Union3.60%
31 University Of Toledo Federal Credit Union3.69%
31 Education First Credit Union, Inc. Credit Union3.69%
32 Truecore Federal Credit Union3.74%
32 Midwest Community Federal Credit Union3.74%
32 Whitewater Community Credit Union3.74%
33 St. Columbkille Federal Credit Union3.75%
33 Solon/chagrin Falls Federal Credit Union3.75%
33 Riverview Credit Union3.75%
33 Associated School Employees Credit Union3.75%
34 L. E. O. Credit Union3.77%
35 Toledo Fire Fighters Federal Credit Union3.83%
35 Mercy Health Partners Federal Credit Union3.83%
36 Sylvania Area Federal Credit Union3.86%
37 Champion Credit Union3.87%
38 Incenta Federal Credit Union3.89%
38 Day Air Credit Union3.89%
38 River Valley Credit Union3.89%
38 General Electric Credit Union3.89%
39 All Saints Federal Credit Union3.95%
39 Struthers Federal Credit Union3.95%
39 Atrium Credit Union3.95%
39 Goodyear Employees Credit Union3.95%
40 Hopewell Federal Credit Union3.96%
41 Eight Federal Credit Union3.97%
42 Emery Federal Credit Union3.99%
42 Northwestern Federal Credit Union3.99%
42 Odjfs Federal Credit Union3.99%
42 L C E Federal Credit Union3.99%
42 Kennametal Orwell Employees Federal Credit Union3.99%
42 Desco Federal Credit Union3.99%
42 Plumbers 55 Federal Credit Union3.99%
42 Sherchem Federal Credit Union3.99%
42 Ohio Valley Community Credit Union3.99%
42 Golden Circle Credit Union3.99%
42 Marion Community Credit Union3.99%
42 Akron Municipal Employee's Credit Union3.99%
42 Credit Union Of Ohio Credit Union3.99%
42 Superior Credit Union, Inc Credit Union3.99%
43 Standard Register Federal Credit Union4.00%
43 Local 50 Plumbers & Steamftrs Federal Credit Union4.00%
43 Kraton Belpre Federal Credit Union4.00%
43 Civil Service Employees Association Credit Union4.00%
44 School Employees Lorain County Credit Union4.04%
45 Lormet Community Federal Credit Union4.14%
46 Community Star Credit Union4.15%
47 Integrity Federal Credit Union4.22%
48 Seven Seventeen Credit Union4.24%
49 Cme Federal Credit Union4.25%
50 Abbey Credit Union4.30%
51 Postal Family Credit Union, Inc. Credit Union4.33%
52 Superior Savings Credit Union4.34%
53 Ashland Community Federal Credit Union4.41%
54 Sharefax Credit Union4.43%
55 First Service Federal Credit Union4.49%
55 Kemba Financial Credit Union4.49%
56 Dover-phila Federal Credit Union4.50%
56 Fasson Employees Federal Credit Union4.50%
56 Formica-evendale Federal Credit Union4.50%
56 Girard Credit Union4.50%
56 Scott Associates Credit Union4.50%
56 Friends And Family Credit Union Inc Credit Union4.50%
57 Heartland Federal Credit Union4.55%
58 Canton School Employees Federal Credit Union4.58%
59 Allwealth Federal Credit Union4.60%
59 Topmark Federal Credit Union4.60%
59 Telhio Credit Union4.60%
60 Educational Community Alliance Credit Union4.63%
61 R.s.c. Yo/cl Offices Federal Credit Union4.70%
61 Promedica Federal Credit Union4.70%
62 Kh Network Credit Union Credit Union4.72%
63 Hancock Federal Credit Union4.74%
64 Monarch Federal Credit Union4.75%
64 Buckeye State Credit Union4.75%
64 Members Choice Credit Union4.75%
65 Advantage Credit Union4.78%
66 Best Reward Credit Union4.85%
67 Local #673 Credit Union4.86%
68 Ih Credit Union, Inc. Credit Union4.90%
69 Holy Family Parma Federal Credit Union4.94%
69 Ap Federal Credit Union4.94%
70 Erie Community Federal Credit Union4.96%
70 Firefighters Community Cu Credit Union4.96%
71 Pse Credit Union, Inc. Credit Union4.97%
72 Wiremen's Credit Union4.99%
73 Toledo Postal Employees Credit Union5.00%
73 Southeastern Ohio Credit Union5.00%
74 Acme Federal Credit Union5.01%
75 Morton Salt Credit Union5.03%
75 Maumee Valley Credit Union5.03%
76 Unity Catholic Federal Credit Union5.08%
77 S And J School Employees Federal Credit Union5.11%
78 Cincinnati Central Credit Union5.16%
79 Firestone Federal Credit Union5.20%
80 Doy Federal Credit Union5.22%
81 Ohio Healthcare Federal Credit Union5.23%
82 Dayton Firefighters Federal Credit Union5.25%
82 Fremont Federal Credit Union5.25%
82 Beacon Mutual Federal Credit Union5.25%
82 Champion Federal Credit Union5.25%
83 Painesville Credit Union Credit Union5.27%
84 Universal 1 Credit Union5.29%
84 Htm Area Credit Union5.29%
85 Chivaho Federal Credit Union5.37%
86 Nickel Steel Federal Credit Union5.39%
87 Genesis Employees Credit Union5.44%
88 540 I.b.e.w. Credit Union5.45%
89 Union Of Poles In America Credit Union5.50%
90 Ys Federal Credit Union5.51%
91 Middletown Area Schools Credit Union5.54%
92 Ohio's First Class Credit Union5.57%
93 Greater Wayne Community Federal Credit Union5.66%
94 St. James Parish Credit Union5.69%
95 Diebold Federal Credit Union5.70%
96 Miami University Community Federal Credit Union5.72%
97 Ohio Valley Federal Credit Union5.75%
97 Geauga Credit Union5.75%
98 Lake County Educational Federal Credit Union5.81%
99 Sorg Bay West Federal Credit Union5.90%
100 Falls Catholic Credit Union5.92%
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Please Note: The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) requires all Credit Unions Insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF)to file quarterly (5300) data reports. The information above comes from those reports. The deposit and loan rates shown are not the current rates for the Credit Unions shown. Some of these rates change on a daily basis and you must visit each Credit Unions website to get their current rates. The sole purpose of showing this data is to show the relative relationship of each Credit Unions rates versus the average rates of all Credit Unions at both the state and national levels at a specific point in time, quarter end. The data below is from quarter end 6/30/2017.