Deposit Regular Savings Rates For All Alabama Credit Unions

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Compare The Best Credit Union Regular Savings Rates:

State         Type       
State Of
Credit Unions With The Highest regular savings Deposit Rates In alabama
Regular Savings
1 Chemco Credit Union10.00%
2 Electrical Workers No 558 Federal Credit Union5.00%
3 Fireman's Credit Union2.50%
4 Sycamore Federal Credit Union1.25%
4 Mead Coated Board Federal Credit Union1.25%
4 Chem Family Credit Union1.25%
4 Alabama Law Enforcement Credit Unio Credit Union1.25%
4 Alabama Postal Credit Union1.25%
5 Apco Employees Credit Union1.00%
6 Clarke Community Federal Credit Union0.75%
6 Mobile Government Emp. Credit Union0.75%
6 1st Resource Credit Union0.75%
7 Railroad Federal Credit Union0.70%

8 Northeast Alabama Postal Federal Credit Union0.51%
9 Tvh Federal Credit Union0.50%
9 Tuscumbia Federal Credit Union0.50%
9 Mcintosh Chemical Federal Credit Union0.50%
9 Mobile Postal Credit Union0.50%
9 Federal Employees Credit Union0.50%
9 Naheola Credit Union0.50%
9 Riverdale Credit Union0.50%
10 Listerhill Credit Union0.45%
11 Legacy Community Federal Credit Union0.40%
11 S R I Employees Federal Credit Union0.40%
11 Auburn University Federal Credit Union0.40%
11 Andalusia Mills Employees Credit As Federal Credit Union0.40%
11 Fort Mcclellan Credit Union0.40%
11 City Credit Union0.40%
11 City Of B'ham General Employees Credit Union0.40%
11 Blue Flame Credit Union0.40%
12 America's First Federal Credit Union0.36%
13 Redstone Federal Credit Union0.35%
14 Rocket City Federal Credit Union0.30%
14 Champion Community Credit Union0.30%
14 Tva Community Credit Union Credit Union0.30%
15 Aod Federal Credit Union0.25%
15 Ebsco Federal Credit Union0.25%
15 Councill Federal Credit Union0.25%
15 Brewton Mill Federal Credit Union0.25%
15 Florence Federal Credit Union0.25%
15 Phenix Pride Federal Credit Union0.25%
15 Fedmont Federal Credit Union0.25%
15 Nucor Employees Federal Credit Union0.25%
15 Acipco Federal Credit Union0.25%
15 Demopolis Federal Credit Union0.25%
15 The Infirmary Federal Credit Union0.25%
15 Fogce Federal Credit Union0.25%
15 Tuscaloosa Credit Union0.25%
15 Brassies Credit Union0.25%
15 Family Security Credit Union0.25%
15 Alabama Credit Union0.25%
15 Valley Credit Union0.25%
15 Riverfall Credit Union0.25%
15 Social Security Credit Union0.25%
15 Railway Employees Credit Union0.25%
15 Lauderdale County Teachers Credit Union0.25%
15 Opp-micolas Credit Union0.25%
15 Health Credit Union0.25%
15 Dixie Craft Employees Credit Union0.25%
15 Pike Teachers Credit Union0.25%
15 Tuscaloosa County Credit Union0.25%
15 O'neal Credit Union0.25%
15 Alabama State Employees Credit Union0.25%
15 Eco Credit Union0.25%
15 Alabama Teachers Credit Union0.25%
15 Max Credit Union0.25%
15 Alabama One Credit Union0.25%
15 Winsouth Credit Union0.25%
16 Avadian Credit Union0.21%
17 Coosa Pines Federal Credit Union0.20%
17 Covington Schools Federal Credit Union0.20%
17 Guardian Credit Union0.20%
17 Heritage South Credit Union0.20%
17 Family Savings Credit Union0.20%
18 Tuscaloosa V A Federal Credit Union0.15%
18 Progressive Federal Credit Union0.15%
18 Marvel City Federal Credit Union0.15%
18 University Of South Alabama Federal Credit Union0.15%
18 Iam Community Federal Credit Union0.15%
18 North Alabama Educators Credit Union0.15%
18 Alabama Central Credit Union0.15%
18 Dch Credit Union0.15%
19 Montgomery Va Federal Credit Union0.14%
20 Azalea City Credit Union0.13%
21 Monroe Education Employees Federal Credit Union0.12%
22 U S Pipe Bessemer Employees Federal Credit Union0.10%
22 Gulf Coast Federal Credit Union0.10%
22 East Alabama Community Federal Credit Union0.10%
22 Wiregrass Federal Credit Union0.10%
22 Baldwin County Federal Credit Union0.10%
22 Tri-rivers Federal Credit Union0.10%
22 Sixth Avenue Baptist Federal Credit Union0.10%
22 Four Seasons Federal Credit Union0.10%
22 New Pilgrim Federal Credit Union0.10%
22 Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union0.10%
22 Chattahoochee Federal Credit Union0.10%
22 Nrs Community Development Federal Credit Union0.10%
22 Mutual Savings Credit Union0.10%
22 New Horizons Credit Union0.10%
22 Alatrust Credit Union0.10%
22 Mobile Educators Credit Union0.10%
22 Craig Credit Union0.10%
22 Alabama River Credit Union0.10%
22 Five Star Credit Union0.10%
22 Alabama Rural Electric Credit Union0.10%
22 Landmark Credit Union0.10%
23 North Alabama Papermakers Federal Credit Union0.08%
23 Wcu Credit Union Credit Union0.08%
23 Jefferson Credit Union Credit Union0.08%
24 People's First Federal Credit Union0.05%
24 Ang Federal Credit Union0.05%
24 L&n Employees Credit Union0.05%
25 Tuskegee Federal Credit Union0.03%
25 Evonik Employees Federal Credit Union0.03%
26 Postal Employees Credit UnionN/A

Please Note: The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) requires all Credit Unions Insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF)to file quarterly (5300) data reports. The information above comes from those reports. The deposit and loan rates shown are not the current rates for the Credit Unions shown. Some of these rates change on a daily basis and you must visit each Credit Unions website to get their current rates. The sole purpose of showing this data is to show the relative relationship of each Credit Unions rates versus the average rates of all Credit Unions at both the state and national levels at a specific point in time, quarter end. The data below is from quarter end 6/30/2017.