Lowest New Car Loan Rates For All Illinois Credit Unions

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Compare The Best Credit Union New Car Rates:

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Credit Unions With The Lowest new car Loan Rates In illinois
New Car
1 Ethicon Suture Credit Union1.50%
2 Andigo Credit Union1.74%
2 Baxter Credit Union1.74%
3 Molex Employees Federal Credit Union1.75%
3 Acme Continental Credit Union1.75%
4 Prairieland Federal Credit Union1.80%
4 Kone Employees Credit Union1.80%
5 Pontiac Dwight Prison Employs Credit Union1.83%
6 Bloomington Postal Employees Credit Union1.89%
7 Chicago Faucet Federal Credit Union1.90%
7 Kankakee Terminal Belt Credit Union1.90%
7 2 Rivers Area Credit Union1.90%
8 Peoria Fire Fighters Credit Union1.95%

8 Electrogas Credit Union1.95%
9 State Farm Federal Credit Union1.99%
9 Encore Federal Credit Union1.99%
9 Normal City Employees Federal Credit Union1.99%
9 District 123 Federal Credit Union1.99%
9 I W U Federal Credit Union1.99%
9 Iec Federal Credit Union1.99%
9 Elca Federal Credit Union1.99%
9 Moline Municipal Credit Union1.99%
9 Financial Plus Credit Union1.99%
9 First Choice Credit Union1.99%
9 Oak Lawn Municipal Employees Credit Union1.99%
9 Linxus Credit Union1.99%
9 Service Plus Credit Union1.99%
9 Decatur Stanolind Credit Union1.99%
9 Mea Credit Union1.99%
9 Dupage Credit Union1.99%
10 Maternity B.v.m. Credit Union2.00%
10 Northwest Community Credit Union2.00%
10 Reavis - Stickney Credit Union2.00%
10 Federal Life Employees Credit Union2.00%
10 Peoria Bell Credit Union2.00%
11 Rockford Bell Credit Union2.09%
11 Deere Employees Credit Union2.09%
12 Northwest Municipal Federal Credit Union2.12%
13 Vibrant Credit Union2.15%
13 United Equity Credit Union Credit Union2.15%
14 Tazewell County School Employees Credit Union2.20%
15 Members "first" Community Credit Union2.24%
15 Members Choice Credit Union2.24%
15 Alliant Credit Union2.24%
15 Kane County Teachers Credit Union2.24%
15 Abri Credit Union2.24%
16 St. Anthony Hospital Employee Federal Credit Union2.25%
16 First Illinois Credit Union2.25%
16 A.s.h. Employees Credit Union2.25%
16 Gas And Electric Credit Union2.25%
16 Chicago Municipal Employees Credit Union2.25%
16 Decatur Earthmover Credit Union2.25%
16 Abbott Laboratories Credit Union2.25%
17 Bloomington Municipal Credit Union2.29%
18 Western Springs Federal Credit Union2.30%
18 Resurrection Lutheran Federal Credit Union2.30%
18 Peoria City Employees Credit Union2.30%
19 Healthcare Associates Credit Union2.34%
20 Decatur Policemen Credit Union2.35%
21 Northern Illinois Federal Credit Union2.40%
22 Western Illinois Credit Union2.45%
23 Access Credit Union2.45%
24 Illinois State Police Federal Credit Union2.49%
24 Kankakee Federation Of Teachers Credit Union2.49%
24 Siu Credit Union2.49%
24 Kemba Peoria Credit Union2.49%
24 Peoria Postal Employees Credit Union2.49%
24 Ottawa Hiway Credit Union2.49%
24 Irse Credit Union2.49%
24 Scott Credit Union2.49%
24 Silgan White Cap Credit Union2.49%
24 Citizens Equity First Credit Union2.49%
25 Chicago Patrolmen's Federal Credit Union2.50%
25 Aldersgate Federal Credit Union2.50%
25 Allsteel Credit Union2.50%
25 New Horizon Credit Union2.50%
25 Elite Community Credit Union2.50%
25 Dupage County Employees Credit Union2.50%
25 Area Educational Credit Union2.50%
25 Quincy Municipal Credit Union2.50%
25 Decatur Postal Credit Union2.50%
25 Mwrd Employees Credit Union2.50%
26 Catholic & Community Credit Union2.54%
27 Community Trust Credit Union2.62%
28 Partnership Financial Credit Union2.62%
29 Parish Members Credit Union2.65%
30 B.e.a. Credit Union2.68%
31 Mercer Credit Union2.69%
32 Iaa Credit Union2.70%
33 Champaign Postal Credit Union2.71%
34 Select Employees Credit Union2.74%
34 Central Credit Union Of Illinois Credit Union2.74%
34 1st Midamerica Credit Union2.74%
35 Carle Employees Federal Credit Union2.75%
35 Chicago Firefighter's Credit Union2.75%
35 Soreng Employees Credit Union2.75%
35 Western Illinois School Employees Credit Union2.75%
36 Metro Federal Credit Union2.79%
37 Leyden Credit Union2.80%
38 Heartland Credit Union2.84%
39 Effingham Highway Credit Union2.85%
40 Midwest Members Credit Union2.89%
41 77th Street Depot Federal Credit Union2.90%
41 Hershey Robinson Employees Credit Union2.90%
41 Adm Credit Union2.90%
41 Rockford Municipal Employes Credit Union2.90%
41 Smartchoice Credit Union2.90%
42 Selfreliance Ukrainian American Federal Credit Union2.95%
42 School District 218 Employees Federal Credit Union2.95%
42 Quincy Postal Employees Credit Union2.95%
42 Operating Engineers Local #148 Credit Union2.95%
43 Altonized Community Federal Credit Union2.99%
43 Anco Community Credit Union2.99%
43 Generations Credit Union2.99%
43 Glenview Credit Union2.99%
43 Electric Energy Inc Employees Credit Union2.99%
43 Carbondale Highway Credit Union2.99%
43 Peru Municipal Credit Union2.99%
43 Galesburg Burlington Credit Union2.99%
43 Corporate America Family Credit Union2.99%
43 First Financial Credit Union2.99%
43 Consumers Cooperative Credit Union2.99%
43 Credit Union 1 Credit Union2.99%
44 Ambraw Federal Credit Union3.00%
44 Tazewell County Government Emp Credit Union3.00%
44 Meadows Credit Union3.00%
44 Riverside Community Credit Union3.00%
45 Blackhawk Area Credit Union3.05%
46 Dekalb County Credit Union3.07%
46 Illinois Educators Credit Union3.07%
47 Evergreen Park Schools Federal Credit Union3.08%
48 Quad Cities Postal Credit Union3.09%
49 Champaign County School Employees Credit Union3.10%
50 Staley Credit Union3.12%
51 Education Personnel Federal Credit Union3.13%
52 River To River Credit Union3.15%
52 Aurora Firefighters' Credit Union3.15%
53 Dial Credit Union3.20%
54 Taylorville Community Credit Union3.24%
55 Rock Valley Federal Credit Union3.25%
55 Springfield City Employees Credit Union3.25%
55 Funeral Service Credit Union3.25%
56 I. H. Mississippi Valley Credit Union3.26%
57 Earthmover Credit Union3.30%
58 Canals & Trails Credit Union3.31%
59 Williamson County Catholic Credit Union3.36%
60 Commonwealth Credit Union3.40%
61 Illinois Community Credit Union3.41%
62 New Century Federal Credit Union3.45%
63 Chicago Area Office Federal Credit Union3.49%
63 R.i.a. Federal Credit Union3.49%
63 Community Plus Federal Credit Union3.49%
63 Archer Heights Credit Union3.49%
63 Illinois State Credit Union3.49%
63 First Northern Credit Union3.49%
64 Swedish American Federal Credit Union3.50%
64 Tee-pak Credit Union3.50%
64 Landmark Credit Union3.50%
64 Paris Hi-way Credit Union3.50%
64 Gcs Credit Union3.50%
64 Membersalliance Credit Union3.50%
65 St. Gregory Parish Credit Union3.55%
65 Streator Community Credit Union3.55%
65 I.b.e.w. Local #146 Credit Union3.55%
66 University Of Illinois Community Credit Union3.58%
67 United Community Credit Union3.61%
68 Peoria Hiway Credit Union3.63%
69 A.a.e.c. Credit Union3.64%
70 Great Lakes Credit Union3.64%
71 South Division Credit Union3.67%
72 Kaskaskia Valley Credit Union3.70%
73 Advantage One Credit Union3.74%
74 Fox Valley Credit Union3.80%
74 Land Of Lincoln Credit Union3.80%
75 Cbi Federal Credit Union3.90%
75 Motor Coach Emp. Credit Union3.90%
76 Synergy Partners Credit Union3.93%
77 Joliet Firefighters Credit Union3.94%
78 Financial Partners Credit Union3.99%
78 U. S. Employees Credit Union3.99%
78 Midwest Operating Engineers Credit Union3.99%
78 Northstar Credit Union3.99%
79 Alton Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union4.00%
79 Joliet Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union4.00%
79 Urbana Municipal Employes Credit Union4.00%
79 Peoples Energy Credit Union4.00%
79 Aurora Policemen Credit Union4.00%
80 Maroon Financial Credit Union4.17%
81 Haulpak Federal Credit Union4.19%
82 First Security Credit Union4.23%
82 Siue Credit Union4.23%
83 Fieldstone Credit Union4.24%
84 United Credit Union4.25%
84 Romeoville Community Credit Union4.25%
85 Gale Credit Union4.29%
86 Milledgeville Community Credit Union4.30%
87 Fairmont Village Credit Union4.32%
88 Central Illinois Credit Union4.39%
89 Redbrand Credit Union4.40%
90 South Shop Federal Credit Union4.50%
90 Loyola University Employees Federal Credit Union4.50%
90 N.i.c.e. Federal Credit Union4.50%
90 Aurora Postal Employees Credit Union4.50%
90 Streator Onized Credit Union4.50%
91 Mid-illini Credit Union4.55%
92 Illiana Financial Credit Union4.75%
93 Processors-industrial Community Credit Union4.80%
94 C & Nw Proviso Credit Union4.90%
94 Planites Credit Union4.90%
94 Madco Credit Union4.90%
95 Chicago Firemans Assoc Credit Union4.95%
95 Blaw-knox Credit Union4.95%
96 Northside L Federal Credit Union5.00%
96 Trinity U.c.c. Federal Credit Union5.00%
96 Decatur Medical Dental Credit Union5.00%
96 Taylorville School Employees Credit Union5.00%
97 Numark Credit Union5.30%
98 State Employees Community Credit Union5.40%
99 Route 1 Credit Union5.46%
100 Kankakee County Federal Emp Federal Credit Union5.50%
100 Homewood Federal Credit Union5.50%
100 Salem School System Credit Union5.50%
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Please Note: The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) requires all Credit Unions Insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF)to file quarterly (5300) data reports. The information above comes from those reports. The deposit and loan rates shown are not the current rates for the Credit Unions shown. Some of these rates change on a daily basis and you must visit each Credit Unions website to get their current rates. The sole purpose of showing this data is to show the relative relationship of each Credit Unions rates versus the average rates of all Credit Unions at both the state and national levels at a specific point in time, quarter end. The data below is from quarter end 6/30/2017.