Lowest Unsecured Credit Card Loan Rates For All USA Credit Unions

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Compare The Best Credit Union Unsecured Credit Card Rates:

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Credit Unions With The Lowest unsecured credit card Loan Rates In The USA
Unsecured Credit Card
1 Southcoast Federal Credit Union1.00%
2 People's Community Federal Credit Union1.90%
3 Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union1.99%
3 Zia Credit Union1.99%
3 Cleveland Police Credit Union1.99%
3 Central Willamette Community Credit Union1.99%
3 County Credit Union1.99%
3 Navy Army Community Credit Union1.99%
4 Greater Iowa Credit Union2.09%
5 York County Federal Credit Union2.49%
6 California Coast Credit Union2.88%
7 Keys Federal Credit Union2.90%
8 Cse Federal Credit Union2.99%

8 Pima Federal Credit Union2.99%
8 St. Mary's Bank Credit Union2.99%
8 Credit Union Of New Jersey Credit Union2.99%
9 Emergency Responders Credit Union3.00%
10 Omaha Public Power Dist Emp Federal Credit Union3.90%
11 Northeastern Operating Engineers Federal Credit Union3.99%
11 Esl Federal Credit Union3.99%
11 Onpoint Community Credit Union3.99%
11 Natco Credit Union3.99%
11 Kemba Indianapolis Credit Union3.99%
12 Security First Federal Credit Union4.54%
13 Brazosport Teachers Federal Credit Union4.75%
14 First General Credit Union4.90%
14 First Credit Union4.90%
15 Altamaha Federal Credit Union4.99%
15 First Service Federal Credit Union4.99%
15 New Horizon Credit Union4.99%
15 Kings Peak Credit Union4.99%
16 Bayou Community Federal Credit Union5.00%
16 S C I Federal Credit Union5.00%
17 Dakota Plains Credit Union5.25%
17 Tech Credit Union5.25%
18 Space Age Federal Credit Union5.30%
19 Solano First Federal Credit Union5.49%
20 Arkansas Federal Credit Union5.50%
20 Bridgewater Credit Union5.50%
21 Park Community Credit Union, Inc. Credit Union5.64%
22 Sandia Area Federal Credit Union5.78%
22 County - City Credit Union5.78%
23 Baptist Health South Florida Federal Credit Union5.88%
24 Weber State Federal Credit Union5.96%
25 Sweet Home Federal Credit Union5.99%
25 Best Financial Credit Union5.99%
26 Bragg Mutual Federal Credit Union6.00%
26 Med5 Federal Credit Union6.00%
26 Pelican State Credit Union6.00%
26 Service 1st Credit Union6.00%
27 Energy One Federal Credit Union6.18%
28 Breco Federal Credit Union6.25%
28 Cedar Falls Community Credit Union6.25%
29 Beaumont Community Credit Union6.33%
30 Indiana Lakes Federal Credit Union6.40%
31 East Idaho Credit Union6.50%
32 Community Trust Credit Union6.54%
33 Escondido Federal Credit Union6.55%
34 Inspirus Credit Union6.59%
35 Premier Federal Credit Union6.65%
36 Mid Oregon Federal Credit Union6.70%
37 School District 3 Federal Credit Union6.75%
37 Franklin Regional Schools Federal Credit Union6.75%
37 Kansas Blue Cross-blue Shield Credit Union6.75%
37 Ohio University Credit Union6.75%
37 Lake Michigan Credit Union6.75%
38 Smart Federal Credit Union6.80%
39 Peninsula Federal Credit Union6.81%
40 Moog Employees Federal Credit Union6.83%
41 New Alliance Federal Credit Union6.85%
42 Kitsap Credit Union6.89%
43 Power One Federal Credit Union6.90%
43 U.s. Eagle Federal Credit Union6.90%
43 University Federal Credit Union6.90%
43 Gnc Community Federal Credit Union6.90%
43 Oxford Federal Credit Union6.90%
43 New Cumberland Federal Credit Union6.90%
43 Neighbors Federal Credit Union6.90%
43 Kinetic Federal Credit Union6.90%
43 Complex Community Federal Credit Union6.90%
43 Triangle Federal Credit Union6.90%
43 Children's Medical Center Federal Credit Union6.90%
43 North Franklin Federal Credit Union6.90%
43 Champion Credit Union6.90%
43 Dakota West Credit Union6.90%
43 Gateway Credit Union6.90%
43 American Lake Credit Union6.90%
44 Greenville Heritage Federal Credit Union6.95%
45 Danville City Employees Federal Credit Union6.99%
45 Highway Federal Credit Union6.99%
45 Telcoe Federal Credit Union6.99%
45 Up Arkansas Federal Credit Union6.99%
45 Post Office Employees Federal Credit Union6.99%
45 Great Lakes Credit Union6.99%
45 Dawson Co-op Credit Union6.99%
45 Members Choice Credit Union6.99%
45 Credit Union Of Vermont Credit Union6.99%
45 Envision Credit Union6.99%
45 Friends First Credit Union6.99%
46 Remington Federal Credit Union7.00%
46 Cedar Point Federal Credit Union7.00%
46 Blue Federal Credit Union7.00%
46 Media Members Federal Credit Union7.00%
46 Long Island Community Federal Credit Union7.00%
46 Vermilion School Employees Credit Union7.00%
46 Rio Grande Valley Credit Union Credit Union7.00%
46 Wright-patt Credit Union7.00%
46 Mountain Credit Union7.00%
46 Southpoint Financial Credit Union7.00%
47 Rogue River Community Credit Union7.01%
48 Idb-iic Federal Credit Union7.05%
49 Vermont Federal Credit Union7.09%
50 Scenic Falls Federal Credit Union7.12%
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Please Note: The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) requires all Credit Unions Insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF)to file quarterly (5300) data reports. The information above comes from those reports. The deposit and loan rates shown are not the current rates for the Credit Unions shown. Some of these rates change on a daily basis and you must visit each Credit Unions website to get their current rates. The sole purpose of showing this data is to show the relative relationship of each Credit Unions rates versus the average rates of all Credit Unions at both the state and national levels at a specific point in time, quarter end. The data below is from quarter end 6/30/2017.