Lowest New Car Loan Rates For All Tennessee Credit Unions

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Compare The Best Credit Union New Car Rates:

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Credit Unions With The Lowest new car Loan Rates In tennessee
New Car
1 Fedex Employees Credit Association Federal Credit Union1.49%
2 Southern Security Federal Credit Union1.75%
2 Lifeway Credit Union1.75%
3 Eastman Credit Union1.79%
4 Knoxville Teachers Federal Credit Union1.89%
5 Tenn-am Water Co. Federal Credit Union1.90%
5 Smith & Nephew Employees Credit Union1.90%
6 Etma Federal Credit Union1.94%
7 Chattanooga Area Schools Federal Credit Union1.95%
8 Parthenon Federal Credit Union1.99%
8 Fedtrust Federal Credit Union1.99%
8 Cleveland-bradley Cty Teacher Federal Credit Union1.99%
8 Alcoa Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union1.99%

8 Memphis City Employees Credit Union1.99%
8 Kimberly Clark Credit Union1.99%
8 Health Systems Credit Union1.99%
9 Knoxville Firefighters Federal Credit Union2.10%
10 Mountain Lakes Community Federal Credit Union2.19%
11 Delta Refining Co Emp Federal Credit Union2.20%
12 Sevier County Schools Federal Credit Union2.25%
13 First South Financial Credit Union2.27%
14 Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union2.29%
14 O.m.c. Employees' Credit Union2.29%
15 Holston Methodist Federal Credit Union2.30%
16 Cornerstone Financial Credit Union2.40%
17 City Employees Credit Union2.45%
18 Comtrust Federal Credit Union2.49%
18 United Southeast Federal Credit Union2.49%
18 Tennessee Members 1st Federal Credit Union2.49%
18 Outreach Community Federal Credit Union2.49%
18 Healthnet Federal Credit Union2.49%
18 Knox County Teachers Federal Credit Union2.49%
18 Orion Federal Credit Union2.49%
18 Scenic Community Credit Union2.49%
18 Old Hickory Credit Union2.49%
19 Southern Credit Union2.50%
19 Knox Co. Employees Credit Union2.50%
19 Tennessee Department Of Safety Credit Union2.50%
19 Kingsport Press Cu Credit Union2.50%
19 Pathway Credit Union2.50%
19 Greeneville City Employees' Credit Union2.50%
20 Northeast Community Credit Union2.59%
21 Cemc Employees Credit Union2.60%
22 Shelby County Federal Credit Union2.67%
23 U. T. Federal Credit Union2.69%
23 First Choice Community Credit Union2.69%
24 Kemba Delta Federal Credit Union2.71%
25 Trust Federal Credit Union2.75%
25 Epb Employees Credit Union2.75%
25 Chattanooga Federal Employees Credit Union2.75%
25 Gallatin Steam Plant Credit Union2.75%
26 The West Tennessee Credit Union2.78%
27 New South Credit Union Credit Union2.79%
28 Alcoa Tenn Federal Credit Union2.84%
29 M.p.d. Community Credit Union2.90%
29 Wcg Employees Credit Union2.90%
30 Us Community Credit Union2.99%
30 Healthcare Services Credit Union2.99%
31 The Tennessee Credit Union Credit Union3.00%
31 Greater Eastern Credit Union3.00%
31 Hurd Employees Credit Union3.00%
32 Mountain States Credit Union3.04%
33 Consumer Credit Union3.05%
34 Ornl Federal Credit Union3.09%
34 Enrichment Federal Credit Union3.09%
34 Gateway Credit Union3.09%
35 Ascend Federal Credit Union3.10%
35 Knoxville Tva Employees Credit Union3.10%
36 F A A Federal Credit Union3.12%
37 Tnconnect Credit Union3.15%
38 Appliance Credit Union3.24%
39 L G & W Federal Credit Union3.25%
40 Lowland Credit Union3.26%
41 Memorial Credit Union3.29%
42 Skyline Credit Union3.30%
43 Tennessee River Federal Credit Union3.42%
44 Bowater Employees Credit Union3.48%
45 Family Advantage Federal Credit Union3.49%
46 Enlighten Federal Credit Union3.50%
46 Lakeside Empls. Credit Union3.50%
46 Mcnairy County Employees Credit Union3.50%
46 Holley Credit Union3.50%
47 Bulab Employees Federal Credit Union3.60%
48 Upper Cumberland Federal Credit Union3.61%
49 Y-12 Federal Credit Union3.74%
50 Binsy Federal Credit Union3.75%
50 Nashville Post Office Credit Union3.75%
51 Johnsonville Tva Employees Credit Union3.80%
52 Tsu Federal Credit Union3.90%
53 Basf Chattanooga Federal Credit Union3.99%
54 Select Seven Federal Credit Union4.00%
54 Tva Allen Steam Plant Federal Credit Union4.00%
54 Jack Daniel Employees Credit Union4.00%
54 A.u.b. Employees' Credit Union4.00%
54 Mid East Tennessee Community Credit Union4.00%
55 Vanderbilt University Employees Credit Union4.04%
56 Chattanooga First Federal Credit Union4.15%
57 Life Credit Union4.18%
58 Clinchfield Federal Credit Union4.21%
59 Copper Basin Federal Credit Union4.25%
59 Willis Credit Union Credit Union4.25%
60 Leaders Credit Union Credit Union4.39%
60 Agility Financial Credit Union4.39%
61 Electric Service Credit Union4.42%
62 N.g.h. Credit Union4.47%
63 Kingston Tva Employees Credit Union4.50%
63 Horizon Credit Union4.50%
64 Patriot Equity Credit Union4.56%
64 Bcbst Employees Credit Union4.56%
65 B. M. H. Federal Credit Union4.65%
66 Fortera Federal Credit Union4.74%
67 I B E W 175 Federal Credit Union4.75%
68 P.i.a.s. Credit Union4.90%
69 Dixie Line Credit Union4.91%
70 St. Thomas Credit Union4.92%
71 Purity Dairies Employees Federal Credit Union4.99%
71 Times Free Press Credit Union4.99%
72 Kennedy Va Employees Federal Credit Union5.00%
72 Memphis Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union5.00%
72 Ups Employees Credit Union5.00%
72 Happy Valley Credit Union5.00%
73 Nashville Firemen's Credit Union5.20%
73 Hardin County Hospital Employees Credit Union5.20%
74 Tennessee Employees Credit Union5.22%
75 Employee Resources Credit Union5.25%
76 Cn/ic Employees Credit Union5.33%
77 Middle Tennessee Federal Credit Union5.34%
78 Collegedale Credit Union5.35%
79 Knoxville Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union5.40%
80 Heritage South Community Cu Credit Union5.42%
81 U. S. T. C. Employees Credit Union5.46%
82 Veritas Federal Credit Union5.49%
83 Appalachian Community Federal Credit Union5.75%
84 Maryville Municipal Credit Union6.00%
84 Greeneville Works Empls. Sav. Assn. Credit Union6.00%
84 Metropolitan Teachers Credit Union6.00%
85 Methodist Healthcare Federal Credit Union6.12%
86 Southeast Financial Credit Union6.25%
87 Olivet Baptist Credit Union6.50%
88 Foothills Federal Credit Union6.83%
89 Kellogg Memphis Employees Federal Credit Union6.90%
90 Smart Choice Credit Union7.00%
91 Resource Federal Credit Union7.20%
92 Credit Union For Robertson County Credit Union7.50%
93 I Trust Federal Credit Union7.59%
94 Langston Bag Co. Empls. Sav. Assn. Credit UnionN/A

Please Note: The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) requires all Credit Unions Insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF)to file quarterly (5300) data reports. The information above comes from those reports. The deposit and loan rates shown are not the current rates for the Credit Unions shown. Some of these rates change on a daily basis and you must visit each Credit Unions website to get their current rates. The sole purpose of showing this data is to show the relative relationship of each Credit Unions rates versus the average rates of all Credit Unions at both the state and national levels at a specific point in time, quarter end. The data below is from quarter end 6/30/2017.