Lowest Loan Rates For All Virginia Credit Unions

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Credit Unions With The Lowest Loan Rates In virginia
Unsecured Credit Card
New Car
Used Car
1st Mortgage
Other Real Estate
1 Hampton Va Federal Credit Union13.90%1.50%3.25%3.00%4.00%
2 Pentagon Federal Credit Union9.49%1.99%2.74%3.00%4.25%
2 Commonwealth One Federal Credit Union10.99%1.99%2.49%3.38%2.99%
2 Navy Federal Credit Union Federal Credit Union18.00%1.99%3.99%3.50%4.00%
2 Front Royal Federal Credit Union9.99%1.99%1.99%4.25%4.25%
2 Strategic Federal Credit Union11.90%1.99%2.49%3.61%3.25%
2 Central Virginia Federal Credit Union12.50%1.99%2.99%3.89%5.90%
3 Signature Federal Credit Union8.90%2.14%2.14%4.13%6.50%
4 B N A Federal Credit UnionN/A2.19%4.30%N/AN/A
5 N R L Federal Credit Union9.90%2.24%2.24%3.25%4.90%
5 Peoples Advantage Federal Credit Union12.95%2.24%18.00%5.00%5.00%
5 Park View Federal Credit Union8.90%2.24%4.99%3.75%4.75%
6 Fairfax County Federal Credit Union9.74%2.35%2.35%4.25%4.75%

7 Justice Federal Credit Union11.90%2.39%2.59%3.88%5.20%
7 Bayport Credit Union Credit Union7.99%2.39%2.39%3.13%3.75%
8 State Department Federal Credit Union7.74%2.49%2.74%4.00%3.99%
8 Patent And Trademark Office Federal Credit Union10.90%2.49%3.49%7.99%7.99%
8 Constellation Federal Credit Union9.99%2.49%2.49%3.75%4.50%
8 Arlington Community Federal Credit Union9.90%2.49%2.49%3.75%4.38%
8 Kraftsman Federal Credit UnionN/A2.49%2.49%N/AN/A
8 Call Federal Credit Union10.75%2.49%2.24%3.00%4.25%
8 Chesterfield Federal Credit Union8.90%2.49%2.99%4.00%3.95%
9 Dominion Credit Union Credit Union11.90%2.50%2.50%3.75%5.13%
10 Valleystar Credit Union9.90%2.65%2.90%3.49%2.75%
11 Mountain Empire Federal Credit Union9.90%2.68%5.16%4.19%6.50%
12 Virginia State University Federal Credit UnionN/A2.74%3.74%6.50%6.50%
12 Transportation Federal Credit Union8.90%2.74%2.99%3.86%5.66%
13 Healthcare Systems Federal Credit Union11.00%2.80%4.00%3.29%4.36%
14 Fairfax City Federal Credit UnionN/A2.84%2.24%N/AN/A
15 Partners Financial Federal Credit Union8.85%2.89%2.69%3.50%5.00%
15 Dupont Community Credit Union8.99%2.89%3.40%3.84%4.09%
16 Poly Scientific Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A2.90%8.50%5.80%5.80%
17 Pfd Firefighters Credit Union Inc. Credit UnionN/A2.94%4.75%5.85%6.00%
18 Urw Community Federal Credit Union13.50%2.95%3.95%5.50%4.75%
18 Newport News Mun. Emp Credit Union Credit Union7.49%2.95%3.11%3.65%4.04%
19 1st Advantage Federal Credit Union8.50%2.99%1.99%4.25%4.25%
19 Celco Community Federal Credit Union12.00%2.99%3.99%4.25%4.50%
19 Agriculture Federal Credit Union12.90%2.99%3.24%3.38%3.50%
19 Petersburg Fed Ref Credit Union Inc Credit UnionN/A2.99%3.99%N/AN/A
19 Augusta Health Care Credit Union Credit UnionN/A2.99%4.79%N/AN/A
20 Bronco Federal Credit Union9.75%3.00%3.00%5.00%4.99%
20 Spruance Cellophane Credit Union13.00%3.00%6.00%6.00%N/A
21 Chartway Federal Credit Union8.99%3.04%3.14%4.25%4.14%
22 Baylands Federal Credit Union9.51%3.08%4.35%4.58%4.59%
22 P W C Employees Credit Union Credit Union10.90%3.08%4.86%3.73%5.99%
23 Apple Federal Credit Union10.99%3.09%3.59%3.63%3.99%
24 Virginia Beach Schools Federal Credit UnionN/A3.10%3.10%3.64%6.39%
25 Northwest Federal Credit Union8.24%3.19%3.69%3.88%3.99%
26 Virginia United Methodist Credit Union11.00%3.20%4.20%N/A4.00%
27 Fort Lee Federal Credit Union9.55%3.24%4.32%3.96%5.00%
27 Virginia Credit Union, Inc., Credit Union9.99%3.24%3.74%4.50%4.75%
28 Beach Municipal Federal Credit Union12.49%3.25%3.25%4.00%5.75%
29 Democracy Federal Credit Union12.28%3.27%4.57%3.55%4.33%
30 Yogaville Federal Credit UnionN/A3.30%4.60%5.20%5.70%
31 Hopewell Chemical Federal Credit Union8.60%3.31%4.51%N/A5.39%
32 Henrico Federal Credit Union9.91%3.47%3.72%3.49%4.69%
33 Prime Care Incorporated Credit Union9.99%3.48%4.12%5.00%7.00%
34 United States Senate Federal Credit Union9.75%3.50%3.50%4.13%7.50%
34 Wjc Federal Credit UnionN/A3.50%10.00%N/A7.00%
35 Member One Federal Credit Union9.24%3.55%4.56%4.14%4.65%
36 Richmond Virginia Fire Police Credi Credit Union11.50%3.67%4.63%N/A6.00%
37 University Of Va Community Cu Credit Union8.80%3.86%4.85%3.81%5.31%
38 Fedstar Federal Credit Union12.99%3.90%6.53%6.00%3.94%
39 Washington Gas Light Federal Credit Union11.99%3.91%3.91%3.03%3.83%
40 G E A Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A3.99%5.99%N/AN/A
41 Augusta County Federal Credit UnionN/A4.00%5.25%N/AN/A
41 Midway Federal Credit Union11.50%4.00%5.50%5.00%5.00%
41 St. Matthews Federal Credit UnionN/A4.00%6.00%N/A3.50%
41 Summit Hampton Roads Federal Credit Union9.00%4.00%5.00%7.00%7.00%
41 Crch Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A4.00%7.00%N/A6.00%
41 Suncomp Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A4.00%9.00%N/AN/A
41 Beacon Credit Union, Incorporated Credit Union14.50%4.00%4.25%4.25%4.75%
42 Abnb Federal Credit Union9.56%4.10%5.67%4.09%4.02%
43 Norfolk Fire Department Federal Credit Union12.00%4.12%6.10%N/A6.04%
44 New Generations Federal Credit Union10.63%4.15%6.22%4.46%6.52%
45 Hampton Roads Educ Credit Union Inc Credit Union8.13%4.22%5.14%N/A5.47%
46 Loudoun Credit Union Credit Union10.00%4.23%4.99%N/A6.00%
47 Salem Va Medical Center Federal Credit Union13.50%4.25%4.25%4.75%5.25%
48 Norfolk Municipal Federal Credit Union9.00%4.30%6.30%5.00%7.00%
49 Kemba Roanoke Federal Credit Union10.48%4.47%5.75%4.30%5.05%
50 Vantage Point Federal Credit Union8.99%4.49%5.49%5.75%6.50%
51 Danville City Employees Federal Credit Union6.99%4.50%4.25%4.25%5.75%
51 St. Ann's Arlington Federal Credit UnionN/A4.50%4.50%3.50%3.50%
51 Nma Federal Credit Union9.50%4.50%5.00%5.25%7.25%
51 Star City Federal Credit UnionN/A4.50%5.00%N/AN/A
51 Jackson River Community Credit Union13.50%4.50%7.00%5.00%4.75%
52 Lynchburg Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union9.99%4.62%7.85%6.82%7.03%
53 Richmond Heritage Federal Credit UnionN/A4.75%5.00%N/A8.00%
53 St. Thomas More Federal Credit UnionN/A4.75%5.25%N/AN/A
54 Entrust Financial Credit Union10.75%4.78%4.59%4.24%4.67%
55 Credit Union Of Richmond Incorporat Credit Union9.16%4.94%6.40%7.05%9.00%
56 Mosaic Federal Credit Union12.90%4.95%4.95%N/AN/A
57 Charlottesville Postal Federal Credit Union8.99%4.99%5.99%5.50%N/A
58 Virginia Trailways Federal Credit UnionN/A5.00%6.50%7.50%N/A
58 River Trace Federal Credit Union9.40%5.00%8.25%6.91%6.95%
58 High Street Baptist Church Federal Credit UnionN/A5.00%8.00%N/AN/A
58 Inland Motor Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A5.00%6.00%N/AN/A
58 Glamorgan Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A5.00%10.00%N/AN/A
59 Freedom First Federal Credit Union11.30%5.02%5.84%4.28%4.75%
60 Infirst Federal Credit Union10.58%5.09%6.66%3.50%5.50%
61 Connects Federal Credit Union8.49%5.12%5.34%N/A5.60%
62 Nswc Federal Credit Union12.72%5.24%5.24%6.00%6.00%
62 Port Of Hampton Roads Ila Federal Credit UnionN/A5.24%7.58%N/AN/A
63 Roanoke Valley Community Federal Credit Union10.50%5.25%6.25%5.75%6.00%
63 Portsmouth Va City Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A5.25%7.25%N/AN/A
63 Joy Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A5.25%6.00%N/AN/A
64 Langley Federal Credit Union11.25%5.49%6.49%4.00%5.50%
64 First Nrv Federal Credit Union10.75%5.49%5.49%4.25%4.25%
65 Blue Eagle Credit Union9.79%5.50%17.50%4.75%3.50%
66 Piedmont Credit Union Credit Union12.90%5.62%9.34%4.10%5.80%
67 Hampton Roads Catholic Federal Credit UnionN/A5.75%6.00%5.50%7.00%
68 Portalliance Federal Credit Union12.80%5.83%7.31%7.63%8.05%
69 Waynesboro Employees Credit Union, Credit UnionN/A5.87%7.95%N/AN/A
70 Virginia Educators Credit Union Credit Union11.99%5.99%2.99%7.00%3.25%
71 Ibew Local Union 80 Federal Credit UnionN/A6.00%10.00%N/AN/A
71 Halifax County Community Federal Credit UnionN/A6.00%9.00%6.75%N/A
71 Argent Federal Credit Union14.40%6.00%7.00%3.75%3.50%
71 Cadmus Credit Union Incorporated Credit UnionN/A6.00%8.00%N/A8.00%
71 A. B. & W. Emp. Credit Union Inc Credit UnionN/A6.00%7.00%N/AN/A
72 Northern Star Credit Union, Inc. Credit Union12.73%6.23%9.44%6.17%5.11%
73 Old Dominion University Cu Inc., Credit Union11.00%6.39%6.52%5.94%6.21%
74 N A E Federal Credit Union8.99%6.50%7.15%4.50%6.00%
74 Planters Federal Credit UnionN/A6.50%11.50%N/AN/A
75 Riverside Health System Employees' Credit UnionN/A6.99%8.99%N/AN/A
76 Queen Of Peace Arlington Federal Credit UnionN/A7.00%7.00%N/AN/A
77 Va Beach Postal Federal Credit Union10.33%7.45%6.52%N/A6.16%
78 Metropolitan Church Federal Credit UnionN/A7.50%11.50%N/A9.00%
79 Portsmouth Schools Federal Credit UnionN/A7.61%11.22%N/AN/A
80 Virginia Boxer Federal Credit UnionN/A8.75%9.75%N/AN/A
81 Brunswick County Teachers Federal Credit UnionN/AN/A11.00%N/AN/A
81 Bristol Va School System Federal Credit UnionN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
81 First Baptist Church Of Vienna (va) Federal Credit UnionN/AN/A9.50%5.50%N/A
81 Tbc Federal Credit UnionN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
81 Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Federal Credit UnionN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
81 N C S E Credit Union Inc. Credit UnionN/AN/A11.33%N/AN/A

Please Note: The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) requires all Credit Unions Insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF)to file quarterly (5300) data reports. The information above comes from those reports. The deposit and loan rates shown are not the current rates for the Credit Unions shown. Some of these rates change on a daily basis and you must visit each Credit Unions website to get their current rates. The sole purpose of showing this data is to show the relative relationship of each Credit Unions rates versus the average rates of all Credit Unions at both the state and national levels at a specific point in time, quarter end. The data below is from quarter end 6/30/2017.