Deposit Certificates Of Deposits Rates For All Missouri Credit Unions

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Compare The Best Credit Union Certificates Of Deposits Rates:

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State Of
Credit Unions With The Highest certificates of deposits Deposit Rates In missouri
Certificates of Deposits
1 Lovers Lane Credit Union2.50%
2 Assemblies Of God Credit Union2.00%
3 Anheuser-busch Employees Credit Union1.65%
4 Alliance Credit Union1.42%
5 De Soto Mo Pac Credit Union1.25%
5 Missouri Electric Cooperatives Empl Credit Union1.25%
6 Health Care Family Credit Union1.24%
7 Employment Security Credit Union1.20%
8 Mazuma Credit Union1.19%
9 Southeast Missouri Community Credit Union1.15%
10 Conservation Employees Credit Union1.12%
11 United Consumers Credit Union1.06%
12 Riverways Federal Credit Union1.04%

13 Horizon Credit Union1.01%
14 Communityamerica Credit Union1.00%
15 1st Financial Federal Credit Union0.97%
16 West Community Credit Union0.96%
17 Great Plains Federal Credit Union0.95%
18 Highway Alliance Credit Union0.90%
19 Northeast Regional Credit Union0.88%
20 St. Louis Community Credit Union0.87%
21 Kansas City Credit Union0.86%
22 Raytown-lee's Summit Community Credit Union0.85%
23 Blucurrent Credit Union0.80%
23 Community First Credit Union0.80%
24 Missouri Valley Federal Credit Union0.75%
24 Century Credit Union0.75%
24 Electro Savings Credit Union0.75%
25 City Credit Union0.74%
26 Greater Kc Public Safety Credit Union0.70%
27 Educational Community Credit Union0.67%
28 Neighbors Credit Union0.65%
29 Metro Credit Union0.60%
29 Sikeston Public Schools Credit Union0.60%
29 Summit Ridge Credit Union0.60%
30 Joplin Metro Credit Union0.58%
31 District 8 Highway Employees Credit Union0.56%
32 Postal & Community Credit Union0.55%
32 United Labor Credit Union0.55%
33 Ozark Federal Credit Union0.50%
33 Gateway Metro Federal Credit Union0.50%
33 Lutheran Federal Credit Union0.50%
33 Csd Credit Union0.50%
33 Apex Financial Credit Union0.50%
33 Telcomm Credit Union0.50%
33 Division #6 Highway Credit Union0.50%
33 South Community Credit Union0.50%
33 Members 1st Credit Union0.50%
33 Vantage Credit Union0.50%
34 Show-me Credit Union0.45%
35 Metropolitan Federal Credit Union0.44%
36 First Missouri Credit Union0.41%
37 Community Financial Credit Union0.40%
37 Cu Community Credit Union0.40%
37 United Credit Union0.40%
37 Missouri Central Credit Union0.40%
37 Central Communications Credit Union0.40%
37 River Region Credit Union0.40%
37 First Community Credit Union0.40%
37 Kilowatt Community Credit Union0.40%
38 Springfield Catholic Credit Union0.35%
38 St. Louis Firefighters & Community Credit Union0.35%
38 Edison Credit Union0.35%
39 R G Federal Credit Union0.34%
40 Bothwell Hospital Employees Credit Union0.33%
41 Bayer Credit Union0.32%
42 Independence Federal Credit Union0.30%
42 Central Missouri Community Credit Union0.30%
42 Northland Teachers Community Credit Union0.30%
42 Heartland Community Credit Union0.30%
42 Midwest Credit Union0.30%
42 Cape Regional Credit Union0.30%
42 Arsenal Credit Union0.30%
42 Stationery Credit Union0.30%
43 Cross Roads Credit Union0.25%
43 Burns & Mcdonnell Credit Union0.25%
43 Catholic Family Credit Union0.25%
44 Infuze Credit Union0.21%
45 County Credit Union0.20%
45 Missouri Credit Union0.20%
46 Academic Employees Credit Union0.18%
47 Holy Rosary Credit Union0.16%
48 Missouri Baptist Credit Union0.11%
49 K.c. Area Credit Union0.10%
49 Leadco Community Credit Union0.10%
50 Columbia Credit Union0.01%
51 Guadalupe Centers Federal Credit UnionN/A
51 West Side Baptist Church Federal Credit UnionN/A
51 Shelter Insurance Federal Credit UnionN/A
51 Division 10 Highway Employees Credit UnionN/A
51 Foundation Credit UnionN/A
51 Northwest Missouri Regional Credit UnionN/A
51 Independence Teachers Credit UnionN/A
51 Burlington Northtown Community Credit UnionN/A
51 St. Louis Newspaper Carriers Credit UnionN/A
51 Mercy Credit UnionN/A
51 District One Highway Credit UnionN/A
51 Goetz Credit UnionN/A
51 Scientific Research Partner's Credit UnionN/A
51 South Central Missouri Credit UnionN/A
51 Fedco Credit UnionN/A
51 St. Louis Policemen`s Credit UnionN/A
51 Legacy Credit UnionN/A
51 Co - Lib Credit UnionN/A
51 Bluescope Employees' Credit UnionN/A
51 Patriot Credit UnionN/A
51 Mawc Credit UnionN/A
51 Neosho School Employees Credit UnionN/A
51 Atlas Credit UnionN/A
51 J C Federal Employees Credit UnionN/A
51 Dexter Public Schools Credit UnionN/A
51 St. Joseph Teachers' Credit UnionN/A
51 Our Lady Of Snows Credit UnionN/A
51 Union Memorial Credit UnionN/A
51 St. Augustine Credit UnionN/A
51 Ubc Credit UnionN/A
51 Procter & Gamble St. Louis Emp. Credit UnionN/A
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Please Note: The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) requires all Credit Unions Insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF)to file quarterly (5300) data reports. The information above comes from those reports. The deposit and loan rates shown are not the current rates for the Credit Unions shown. Some of these rates change on a daily basis and you must visit each Credit Unions website to get their current rates. The sole purpose of showing this data is to show the relative relationship of each Credit Unions rates versus the average rates of all Credit Unions at both the state and national levels at a specific point in time, quarter end. The data below is from quarter end 6/30/2017.