Lowest Loan Rates For All Louisiana Credit Unions

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Credit Unions With The Lowest Loan Rates In louisiana
Unsecured Credit Card
New Car
Used Car
1st Mortgage
Other Real Estate
1 P. A. C. E. Kenner Federal Credit UnionN/A1.50%4.00%4.75%N/A
2 Tangipahoa Parish Teachers Credit UnionN/A1.90%5.15%5.50%N/A
3 Internal Revenue Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%2.99%4.00%4.50%
3 University Of Louisiana Federal Credit Union11.40%1.99%3.75%3.95%4.75%
3 Mcneese Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%5.50%N/AN/A
3 West Jefferson Federal Credit UnionN/A1.99%6.50%N/A8.00%
4 Baton Rouge Fire Department Federal Credit UnionN/A2.12%2.12%3.99%5.25%
5 Xplore Federal Credit Union10.07%2.17%2.84%4.15%5.50%
6 Morton Weeks Federal Credit Union9.99%2.24%4.00%N/AN/A
7 Noda Federal Credit UnionN/A2.37%5.56%3.96%N/A
8 Barksdale Federal Credit Union9.90%2.39%2.39%3.88%5.13%
9 Cusa Federal Credit Union9.90%2.45%3.00%3.50%5.70%
9 Wesla Federal Credit Union10.80%2.45%2.45%4.75%4.75%

10 Zellco Federal Credit UnionN/A2.49%2.49%5.00%5.00%
10 Baton Rouge City Parish Emp Federal Credit Union9.99%2.49%2.49%4.27%N/A
10 Willis Knighton Federal Credit Union9.90%2.49%2.49%6.00%N/A
10 St. Tammany Federal Credit Union8.95%2.49%2.49%N/AN/A
10 Jefferson Financial Federal Credit Union18.00%2.49%2.49%4.75%6.75%
11 Beauregard School Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A2.50%4.00%N/AN/A
11 Cabot Employees Credit UnionN/A2.50%4.00%N/AN/A
12 Livingston Parish Federal Credit UnionN/A2.59%11.29%8.00%9.18%
13 Access Of Louisiana Federal Credit UnionN/A2.65%2.99%3.41%6.48%
14 Coastland Federal Credit Union10.45%2.70%6.05%3.75%4.38%
15 Louisiana Central Credit Union7.90%2.71%6.43%N/A5.45%
16 Spelc Federal Credit Union9.90%2.74%2.74%10.00%4.00%
17 Immaculate Heart Of Mary Credit UnionN/A2.75%4.00%N/AN/A
18 Maple Federal Credit Union7.90%2.90%3.00%N/AN/A
18 Wymar Federal Credit UnionN/A2.90%3.90%4.25%5.25%
18 St. Bernard Parish School Board Emp Federal Credit UnionN/A2.90%5.00%N/A6.50%
18 Riverland Federal Credit Union9.20%2.90%N/A4.92%4.78%
19 S.a.i.f. Federal Credit UnionN/A2.93%6.32%7.50%N/A
20 Lane Memorial Federal Credit Union9.50%2.95%7.75%N/AN/A
21 Efcu Financial Federal Credit Union9.50%2.99%3.24%6.00%4.00%
21 Acadian Federal Credit Union9.20%2.99%6.24%5.07%6.26%
21 Carter Federal Credit Union8.80%2.99%3.99%5.00%6.00%
21 Asi Federal Credit Union10.00%2.99%2.57%5.75%4.00%
21 P.h.i. Federal Credit Union9.20%2.99%3.99%N/AN/A
21 Tulane/loyola Federal Credit Union11.90%2.99%3.99%4.90%3.99%
21 Ascension Credit Union9.90%2.99%3.99%6.50%4.00%
21 Taft Employees Credit UnionN/A2.99%3.99%N/AN/A
22 Sewerage & Water Board Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A3.00%9.50%N/AN/A
22 T.e.s. Regional Healthcare Federal Credit Union9.44%3.00%4.75%4.37%9.00%
22 Concordia Parish School Emp Federal Credit UnionN/A3.00%9.00%N/AN/A
22 Loup Employees Credit UnionN/A3.00%4.75%6.50%4.75%
22 Texaco Of Houma Credit UnionN/A3.00%4.75%N/AN/A
22 C-f La. Credit UnionN/A3.00%3.75%N/AN/A
23 Aneca Federal Credit Union8.42%3.08%5.00%5.40%5.40%
24 District 62 Highway Federal Credit UnionN/A3.10%5.61%7.45%6.01%
25 Shell Geismar Federal Credit Union9.90%3.17%3.96%3.75%4.30%
26 St. Jules Credit Union9.32%3.24%3.50%5.39%5.50%
27 Geismar Complex Federal Credit Union8.90%3.29%3.07%4.16%4.34%
28 Pan Amoco Federal Credit UnionN/A3.36%4.64%N/A5.68%
29 Barton Plant Employees Federal Credit Union8.99%3.37%4.07%5.07%N/A
29 River Region Federal Credit UnionN/A3.37%4.14%6.17%N/A
30 Neighbors Federal Credit Union6.90%3.39%3.39%3.25%3.88%
31 Essential Federal Credit Union11.99%3.40%4.14%4.11%5.50%
32 Kraftman Federal Credit Union9.90%3.42%4.93%6.59%N/A
33 Breco Federal Credit Union6.25%3.45%4.40%6.57%5.48%
34 Calcasieu Teachers And Employees Credit UnionN/A3.48%4.17%4.00%4.00%
35 Alexandria Municipal Employees Credit Union9.90%3.49%3.49%6.45%6.75%
36 Louisiana Baptist Federal Credit UnionN/A3.50%5.00%N/AN/A
36 Vermilion School Employees Credit Union7.00%3.50%5.20%N/AN/A
37 Lafayette Schools' Federal Credit Union8.94%3.57%4.14%4.22%4.00%
38 Eagle Louisiana Federal Credit Union9.50%3.59%3.70%3.59%7.30%
39 Cse Federal Credit Union2.99%3.62%5.48%3.88%4.00%
40 River Cities Credit Union9.80%3.63%6.02%6.62%N/A
41 Louisiana Catholic Federal Credit Union11.23%3.65%4.46%4.56%5.20%
41 Section 705 Federal Credit Union7.90%3.65%5.03%4.23%N/A
41 Department Of Corrections Credit Union12.90%3.65%6.25%4.25%N/A
42 Louisiana Usa Federal Credit Union8.41%3.66%4.17%4.79%6.48%
43 Rapides General Hospital Empl Federal Credit UnionN/A3.68%3.29%5.25%N/A
43 Bossier Federal Credit Union9.32%3.68%5.23%4.08%4.70%
44 Feliciana Federal Credit Union11.76%3.71%6.72%5.66%5.93%
45 Firestone Lake Charles Federal Credit UnionN/A3.75%4.25%N/AN/A
45 Northwest Louisiana Federal Credit Union12.50%3.75%8.75%4.60%N/A
45 Professional Fire Fighters Credit UnionN/A3.75%5.15%4.36%4.80%
46 Campus Federal Credit Union7.50%3.84%3.84%3.25%3.75%
47 Cenla Federal Credit Union10.00%3.90%3.90%5.50%5.50%
48 Caddo Parish Teachers Federal Credit Union8.99%3.95%3.95%N/AN/A
49 Baton Rouge Telco Federal Credit Union7.20%3.96%4.34%4.15%4.60%
50 Calcasieu Parish Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A3.98%5.79%N/AN/A
50 Postal Credit Union12.79%3.98%5.40%3.99%3.25%
51 New Orleans Public Belt Railroad Federal Credit UnionN/A4.00%10.00%N/AN/A
51 Continental Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A4.00%8.50%N/AN/A
51 State Agencies Federal Credit Union12.00%4.00%4.50%4.50%N/A
51 Avenue Baptist Brotherhood Federal Credit UnionN/A4.00%7.00%N/AN/A
51 Bayou Community Federal Credit Union5.00%4.00%7.00%5.00%N/A
51 Allied Plastics Federal Credit Union8.75%4.00%4.50%7.50%5.25%
51 Jeff Davis Teachers Federal Credit UnionN/A4.00%6.00%N/AN/A
51 First Street Federal Credit UnionN/A4.00%6.00%N/AN/A
51 Post Office Employees Federal Credit Union6.99%4.00%6.75%5.50%9.75%
51 Oak Point Employees Credit UnionN/A4.00%5.50%N/AN/A
51 Cabot Employees Credit UnionN/A4.00%5.00%N/AN/A
52 Bayou Federal Credit Union12.25%4.02%4.10%4.58%5.92%
53 Fleur-de-lis Federal Credit Union12.90%4.03%5.87%N/A5.79%
54 La Capitol Federal Credit Union9.39%4.10%6.90%4.20%5.43%
55 Louisiana Federal Credit Union10.57%4.13%6.12%4.54%5.56%
56 Les Federal Credit Union11.30%4.14%4.79%5.88%7.07%
57 Valex Federal Credit Union9.90%4.18%4.80%4.26%5.90%
58 First Castle Federal Credit Union10.31%4.22%4.74%5.55%5.97%
59 Acadiana Medical Federal Credit Union9.50%4.25%4.25%N/A5.25%
59 Montell Federal Credit UnionN/A4.25%6.73%N/AN/A
59 Old Spanish Trail Credit UnionN/A4.25%4.25%N/AN/A
60 Geco Federal Credit UnionN/A4.26%12.77%N/AN/A
60 Morgan City Federal Credit UnionN/A4.26%7.41%N/AN/A
61 Red River Mill Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A4.27%6.47%9.00%N/A
62 Federal Employees Credit UnionN/A4.30%6.35%5.20%4.75%
63 First Pioneers Federal Credit Union12.90%4.41%8.07%5.33%5.47%
64 Davison Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A4.49%7.90%N/AN/A
64 Shreveport Federal Credit Union8.99%4.49%4.49%4.90%5.50%
65 District 05 Dotd Federal Credit UnionN/A4.50%7.00%7.00%5.50%
65 Jaco Federal Credit UnionN/A4.50%7.50%4.81%6.09%
66 Monroe Telco Federal Credit Union12.90%4.53%6.47%5.38%9.00%
67 Southern Teachers & Parents Federal Credit Union12.50%4.68%8.00%5.78%N/A
68 District 08 Federal Credit Union13.90%4.76%5.86%5.68%7.25%
69 Pelican State Credit Union6.00%4.77%4.96%6.37%6.45%
70 Heart Of Louisiana Federal Credit Union8.71%4.81%6.03%5.68%5.07%
71 Centric Federal Credit Union11.31%4.85%7.76%4.99%5.92%
72 Judicial & Justice Federal Credit UnionN/A4.99%5.99%N/AN/A
72 Uno Federal Credit Union9.50%4.99%4.99%3.79%4.00%
72 Total Choice Federal Credit Union7.99%4.99%6.99%5.00%6.00%
73 South Jennings Catholic Federal Credit UnionN/A5.00%10.00%N/AN/A
73 James Ward, Jr. Federal Credit UnionN/A5.00%7.00%6.00%N/A
73 Zachary Community Federal Credit UnionN/A5.00%6.00%N/AN/A
73 A L E C Federal Credit UnionN/A5.00%5.99%N/AN/A
73 St. John Self-help Federal Credit UnionN/A5.00%12.00%12.00%N/A
73 Piney Hills Federal Federal Credit UnionN/A5.00%8.00%7.00%N/A
73 G. C. A. Federal Credit UnionN/A5.00%7.00%N/AN/A
74 3rd District Highway Federal Credit UnionN/A5.10%6.12%9.25%N/A
74 La Terre Federal Credit Union11.90%5.10%6.46%N/AN/A
75 N.o. Port Commission Employees Credit UnionN/A5.20%7.65%N/A7.50%
76 People's Credit UnionN/A5.25%8.00%6.00%N/A
77 Nas Jrb Credit Union10.90%5.28%6.86%N/AN/A
78 Greater New Orleans Federal Credit Union18.00%5.39%3.84%3.25%5.50%
79 White Gold Credit UnionN/A5.50%6.90%N/AN/A
80 The New Orleans Firemen's Federal Credit Union10.94%5.54%7.80%4.81%5.97%
81 Shreveport Police Federal Credit UnionN/A5.58%6.11%N/AN/A
82 Post Office Employees' Credit Union10.65%5.61%8.67%4.40%6.54%
83 Jefferson Parish Employees Federal Credit Union12.90%5.70%6.90%3.49%5.30%
84 Dresser Alexandria Federal Credit Union8.95%5.73%8.19%N/AN/A
85 Alexandria T & P Federal Credit UnionN/A5.75%9.75%N/AN/A
86 Xavier University Federal Credit UnionN/A5.84%N/AN/AN/A
87 West Monroe Federal Credit Union8.90%6.00%6.75%7.00%N/A
87 Graphic Arts Credit UnionN/A6.00%8.00%N/AN/A
88 South Louisiana Highway Federal Credit UnionN/A6.25%10.50%N/A8.00%
89 Gp Louisiana Federal Credit Union11.80%6.35%6.35%5.46%5.46%
90 Southwest Louisiana Credit Union14.99%6.45%6.45%4.74%4.74%
91 St. Landry Parish Federal Credit UnionN/A6.68%8.57%5.24%N/A
92 Iberville Federal Credit UnionN/A6.80%9.93%N/AN/A
93 Caano Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A6.99%8.49%N/AN/A
94 Union Federal Credit UnionN/A7.00%8.00%N/AN/A
94 Electrical Workers Local 130 Federal Credit UnionN/A7.00%10.00%7.50%N/A
94 New Orleans Clerk & Checkers Federal Credit UnionN/A7.00%9.50%6.75%N/A
94 Louisiana Machinery Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A7.00%9.00%N/AN/A
94 District 58 Federal Credit UnionN/A7.00%7.00%N/AN/A
94 G G W Federal Credit UnionN/A7.00%9.00%N/AN/A
94 Arabi Sugar Workers Federal Credit UnionN/A7.00%9.00%N/AN/A
94 C D S C Louisiana Federal Credit UnionN/A7.00%10.00%6.75%N/A
94 Lawilifie Credit UnionN/A7.00%7.50%N/AN/A
95 Ouachita Valley Federal Credit Union7.99%7.09%6.34%4.99%5.99%
96 Webster United Federal Credit UnionN/A7.50%8.50%N/AN/A
96 W B R T Federal Credit UnionN/A7.50%14.50%N/AN/A
96 S H P E Federal Credit UnionN/A7.50%8.50%N/AN/A
97 S T S P Federal Credit UnionN/A7.70%11.62%N/AN/A
98 Washington Educational Assoc Federal Credit UnionN/A8.00%12.00%N/AN/A
98 Avoyelles Parish Sch Brd Emp Federal Credit UnionN/A8.00%10.00%N/AN/A
98 T E A Federal Credit UnionN/A8.00%10.75%N/AN/A
98 Sabine School Employees Federal Credit Union12.00%8.00%12.00%N/AN/A
98 Terminal Credit UnionN/A8.00%9.00%5.00%N/A
99 Coast Guard Employees Credit UnionN/A8.30%7.05%N/AN/A
100 Rapides Federal Credit Union14.50%9.00%10.50%N/AN/A
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Please Note: The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) requires all Credit Unions Insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF)to file quarterly (5300) data reports. The information above comes from those reports. The deposit and loan rates shown are not the current rates for the Credit Unions shown. Some of these rates change on a daily basis and you must visit each Credit Unions website to get their current rates. The sole purpose of showing this data is to show the relative relationship of each Credit Unions rates versus the average rates of all Credit Unions at both the state and national levels at a specific point in time, quarter end. The data below is from quarter end 6/30/2017.