Lowest Other Real Estate Loan Rates For All Florida Credit Unions

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Compare The Best Credit Union Other Real Estate Rates:

State         Type       
State Of
Credit Unions With The Lowest other real estate Loan Rates In florida
Other Real Estate
1 Emerald Coast Federal Credit Union2.00%
2 First Commerce Credit Union2.75%
3 Bay Credit Union2.95%
4 Buckeye Community Federal Credit Union3.50%
5 Miami Firefighters Federal Credit Union3.89%
6 Midflorida Credit Union3.99%
7 Keys Federal Credit Union4.00%
7 Mccoy Federal Credit Union4.00%
7 Grow Financial Federal Credit Union4.00%
7 Velocity Community Federal Credit Union4.00%
7 Coral Community Federal Credit Union4.00%
7 Usf Federal Credit Union Federal Credit Union4.00%
7 Jetstream Federal Credit Union4.00%

7 121 Financial Credit Union4.00%
7 Florida West Coast Credit Union4.00%
7 University Credit Union4.00%
7 Priority One Credit Union Credit Union4.00%
7 First Choice Credit Union4.00%
7 Fairwinds Credit Union4.00%
7 Tropical Financial Credit Union4.00%
7 Suncoast Credit Union4.00%
8 Sarasota Municipal Employees Credit Union4.07%
9 Power Financial Credit Union4.08%
10 Gte Federal Credit Union4.25%
10 United Police Federal Credit Union4.25%
10 Central Florida Educators Federal Credit Union4.25%
10 Insight Credit Union4.25%
10 Community South Credit Union4.25%
11 Financial Educators Federal Credit Union4.37%
12 Magnify Credit Union4.42%
13 Florida Central Credit Union4.45%
14 Pen Air Federal Credit Union4.49%
15 Jm Associates Federal Credit Union4.50%
15 Community First Credit Union Of Flo Credit Union4.50%
15 West Coast Federal Emp. Credit Union4.50%
15 Space Coast Credit Union4.50%
15 Powernet Credit Union4.50%
16 Fl. Dept. Of Transportation` Credit Union4.60%
17 Florida Hospital Credit Union4.61%
18 Sun Credit Union4.66%
19 Financial Federal Credit Union4.75%
19 Eglin Federal Credit Union4.75%
19 Tyndall Federal Credit Union4.75%
19 Okaloosa County Teachers Federal Credit Union4.75%
19 Country Federal Credit Union4.75%
19 Everglades Federal Credit Union4.75%
19 Ibm Southeast Employees Credit Union4.75%
20 Florida State University Credit Union4.83%
21 Members First Credit Union Of Flori Credit Union4.90%
22 San Antonio Citizens Federal Credit Union4.97%
23 Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union5.00%
23 Coastline Federal Credit Union5.00%
23 Orlando Federal Credit Union5.00%
23 Broward Healthcare Federal Credit Union5.00%
23 Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union5.00%
23 Priority Credit Union5.00%
23 Brightstar Credit Union5.00%
23 Gpce Credit Union5.00%
24 Memorial Employees Federal Credit Union5.02%
25 Community Credit Union5.03%
26 T M H Federal Credit Union5.05%
27 Flag Credit Union5.08%
28 Achieva Credit Union Credit Union5.13%
29 Ecu Credit Union5.14%
30 City-county Employees Credit Union5.16%
31 Envision Credit Union5.18%
32 South Florida Federal Credit Union5.19%
33 Gold Coast Federal Credit Union5.25%
33 We Florida Financial Credit Union5.25%
33 Campus Usa Credit Union5.25%
34 Vystar Credit Union5.38%
35 Florida State Employees Federal Credit Union5.43%
36 First Florida Credit Union5.49%
37 Florida A & M University Federal Credit Union5.50%
37 Innovations Federal Credit Union5.50%
37 City & Police Federal Credit Union5.50%
37 Florida Credit Union5.50%
37 Jacksonville Postal & Professional Credit Union5.50%
37 Alive Credit Union5.50%
37 Container Mutual Credit Union5.50%
38 Connect Credit Union Credit Union5.56%
39 Coast 2 Coast Financial Credit Union5.59%
40 Jax Federal Credit Union5.75%
40 Dade County Federal Credit Union5.75%
40 Miami Postal Service Credit Union5.75%
40 Guardians Credit Union5.75%
41 South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union5.99%
41 My Healthcare Federal Credit Union5.99%
42 Railroad & Industrial Federal Credit Union6.00%
42 Ecco Credit Union6.00%
42 Gulf States Credit Union6.00%
43 Tallahassee-leon Federal Credit Union6.02%
44 Santa Rosa County Federal Credit Union6.03%
45 Compass Financial Federal Credit Union6.06%
46 Miami Federal Credit Union6.22%
47 Pinellas Federal Credit Union6.50%
47 Launch Federal Credit Union6.50%
47 Florida Rural Electric Credit Union6.50%
48 Harvesters Federal Credit Union6.63%
49 Ocala Community Credit Union6.66%
50 Central Credit Union Of Florida Credit Union6.73%
51 Tampa Postal Federal Credit Union6.75%
51 Panhandle Educators Federal Credit Union6.75%
52 Baptist Health South Florida Federal Credit Union6.88%
53 My Pensacola Federal Credit Union6.95%
54 Monroe County Teachers Federal Credit Union7.00%
54 Sunstate Federal Credit Union7.00%
55 Tallahassee Federal Credit Union7.24%
56 Manatee Community Federal Credit Union7.33%
57 Walton County Teachers Federal Credit Union9.00%
58 St. Josephs Hospital Federal Credit Union9.30%
59 First Coast Federal Credit Union9.99%
60 Publix Employees Federal Credit Union10.00%
61 Alliance Credit Union Of Florida Credit Union10.25%
62 First Coast Community Credit Union10.50%
63 Farmers Federal Credit UnionN/A
63 Florida Customs Federal Credit UnionN/A
63 Suwannee River Federal Credit UnionN/A
63 Pensacola L & N Federal Credit UnionN/A
63 Hialeah Municipal Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A
63 Southernmost Federal Credit UnionN/A
63 Metro North Federal Credit UnionN/A
63 St. James A M E Church Federal Credit UnionN/A
63 Jax Glidco Employees Federal Credit UnionN/A
63 Town Of Palm Beach Federal Credit UnionN/A
63 Local 606 Electrical Workers Federal Credit UnionN/A
63 South Atlantic Federal Credit UnionN/A
63 Sunland Credit UnionN/A
63 Lee County Mosquito Control Credit UnionN/A
63 Pompano Beach City Emp. Credit UnionN/A
63 Shaw-ross Employees Credit UnionN/A
63 Jackson County Teachers Credit UnionN/A
63 Electricians' Local 349 Credit UnionN/A
63 Jefferson County Teachers Credit UnionN/A
63 Calhoun-liberty Employees Credit UnionN/A
63 Madison Education Assoc. Credit UnionN/A
63 Jacksonville Firemen's Credit UnionN/A
63 F.r.s.a. Credit UnionN/A

Please Note: The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) requires all Credit Unions Insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF)to file quarterly (5300) data reports. The information above comes from those reports. The deposit and loan rates shown are not the current rates for the Credit Unions shown. Some of these rates change on a daily basis and you must visit each Credit Unions website to get their current rates. The sole purpose of showing this data is to show the relative relationship of each Credit Unions rates versus the average rates of all Credit Unions at both the state and national levels at a specific point in time, quarter end. The data below is from quarter end 6/30/2017.