Lowest Used Car Loan Rates For All Wisconsin Credit Unions

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Compare The Best Credit Union Used Car Rates:

State         Type       
State Of
Credit Unions With The Lowest used car Loan Rates In wisconsin
Used Car
1 Unison Credit Union1.75%
2 Prime Financial Credit Union1.99%
2 Bay Shore Credit Union1.99%
2 Enterprise Credit Union1.99%
3 St. Mary's & Affiliates Credit Union2.24%
4 Northwestern Mutual Credit Union2.25%
5 Appletree Credit Union2.29%
5 Royal Credit Union2.29%
6 Gundersen Credit Union2.42%
7 Educators Credit Union2.45%
8 Community First Credit Union2.49%
8 Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union2.49%
8 Fond Du Lac Credit Union2.49%

9 Tri-county Credit Union2.50%
10 Racine Municipal Employees Credit Union2.74%
10 Northern Paper Mills Credit Union2.74%
11 Holy Family Memorial Credit Union2.75%
11 W. S. P. Credit Union2.75%
12 Public Service Credit Union2.95%
12 Wisconsin Latvian, Inc. Credit Union2.95%
12 Utilities Credit Union2.95%
12 1st Community Credit Union2.95%
13 Oshkosh Community Credit Union2.97%
14 Evergreen Credit Union2.99%
14 Kenosha Police And Firemen's Credit Union2.99%
14 Firefighters Credit Union2.99%
14 Post Office Credit Union2.99%
14 University Of Wisconsin Credit Union2.99%
14 Governmental Employees Credit Union2.99%
14 Service Credit Union2.99%
14 Heartland Credit Union2.99%
14 Badger-globe Credit Union2.99%
14 Harbor Credit Union2.99%
14 Co-op Credit Union2.99%
14 Brokaw Credit Union2.99%
14 Summit Credit Union2.99%
15 Central Wisconsin Credit Union3.00%
15 Police Credit Union3.00%
15 Baraboo Municipal Employees Credit Union3.00%
16 Thrivent Federal Credit Union3.13%
17 Sentry Credit Union3.15%
18 Superior Choice Credit Union3.19%
19 Aurora Credit Union3.24%
19 Health Care Credit Union3.24%
20 Madison Fire Department Credit Union3.27%
21 Oshkosh Truck Credit Union3.39%
22 School Employees Credit Union3.40%
23 Meadowland Credit Union3.41%
24 First Choice Credit Union3.49%
24 Brown County Employees Credit Union3.49%
24 Premier Financial Credit Union3.49%
24 Teachers Credit Union3.49%
24 Westby Co-op Credit Union3.49%
25 Air Tech Credit Union3.50%
25 County Credit Union3.50%
26 M.e. Employees Credit Union3.55%
27 Landmark Credit Union3.59%
28 Guardian Credit Union3.63%
29 Marathon County Employees Credit Union3.64%
30 Brewery Credit Union3.65%
31 Northwoods Community Credit Union3.73%
32 Empower Credit Union3.74%
33 Parker Community Credit Union3.75%
33 Blackhawk Community Credit Union3.75%
34 Wisconsin Medical Credit Union3.79%
35 Cloverbelt Credit Union3.89%
36 Tomah Area Credit Union3.94%
36 Covantage Credit Union3.94%
37 Pcm Credit Union3.97%
38 Nekoosa Credit Union3.99%
38 M. G. & E. Credit Union3.99%
38 Connexus Credit Union3.99%
38 Wea Credit Union3.99%
38 Southern Lakes Credit Union3.99%
38 St. Elizabeth Empls. Credit Union3.99%
38 Hayward Community Credit Union3.99%
38 Golden Rule Community Credit Union3.99%
38 Ripco Credit Union3.99%
38 First Community Cu Of Beloit Credit Union3.99%
38 Glacier Hills Credit Union3.99%
39 La Crosse-burlington Credit Union4.00%
39 Fox Communities Credit Union4.00%
39 Members First Credit Union4.00%
40 Taylor Credit Union4.05%
41 Cone Credit Union4.12%
41 Simplicity Credit Union4.12%
42 Madison Credit Union4.24%
42 Shoreline Credit Union4.24%
42 Arcadia Credit Union4.24%
43 Centralalliance Credit Union4.25%
43 The Labor Credit Union4.25%
43 Mcu Financial Center Credit Union4.25%
44 Schneider Community Credit Union4.38%
44 Focus Credit Union4.38%
45 Athens Area Credit Union4.42%
46 Dairyland Power Credit Union4.49%
46 Unitedone Credit Union4.49%
47 Stoughton U.s. Rubber Employees Credit Union4.50%
47 Kohler Credit Union4.50%
48 Verve, A Credit Union Credit Union4.56%
48 Superior Municipal Employees Credit Union4.56%
49 Valley Communities Credit Union4.59%
49 Members' Advantage Credit Union4.59%
50 Westconsin Credit Union4.74%
51 Worzalla Publishing Empls. Credit Union4.94%
52 Badger Credit Union4.99%
52 Winnebago Community Credit Union4.99%
53 Wood County Employees Credit Union5.00%
53 Brantwood Credit Union5.00%
53 Heritage Credit Union5.00%
54 Oshkosh Postal Employees Credit Union5.13%
55 Forward Financial Credit Union5.17%
56 N.e.w. Credit Union5.21%
57 Altra Federal Credit Union5.22%
58 Sheboygan Area Credit Union5.27%
59 Park City Credit Union5.30%
60 Capital Credit Union5.34%
61 Iron County Community Credit Union5.45%
62 Shipbuilders Credit Union5.49%
63 County - City Credit Union5.50%
63 Oakdale Credit Union5.50%
64 St. Agnes Empls. Credit Union5.60%
65 Bull's Eye Credit Union5.81%
66 Peoples Choice Credit Union5.85%
67 Indianhead Credit Union5.98%
67 Fort Community Credit Union5.98%
68 Dane County Credit Union6.03%
69 Prospera Credit Union6.05%
70 Avestar Credit Union6.22%
71 Alloy Employees Credit Union7.00%
71 Holy Redeemer Community Of Se Wis. Credit Union7.00%
72 Stoppenbach Credit Union8.00%
72 1st Class Express Credit Union8.00%
73 Lakewood Credit Union8.50%
74 Lco Federal Credit Union11.10%
75 Marine Credit Union11.73%
76 Greater Galilee Baptist Credit Union12.00%
77 Star Credit UnionN/A

Please Note: The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) requires all Credit Unions Insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF)to file quarterly (5300) data reports. The information above comes from those reports. The deposit and loan rates shown are not the current rates for the Credit Unions shown. Some of these rates change on a daily basis and you must visit each Credit Unions website to get their current rates. The sole purpose of showing this data is to show the relative relationship of each Credit Unions rates versus the average rates of all Credit Unions at both the state and national levels at a specific point in time, quarter end. The data below is from quarter end 6/30/2017.