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It’s extremely important to teach students about money matters and math. The earlier start a child has in the financial world, the better off he or she will end up. Learning simple money lessons from kindergarten to 12th grade can help a child prepare much better for the real world. A child will understand the concept of handling a job and money management skills just from teaching the basics of money math. Here is a great list of information for instructors to impart these skills to their students. These activities, handouts, interactive lessons, lesson plans, and ideas on money math are suitable for primary and secondary levels. They have all been chosen by teachers that have used them before in class and find them the best resources on the topic.

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Primary Level

Secondary Level

  • Metro Money Sense: A lesson plan to teach Grade 6 to 8 students about ATM transactions and checking accounts.
  • Grade 6 Math: Excellent interactive site to learn math concepts like decimals, ratio, percent, integers, and others.
  • Grade 6 Math Lesson Plans: A series of lesson plans for 6th graders.
  • Math Frog: Math and money games for Grade 6 students.
  • Grade 7 Problems: Provides secondary level math and money problems.
  • Online Test: An online math test for Grade 7 students.
  • Grade 7 Lesson Plans: Lesson plans on probability, number sense, data analysis, fractions, decimals, percent, geometry, and integers.
  • Grade 8 Lesson Plans: Extensive math lesson plans for Grade 8 students.
  • Circle 99: 8th graders can have some fun and learn about integers in this game.
  • Illuminations: Essential math resources for K-12 educators.
  • Grade 9 Math: Online math lessons for 9th graders.
  • Exam: Printable exam questions for Grade 9 students.
  • Interactive Geometry: A number of interactive lessons on geometry.
  • Math Circle Contest: Tough math questions for 10th graders.
  • Study Guide: A great guide for Grade 10 math students.
  • 11th Grade Math: Excellent math resource page covering measurement, geometry, spatial sense, patterns, functions, algebra, and more.
  • Youth & Money: Provides money management advice for Grade 9 to 12 students.
  • Big Idea: Introduces mathematical idea through videos and interactive means.
  • Money & Youth: A good place for teachers to find project ideas, classroom activities, and useful links.
  • Math Central: Offers Internet service for math educators and students.
  • Grade 12 Math: Great collection of printable math problems.
  • Math Tutorials: A number of math tutorials for upper secondary level students.
  • The Math Forum: Find out almost anything about math in the search engine.
  • The Mint: Provides ideas on money management for teachers of 6th to 12th graders.
  • Budget Worksheets: Free printable budget worksheets for all purposes.
  • Kids' Bank Checks: Free pretend blank checks that can be printed out for practice in writing a proper check.

Money Matters

  • U.S. Mint: The official U.S. Mint site for kids.  
  • Money: The money resource page at the U.S. Government’s kids’ portal.  
  • Design Your Own Bill: A place for children to make their own “money”.  
  • Learning Bank: The FDIC’s educational page for educators, parents, and students.  
  • Educational Resource: Come here to visit FedVille or play the Fed Chairman Game. 
  • Kids Bank: A fun plae for children to learn about money and banking. 
  • The Kids Bank Book: A fun and wise guide to teaching money management to kids. 
  • Frugal Dad Education: How to teach compounding interest to kids. 
  • Kid's Money: Making money, allowances, spending, saving and investing all done for a childs point of view and understanding.