Star One Credit Union History

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Star One Credit Union History Star One Credit Union is one of the biggest federal credit unions in California, with members totaling to up to 73, 779 individuals and assets estimated to be worth 3.4 billion. It is one of the safest and largest, member-owned cooperative in the country.

History: The star One Credit union was opened in 1956. Presently, it has 166 full time employees and 6 part time employees.

Services: Star One credit union has a complete line of banking services that will fulfill the needs of companies and individuals employees alike. The many services that Star One Credit Union offers include savings accounts, checking accounts, direct deposit which can be done online or through .pdf file, auto loans, home loans, visa cards, online banking, touchtone tellers and bill pay.

There's no difficulty trying to locate the nearest One Star location, since they also have maps and driving directions available. Access: Members can access their accounts through a nationwide network of ATMs and shared union branches spread all over the country. Other branches are located in countries like Italy, Guam, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and Puerto Rico. Benefits To Companies:

Star One offers an expanded benefits package to companies to help attract and maintain employees, and be acquired by employees without any cost or liability to the company, and the union also offers to enroll and educate the employees by conducting free seminars. The company will also provide all the needed supplies for the new members like membership packets, real estate and loan packages, annual reports, email alerts, and other product brochures. Upon membership each company is also provided a corporate sponsorship representative, which is a member of the Star One team whose role is to provide support and solutions.

Benefits to Individual Members: Star One offers very favorable rates on loans, savings and checking accounts. They also offer family membership, which allows immediate family members to join and acquire the same benefits that employees are enjoying. This is a great way to introduce family members, even small children, to the financial benefits of the union. Another great thing is the lifetime membership, regardless of job changes or transfers, retirement, or relocation. Its extensive ATM locations and Shared Branch Network makes access easier and effortless.

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