Alaska USA Members Benefits

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Did You know that one out of every four Alaskans enjoys the benefits of membership in Alaska USA FCU? No, huh, well they do! Why join Alaska USA Federal Credit Union? Already more than 371,000 members get to reep the services and benefits of credit union membership at You can too, and here are just some of the many reasons you'll want to join! First, you can save money. Second, you make money! Sounds good so far right? Alaska USA FCU is a non profit, member owned financial services cooperative. In other words a Credit Union. Credit union earnings are returned to members in the form of many free and low cost services . Meeting our members financial needs is Alaska USA's main goal! AlaskaUSA specializes in providing financial products to individual members, not in earning a profit for stockholders. There are no stockholders. Alaska USA offers all the financial services you need - whenever, where ever, and how ever you need them. Your small or big business can benefit from the same commitment to service, that Alaska USA members have enjoyed for over 60 years! Alaska USA is a full service financial cooperative for your Alaska business. They offer many types of loans, lines of credit, business checking, online services, depository services as well as credit card processing services. Think about this, one out of four Alaskans and a growing number of members in the Pacific Northwest enjoy the benefits of membership in AlaskaUSA. They rate Alaska USA as their preferred financial institution, shouldn't you? Contact them and join today! Explore this site to find out more about the service, value and convenience of Alaska USA's products and services and evaluate the ones that are most important to you.