San Diego County Credit Union History

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The San Diego county credit union was created on 1938 under the name San Diego County Employees Credit Union to provide for the financial needs of government employees. Like other credit unions the San Diego county credit union was not created to generate profit that will benefit a select few, but was formed with the members in mind. The members of the credit union own the union and are the recipients of its earnings, which are returned to them in the form of dividends, lower rates, on loans and lower fees. The San Diego Credit Union is presided over by a Board of Directors, comprised of 9 credit union members who serve without pay. The Board’s responsibilities include keeping abreast with all situations inside and outside the union that may have an effect on the affairs of the credit union. The board create, enforces, an evaluates the rules and policies to be followed. Membership was extended to include all San Diego residents, as well as residents of Riverside and Orange County. As of the moment members number around 190,000 and have 25 branches in two counties. It was voted the Best Credit Union for eight straight years by the San Diego Union-Tribune Readers poll. This poll is conducted every year and is a result of the compilation of the opinions of readers for the service categories. The San Diego Credit Union also holds the reputation as one of the leading community leaders, and is a sponsor to various causes like the San Diego Big Bay Balloon Parade; Make a Wish Foundation, and Multiple Sclerosis Society Walk. San Diego credit union members are also active participants of various charitable events, working as volunteers and activists. The credit union offers a wide range of financial services, which include checking and saving accounts, certificate accounts, retirement accounts, business accounts, consumer loans, money market, real estate loans, and commercial and commercial real estate loans. It is very easy to create an account. Eligibility applies to anyone who is a resident of San Diego, Riverside, and Orange Counties, and to anyone who is an immediate family member of any San Diego County Credit union member. You only need a $50 deposit to open an account, which can be done online or by visiting any of their branches. Application online is fast and easy, and can be done any time. You are no longer restricted by local banking hour; banking transactions can be done anytime. The San Diego Credit Union prides itself in its ability to provide financial security for each member with a touch of community. Its active sponsorship of charitable events and causes is evidence of the credit union’s desire to help shape the lives of people beyond the boundaries of banking and finance. The San Diego credit union has its own group of volunteers and activists called the Community Crew, a group of passionate people whose aim is to serve those in need in the spirit of volunteerism.