Appalachian Power Employees Federal Credit Union Helping People

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Just like all credit unions, Appalachian Power Employees Federal Credit Union is also a non-profit organization established to render financial aid to its members. In these trying times, it can be very tempting to approach loan sharks, but it is essential that you choose wisely when it comes to financial services. Loan sharks will only put you into deeper debt, but credit unions can actually be your lifesaver in this case.


Credit unions offer a variety of financial services --- savings and checking accounts, credit cards, loans, insurance products, and so on. Savings and checking accounts often earn dividends, which is a truly wonderful thing because this means that you get to earn money while keeping your money safe; in a sense it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. It may also surprise you to know that the minimum balance required for your account to earn dividend is very low, sometimes as low as $5. There are also savings accounts designed for kids.  Yes, the young members of the union are also given the opportunity to open a savings account, which is a great way for kids to learn how to value their money.


There are also special accounts just like the holiday savings account, for instance, which helps you save money for the holidays, and IRA account which is a type of account that helps you prepare well for your retirement years.


Various loan packages are also offered by credit unions to their members. As is usually the case, the loans packages are very attractive and are of very low interest rates. If you are planning to buy a car or a new house, or take a long weekend to your dream destination, you can conveniently apply for a loan using the online facilities of the union. Some credit unions provide you with an option to consolidate your bills at much lesser cost to you.


Other products of the credit union include credit cards and insurance products. You must know how essential it is to have a credit card these days! Besides being a great way for you to build or enhance your credit reputation, a credit card is also a lifesaver. It helps you cope with emergency purchases, household essentials, and even your medical needs. There are credit cards for adults and there are those for kids, too.


You can also avail yourself of the insurance products of the Appalachian Power Employees Federal credit union. Its attractive life and health insurance packages keep you more secure.


Of course, you must understand that membership to credit unions are limited. In this case you have to be an Appalachian Power employee or an immediate family member of someone who is for you to qualify. Once already a confirmed member of the credit union, you can begin enjoying the many perks and privileges offered by the union.


The Appalachian Power Employees Federal Credit Union is a cooperative of members wanting to help each other. So it goes without saying that as a member of the union yourself, you can be sure that you are in good hands.

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