What the GTE Federal Credit Union is All About

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Getting the right financial assistance nowadays can be pretty difficult, especially with the soaring interest rates from a range of financial institutions. If you plan on getting a loan for home acquisition, a brand new car, or even just another credit card, you will need to get some sort of assistance from a financial company, such as a bank. Nonetheless, many of these financial agencies do not offer the right advice nor do they provide an easy way for you to acquire the financing you need. Many times you will need to go through stringent credit checks and background reviews. If you are looking for a simpler way to get assistance where financing is concerned, GTE Federal Credit Union is an excellent option.
GTE Federal Credit Union was first founded in 1935 and had its first headquarters in Tampa Bay, Florida. During the years of the Great Depression this credit union was one of the largest financial institutions among those which are owned locally. Since this time, GTE has been instrumental in helping its members achieve their financial objectives, both short-term and long-term. This credit union operates by giving assistance to its clientele who are more appropriately referred to as member-owners. Clients are called member-owners since the credit union is a non-profit organization and offers a stake or degree of ownership in the company to its members. Rather than distributing the profit made by the cooperative to unknown shareholders, the profits are distributed as dividends to its member-owners.
This is why before you can take advantage of the services offered by the GTE Federal Credit Union; you will need to sign up for membership first. Application can be done by visiting any of the GTE FCU branches or by downloading forms online and sending them by mail. For easy membership application, you can also choose to apply online. Some of the more important requirements include being 13 years old at least and possessing a Social Security Number as well as your US Government identification.
More than simple loans and savings accounts, GTE Federal Credit Union now offers a full range of products and services to suit the preferences and requirements of its member-owners. Now the credit union also offers checking accounts, money markets, and share certificates. There are also youth accounts for younger members and optional health savings accounts for its members. As for the loans offered, you can choose among auto loans, mortgages, credit cards, student loans, and secured and unsecured loans as long as you are eligible.
What differentiates a credit union from any other financial institution is that the interest rates on the loans are considerably lower, making it easier for its member-owners to make repayments. Also the checking and savings account options available at the union are tailor-made to suit the needs of its members. Members are also provided with valuable financial assistance and credit repair services, especially when highly needed. At GTE Federal Credit Union, you can find a host of products and services that takes care of your financial needs.
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