Why Choose Kern Schools Federal Credit Union

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Located in Bakersfield, California, Kern Schools Federal Credit Union first opened in 1940, and is now worth 1.7 billion dollars and has more than 187,385 members. The credit union has both part-time and full-time employees so you are assured of timely, professional, and effective assistance each time you visit any of their branch offices. Also, Kern Schools provides online banking services, for convenient and easy transactions done mainly through the web. You can access your account or make payments easily online, especially if you are unable to make a personal appearance at their offices. Like any credit union, you will need to be approved for membership first before you can avail of their products and financial services.
The foundation of Kern Schools Federal Credit Union rests on membership. This means that if you are a member of Kern Schools, you automatically become part owner of the company. Credit unions do not work in the same way that banks do, in the sense that the profit sharing procedures with banks are restricted among its anonymous shareholders and owners. With Kern Schools, you get a share of the profits in the form of dividends, typically distributed on an annual basis. Seventy years ago, the people of Kern County wanted to establish an organization that exists to extend assistance to its members. Thus, this federal credit union was established and has grown in scope and size since then.
There are many advantages that come with your membership at the Kern Schools Federal Credit Union. The savings rates for example are much higher than most of the rates offered by banks nowadays. However if you should decide to apply for a loan, you can also benefit from the lower interest rates. This essentially means that you can borrow more for less. Financial workshops are also offered for free, so you are sure to make informed and smart money making decisions each and every time. And with insurance services available, as well as the 24-hour banking services offered to its members-owners, you are guaranteed to get answers to your queries on time.
Membership applications can be done online, and the requirements are easy to accomplish as well. Some of the important documents needed when you plan to apply at Kern Schools Federal Credit Union include a driver’s license, identification card issued by the U.S. government, U.S. passport, and your social security number. If you choose to apply online, the process will take anywhere between five and ten minutes.
A minimum share account of $5 must be opened however before you can become an eligible member to the credit union. More than savings account, you can also choose to open checking accounts as well as share certificates. If you opt to apply online, make sure that you read the terms first before applying so you will know whether you are in fact eligible or not. Only U.S. citizens or residents with a valid Social Security number are eligible for membership so make sure you know the rules if you plan on becoming a member-owner at Kern Schools Federal Credit Union.


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