Delta Community Credit Union History

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Delta Community Credit Union is one of the largest cooperative financial institutions in Georgia. It’s members are active and retired Community of Delta Airlines, and other subsidiaries, as well as their families. Delta Community Credit Union was formed on February 1940 through the joint effort of eight members of Delta Airlines, along with a $ 45 as share capital from each member. In March 8, 1940, the group was granted a charter that allowed them to remain in operation for twenty years. The Board of Directors was in place after month after they received the charter and one of the first decisions made by the board was to open the membership to all Delta Community. Assets were estimated at $ 2,000 by the end of 1940. The credit union’s charter was renewed by 1960. By the early 1980s, the company’s assets was estimated at $200 million, and it has continued to grow until it became the credit union largest in Georgia. It celebrated its 50th year in the business on March 8, 1990, and to commemorate the celebration members in good standing were given $50 in savings bonds. The lifetime policy was adopted in 1994, and this meant the removal of the stipulation that every member must be a Delta employee to avail of the benefits offered by the credit union. Parents of active Community and former members were also given the chance to join the credit union. The total number of employees of the Delta Community Credit Union reached an all time high at 100,000 by 1995. To celebrate this accomplishment, memberships were opened to children, grandparents, brothers, or sisters of members in good standing. By 2001, memberships were offered to the domestic partners of members. As of the present, membership, estimated at 165,000, is open to Community of other companies, and assets are estimated at around $2.2 billion. The Delta community credit union’s Board of Directors is the main body that creates, enforces, and evaluates the policies. The Board of composed of members who serve in their positions without pay. Each member is entitled to one vote, regardless of the amount of money he or she has deposited in the union. What makes the Delta different than other financial institutions like banks and savings and loans institutions is that it is owned by and serves its members. The institution is not after the profit and considers the financial well-being of its members its priority. Members put their money in, and in return, they are used to help the members themselves. Because the members own the credit union, they have a stake on the success or failure of the institution. If the credit union prospers, so does the members. The Delta Community Credit union gives back to the customer in the form of low or no rates and fees, and a comprehensive range of financial services, as well as free financial education to ensure safe and easy financial transactions for its members.