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Currently one of the biggest financial institutions in the United States, Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union was first founded by local educators in 1934 so as to cater to the financial needs of the teachers in Hillsborough County, Florida. Although established first in Hillsborough County, the credit union now serves neighboring counties in the west coast of Florida as well, including Sumter, Pinellas, Manatee, Levy, Lee, and Glades among others. In terms of ranking, Suncoast Schools is considered as the 8th largest in the U.S. and the biggest in Florida in terms of assets. As for September 30, 2009 the total shares and deposits of Sun Coast has already reached to $4,917,250,098 and with members that total to 488,810.
It is the mission of the credit union to improve the quality of life of its members by providing financial assistance, counseling, and a secure credit union that is founded on respect and trust. Today, Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union extends its services to school employees both in the private and public sectors, in 15 counties, and is also catering to 1,000 SEGs. As a member you may open an account at Suncoast Schools, apply for loans, or make informed investment decisions for your financial growth. And with various branches throughout the area, ATM networks, and easy online access you can easily make payments or view your deposits wherever you maybe.
Being a non-profit financial cooperative, Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union is still founded on the principle of sharing, trust, and transparency, 70 years after it has been first established. A credit union operates differently from many commercial or rural banks, although these two types of financial institutions strive to provide the necessary financial assistance to its members or clients. While a bank may be governed by anonymous, private stockholders who are able to make influences on the company policies and take advantage of the profits made therein, a credit union is primarily governed by its members who are basically considered as part owners of the cooperative.
Since the cooperative has members for its owners, any decision or changes made which will affect the interest rates, loan rates, fees will be handled by the Board of Directors, the members of which are elected and chosen by the members themselves. If you are a member of the Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union, you will have a say as to how things are being run within the organization, whether by electing the right people in the Board or by participating in meetings, forums, and other activities.
With the efficiency of the operations at Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union, you are assured of timely and professional assistance every time you make transactions in person or online. And with the expense rations of the credit union being maintained at a minimum, the members can expect greater dividends and lower rates for loans. This member-owned credit union has continued to help its members with their financial needs, whether for the long-term or the short-term and seeks to maintain the level of trust and transparency it has always been known for, for many decades.

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