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The State Employees’ Credit Union or SECU took root in June 4, 1937 on the philosophy of “People Helping People”. A not-for-profit cooperative just like most credit unions, SECU operated on a part time basis only and used the basement of the Raleigh Agricultural Building for its operations.
The union experienced tremendous growth through the years; from only 17 members and $437 in assets initially, SECU now proudly serves 1.4 millions and has accumulated $16 billions worth of assets. The union now has 218 branches, two call centers, 980 ATMs, and a website.
In order to be eligible for membership to the union, one has to be an employee of the State of North Carolina, a Federal employee working with State departments or an employee of the Public Boards of Education or State Employees’ Association of North Carolina, Association of Educators or any association created for the benefit of State employees for that matter. Retired persons from such agencies, and persons who are immediate family members of the Credit Union members are also qualified to apply for membership to the SECU.
If you are any of the above, you will only become a full-fledged member when you open a share account. This you can do by depositing at least $25. The required minimum deposit for children between 0 and 12 years is only $5.
True to its philosophy, People Helping People, SECU makes available a wide range of affordable financial services. Among these are Salary Advance Loans, car loans, mortgage loans, green loans, gift cards, credit cards, debit cards, car insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and a number of investment programs.
The SECU VISA cards offer competitive rates; currently, the rate is pegged at 9.75% APR. Annual fees are usually waived, but fees for late payment may be imposed. To qualify to the credit card program, a union member needs to be 18 years old at the very least and must be able to present proof of payment means. If the applicant is not yet 21 years old, he or she must have a co-signer who is more than 21 years old and must also have a means of payment.
The union’s online presence makes it all the more convenient to transact business. Union members are able to access their member accounts, view their current transactions, balances, transfer funds, enable wire transfers, apply for loans, pay bills, request for stoppage of payment, and many other things. Just imagine the convenience of doing all these without ever having to leave your own home!
For more information, take time to visit the official website of the State Employees Credit Union. The site is very well designed and easy to navigate through, so even if you are a first time internet user, you will not find it difficult to find what you are looking for.
With SECU you can feel very secure in your future. There is practically no need for you to go for loan sharks or predatory lenders because you can simply apply for a low-interest loan with SECU or avail yourself of other financial services.

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