Why Choose Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union

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Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union is one of the most renowned credit unions in the country, serving a range of members from local business professionals to military personnel and from teachers to nurses and construction workers. Since 1955, Heritage Trust has served the community of Charleston with its impressive range of loans, savings and checking accounts, mortgages and car loans as some of its highly sought after services. What differentiates Heritage Trust from the other credit unions operating nowadays is that it also offers online banking as an innovative service. You can easily pay your bills on time, make payments online, or make electronic transfers and acquire statements with relative ease.
Becoming a member at the Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union is simple. If you are currently employed and your employer is among the SEG or Select Employee Groups at the credit union, you are automatically eligible for membership. However if you are intent on filing for membership at Heritage Trust there are easy requirements which you need to fulfill. Membership application can be done online, and you can also speak with a representative from the credit union for any questions or verifications regarding the membership procedures. With 11 branch locations strategically positioned throughout, you can easily make consultations in person. Or if you have any queries and you need instant information you can simply check out their website.
The products and services offered at Heritage Trust are valuable and wide-ranging. You can do online banking, open a savings and checking account, apply for consumer loans, mortgage loans, and even get financial counseling. Also, Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union allows you to get debit cards or credit cards and even ATM cards. Currently, Heritage Trust has more than 50,000 members and can be reached at numerous branch locations and has more than 300 SEG or Select Employer Groups.
Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union does not only offer a selection of products and services, it also provides convenience, assistance, and trust to its members. Since 1955, Heritage Trust has been in service to the community, offering services to professionals such as nurses, teachers, and military workers. Even constructions workers and many others may apply for membership at Heritage Trust. Plus if you enroll in online banking, you can easily update your bills, pay your loans, and get your statements easily online. The 36 ATMS located all over Charleston and other counties are designed to meet your financial needs, whenever and wherever.
Finally, every member is assured of prompt, specialized, and professional assistance at Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union, with its team of dedicated professionals who are willing and able to provide the right information and assistance to its member-clients. The members are also the owners so they can participate in activities that concern the future of the organization. Plus, every member is assured of the highest trust and safety, since all of the accounts at Heritage Trust are insured for a maximum of $250,000 each by the National Credit Union Administration or the NCUA.

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